Day 38-SS John and Paul; Holy Sepulcher (Butler); SS Peter and Paul (Beaver)

The churches participating in today’s vigil were SS John and Paul, Holy Sepulcher (Butler), and SS Peter and Paul (Beaver).  Tomorrow is Holy Wisdom Parish (Pittsburgh) for the entire day!

As we come to the close of another campaign, I would like to thank everyone for their participation and prayers.  Since I have moved from the Pittsburgh area, I haven’t been as physically present as I would have liked to be.  However, I have been praying for you all, and I know that God has worked through you all and has saved and changed lives through your witness.  Know that what you do matters and that we are on the winning side.  It will take perseverance and determination to make it to the end, but God will be victorious, and He will be glorified!

Sally writes:

The church this morning was St. John & Paul & about 20 parishioners
showed up to pray, and hold signs, a few for the entire 4 hours.  Many
of them who have been with us for other campaigns greatly admired our
beautiful new signs and the well organized bin. They realize just how
far we have come, with the grace of God and good leadership.

PP was busy, but with more single girls than couples.  I saw one woman
go in with a bag, but did not recognize her, so I don’t know if she
does abortions. An unusual group went in early this morning.  They
showed up even before PP was open. The group consisted of an older
woman in a wheelchair, and 3 other women, not young, but of
childbearing age.  They were still in PP when I went home.

A middle aged woman, coming from the bus, snarled that all of us
should stay out of her v____a.  That should not be a problem.

One of the men gave Al a circle of wood to keep. One side says “Sts.
John and Paul Parish Men’s Club”. The other side has a black cross at
the top, and says,

“So I carry a cross in my pocket.
Reminding no one but me.
That Jesus Christ is Lord of my Life,
If only I’ll let Him be.”

Isn’t that nice, and so true? I told Al it belongs on the blog.

Marian Carlino gave me a DVD called “Come What May” concerning when life begins.
It’s very good & I have now passed it on to Ginny. In time maybe it
will make the rounds of all the shift managers.

The movie reminded me of something I learned a few years ago.  I was
standing at PP when a man stopped and said, “Do you know when life
begins?”.  I said, “Yes, it begins at conception when the sperm and
egg join to form a new human person.”  The man said, “That’s a good
answer, but not good enough.  Think about this.  Dead things never
grow. They decay. Therefore, everything that grows has to be alive.
LIFE NEVER BEGINS!  IT CONTINUES!  Live sperm from a live man joins
with a live egg from a live woman. Egg and sperm now joined begin to
grow and produce a live child.” He was right. The circle of life
simply continues down through the generations. Nothing complicated
about that!


Some Parishioners from SS John and Paul
Some Parishioners from SS John and Paul

Pat writes:

Into every life (and 40 Days shift), a little rain must fall.  And fall it did in a slow and steady fashion this evening.  But I, and those with me, didn’t really seem to mind.  I enjoyed, once again, the opportunity to get away from attempting to hand out pamphlets and simply stand, smile to passersby, and pray with the good people who were with me. 

Once again I had the pleasure of being with Lisa C., who brought three of her sons, John, Luke, and Daniel.  She also brought along a bag of candy and offered it to anyone who wanted it since this was, after all, Halloween.  I was surprised by how many people actually took the candy.  But part of that, I think, had to do with Lisa’s sincere and smiling manner.  At about 5 PM Lisa’s daughter, Kathryn, along with three of her classmates from Franciscan University, came to relieve Lisa and the boys.  All three of Kathryn’s friends happened to be from out of state.  Joe and Kenneth are from Northern Virginia and Austin is from the state of Washington.  Not surprisingly – since they came from Franciscan – they really knew how to pray.  And later on, when Mimi came, Kathryn and Austin prayed the rosary with her. 

I really want to express my thanks to my fellow shift managers Joe W. and Jeff B. for coming down to add a little more muscle to our presence on Halloween.  These are two men I greatly admire.  The great thing about the evening was that it was the most peaceful one I had all campaign.  We had no trouble and the street itself was relatively quiet.  Who would have guessed that?

Pat M.

Lisa and Sons
Lisa and Sons

As we draw upon the close of this campaign, please don’t forget to continue to pray.  Planned Parenthood will continue, even after 40 Days.  And there will be those who will continue to go and hold signs and pray and talk to those needing help.  Please, pray harder than ever that God will move and that we will be successful in defending life.  Remember, that when you take a stand for Life, you are standing for Christ.

In Christ,

Pastor Adam


4 thoughts on “Day 38-SS John and Paul; Holy Sepulcher (Butler); SS Peter and Paul (Beaver)

  • October 31, 2014 at 10:56 pm

    YES! I have the movie, “Come What May”, and recommend it as well! Sally, I really appreciate your words of wisdom (and humor!).

  • November 1, 2014 at 8:23 am

    Thanks to the high school youth- all young men who stood witness today. As many in the world think “pro-lifers are old white people with nothing better to do”, it is great to see young people on the street willing to stand for life. And if only the world knew the stories of the “old white people who stand on the street”, they would be amazed! I have shared with others how I got to the street….”it is time to share your story!”
    The words that made me go public (with writing editorials and now to the street0 were from a woman who witnessed after the Holocaust from Budapest, Hungary–“we didn’t believe they were ripping babies apart.” The Jewish people do not want anyone ever to forget the horrors of the Holocaust so they witness– “come what may”.

  • November 1, 2014 at 8:55 am

    I was greatly inspired and happy when I read of the high school youth who participated in our movement. Since the women who use PP are generally closer to their age than to us “old white folks” I feel that younger people can make a tremendous impact. During the next campaign I would like for all of us to make a concerted effort to work with the youth group directors at our various churches to get more young people involved!

  • November 1, 2014 at 8:56 am

    God Bless your prayers, patience, persistence and perseverance. Let us all pray for an end to abortion and a pro life government.


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