Day 2: Bitter Cold Hasn’t Stopped the Prayer Warriors!


  • An important message to all who might be attending the vigil this Friday, Feb. 20:

  • Please note that the vigil will officially start at 9 a.m.  Please be aware that the temperature on Friday at 9 a.m. is going to be -2, with a wind chill of -15.  If you are determined to show up, you MUST dress in many warm, loose-fitting layers… get hand and toe warmers if you can… and take breaks when you need to.  Please be safe.


Shift Manager Marian was our first warrior this morning.  She shared the following:

Well, I survived!!  It wasn’t  too bad, really, for the cold.  A few office staff walked into PP as I was standing there.  A few people took resource information to pass on.  Two girls took information because as they walked by, one girl said “I agree with them.”  A young man took resource information too.  His smile was a key to offer it.
Even one person standing guard delivers a message!  It was nice to be able to speak with Ginny today too as she arrived for the 10:00 shift.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph be with us on our way!!    (My mom taught me that saying and it has stuck with me even many years after her death.)

Shift Manager Marilyn’s report:

What to say?! I felt like I was on an arctic adventure in town today!  I was ever so grateful to be accompanied by my friend Beth Ann.  The kneeling pads to stand on really helped.  THANK YOU Nikki for thinking of the hour shifts – I don’t think I would have lasted for two.  The day brightened when Beth Ann’s husband stopped by on his lunch hour to pray a decade of the rosary with us.  We prayed all four mysteries of the rosary, fifteen minutes each and the hour almost flew.  I will admit towards the end my words got jumbled sometimes!  I really couldn’t think clearly at times.  We had a few passersby who thanked us.  Most folks were in such a hurry to walk to get to their destination.  One car did pull up with a mother-type figure driving, and a young girl got out to go inside PP.  It made me realize why we were there on this crazy cold day and I intensified the Hail Mary I was on at the time.  I thought for sure that I was adequately dressed — I really think I have to invest in a pair of ski pants!!  I’m sure that is the way to go.  The hand and toe warmers are a MUST.  However, be sure that they are not expired!!  They can do more harm than good as they turn to almost ice as Beth Ann learned.   God bless all you wonderful folks who take more than one shift.  You are my heroes!
God bless you,

Shift Manager Lisa shares this from today’s shift:

I got to my shift PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to see two faithful brothers in Christ waiting for me.  What a joy- even in the cold.  It’s amazing how, when one goes to the vigil sufficiently prepared for the weather, it makes everything go quite smoothly.  I say that for all of you who might be super afraid to come in these temps- as Marian said above, it really isn’t that bad– IF you are prepared.  (How many layers of clothing I had on amazed me….)
A rather serious selfie.  Ah well, it's a rather serious place, huh?  And besides, it was too cold to do much smiling anyway.
A rather serious selfie. Ah well, it’s a rather serious place, huh? And besides, it was too cold to do much smiling anyway.
But more to the point:  People ARE amazing, aren’t they?  What gifts from God we all are.  What makes me think that requires some recapping of my time downtown today.  Part of me was far too self-absorbed on the way to the vigil to be thinking about the babies and their mothers… I mean, after all, I was going to stand outside in frigid temps for an HOUR, wasn’t I?  I think I sort of started thinking of it as a kind of adventure… my own personal “Everest,” so to speak.  But then as I was praying on the way, I kept trying to get into the right mindset of why I was going… similar to Marilyn’s experience she mentioned above.
Several people prayed with me over the course of that hour, but Pastor Bryan stayed with me the longest.  He had to go when I was a mere 10 minutes or so from being finished.  But wow, did those 10 minutes seem like forever.  I told Shift Manager Pat later that it was precisely when Pastor Bryan left that I began to feel cold.  I pondered that later…. Isn’t that interesting?  To me, that seemed to indicate that the mere presence of another can be so meaningful that we are left feeling empty, or “cold,” when the person is gone from our midst.  It got me thinking about the connection with abortion.  So many post-abortive women in our world continue about their lives as though no one has ever lived within them… but their own child, who used to accompany them at every moment, has been erased from their lives, leaving these mothers (and no doubt, the fathers as well) empty and “cold.”  May the Lord open their hearts to accept the mercy and forgiveness He wants to give them.  With the Lord, they will never again be alone.

Shift Manager Pat’s report:

Pat alone in the cold.  Thank you for your sacrifice, Pat.
Pat in the cold. Thank you, Pat, for your sacrifice.
Well, it was cold, but the sun actually helped a bit.  I was alone for only about 5 minutes when Mark, a man I’ve only spoken with three times, but really like and admire, stopped by to pray the rosary on the other side of the circle.  Then, 5 minutes after that, a young man in his 30s came up to me and asked if he could hang-out with me for a while and if he could also wear a sign.  I said:  “Sure.”  As we talked I learned that he’s a electrician from Mercer County and that he’s working on the new PNC skyscraper.  Instead of going right home, he felt prompted by God to come down and pray with us.  Isn’t it something how God can take care of our needs and wants when we simply follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
-Pat M.

Shift Managers Jeannie and Joe must have had some shared shift time (there’s strength in numbers!):

Warm hearts reigned in the 3-5 hour today as we were joined by California girl Amy, founder of Life Matters .  Her sunny disposition and commitment to the cause warmed us!  
– Jeannie & Joe
 I shared the 4-5 shift with two amazing prayerful women named Amy and Lisa. Time flew by. God is Great!!!
-Joe W.
Thank you, Amy and Lisa!
Thank you, Amy and Lisa!

Since this campaign’s theme is FORGIVENESS, let us recall the words of the Lord toward those who repent and turn their lives to Him:


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Bitter Cold Hasn’t Stopped the Prayer Warriors!

  • February 19, 2015 at 10:46 pm

    Lisa, your reflection about the child in the womb accompanying the mother every minute of her life, and when gone, leaving her empty and cold is so beautiful. Sad but beautiful. Beautifully sad. Thank you.

  • February 20, 2015 at 8:23 am

    Everyone’s comments today were wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your witness experiences with us. God Bless You all and know we are praying for you as you carry on this mission. Marlene


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