Day 37: Thank you to St. Bernadette parish in Monroeville, and all others who joined us today!


Some Pharisees came to Jesus and said,
“Go away, leave this area because Herod wants to kill you.”
He replied, “Go and tell that fox,
‘Behold, I cast out demons and I perform healings today and tomorrow,
and on the third day I accomplish my purpose.
Yet I must continue on my way today, tomorrow, and the following day,
for it is impossible that a prophet should die
outside of Jerusalem.’

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you,
how many times I yearned to gather your children together
as a hen gathers her brood under her wings,
but you were unwilling!
Behold, your house will be abandoned.
But I tell you, you will not see me until the time comes when you say,
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Luke 13:31-35


When I read this Gospel passage, the thing that stands out to me is when Jesus bemoans the fact that He so desires to gather His people together, as a hen gathers her brood under her wings.  How many times I have felt that way on the sidewalk!  How about you?  I sometimes have thought, “If only they knew how much we want to offer them love, support, and help….” but they, as the people Jesus spoke of, “were unwilling.”

It reminds me of the time when a PP worker came out and waited at the light to cross the street.  I took the opportunity to say with a smile, “Hello, how are you today?”  I played dumb, and repeated it, giving her the benefit of the doubt that perhaps she hadn’t heard me.  Suddenly, looking straight ahead (NOT at me), she thrust out her palm in my direction and said forcefully and abruptly, “DON’T talk to me.”  Why?  Was it because I had done something wrong?  Of course not…. but sadly, she has been only ONE of the MANY who has been “unwilling.”

May we never be unwilling, however, to continue to have that yearning of Our Lord- the yearning to gather the broken, scarred hearts and souls we encounter, and bring them safely under the Lord’s “wings.”  May they seek refuge in HIM, not in a place of death and destruction.



Shift Manager Marian’s report from this morning:

I got to PP a little before Diane arrived this morning.  I watched eye movements of those passing by.  People saw me standing there, just with a cup of coffee in hand.  Then, they looked around for the signs!  People do notice.
Susan from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish came this morning.  We have “worked” the early shift together before.  Thanks be to God a member of her family is feeling better.  Susan led the Luminous Mysteries Rosary today joined in prayer by Mary, from St. Gabriel/St. Norbert’s parish.  Mary came to pray from 7am -8am.  She had to be to work in Shadyside by 9:00 so I hope God opened up the roadway for her!  Mary shared the information from the man who was the keynote speaker for the Women’s Choice Network banquet.  The link on the card is
Thank you, Mary and Susan!
Thank you, Mary and Susan!
Marianne, from Risen Lord parish, came to pray also and then we were joined by Mary Anne and Eric (husband and wife team) from St. Alexis parish.  We took note of the names today since so many of us are named with the derivative of Mary! 

Marianne from Risen Lord parish
Marianne from Risen Lord parish
Employees entered PP today and they had many office deliveries.  Reaching out to the workers, letting them know that their services could be used at a pro-life clinic is important.  Most outreach fell on deaf ears- or so we think.  One never knows how God works.  Planting and watering seeds of hope for the worker.
Pedestrian stares and some smiles greeted us today.  A few actually took information to pass on or offered words of thanks and support.  A car pulled onto Liberty Avenue from Smithfield and slowed down while driving past.  The driver played a song about Jesus- in rap beat!  We took it as a sign of support!
Husband and wife team, Mary Anne and Eric
Husband and wife team, Mary Anne and Eric
Thank you to those who got up early, prayed, shared their stories, and handed out literature.  I watched as a young man (who I know from the bus) bend down to tie his shoe near one of the signs.  He was reading the poster with free clinics listed.
It is all in the eyes!  “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard what God has ready for those who love him…!”
Thanks to all for making the shift a heartwarming experience these last several weeks.

A photo to share from Shift Manager Marie’s 9-11 shift:

Shift Manager Marie and Donna
Shift Manager Marie and Donna

Shift Manager Marilyn shared the following from her shift today:

Well, we made it!  The last week of the vigil.  Today my shift was sparsely attended, but I was grateful for the folks who stopped to say a few prayers on their lunch hour.   The overall mood of passersby was positive for the two hours I was there today.  Wonder if it had anything to do with the movie starring Will Smith that is being filmed down the street.  One woman paused as if to go into PP.  I asked if she would like some free information.  She hurried over and was very excited to receive it.  I was so happy.  Several people took information today. 

One thing that happened today that made me think was a conversation I had with a gentleman who expressed his sorrow of his involvement in abortion years ago.  Men are so hurt by abortion.  That is an eye-opener to me.  I had never really thought much about the grieving fathers out there before this fall vigil.  I know now, from two individuals sharing their stories with me, how very difficult it is for men.  Let’s remember to keep them in our prayers too.  Sorry I didn’t stop to take off my gloves to get some photos today.  I was just too cold!  Ha, come the spring campaign (which I think should be renamed!) we will be wishing for a day like today!!  God bless everyone:-).

God bless you,



Photos from Shift Manager Jeff this afternoon:

All of these folks came to the vigil because they read on the blog that we needed people to join us!  THANK YOU for your generous response.
All of these folks came to the vigil because they read on the blog that we needed people to join us! THANK YOU for your generous response.
Audrey and Jim from Holy Child parish also answered the call to fill a time slot!  Thank you!
Audrey and Jim from Holy Child parish also answered the call to fill a time slot! Thank you!

Shift Manager Jeannie shared these photos with us:

Beverly and Tom
Beverly and Tom
Regina and Susie, with another prayer partner, from St. Bernadette parish
Regina, Susie, and Jim from St. Bernadette parish

We have this report and these photos from Shift Manager Bethany:

I am thanking Jesus for keeping the wind away today…..I didn’t have to wear my gloves, Hooray!
I also want to thank Him for giving me my reliable vehicle….I don’t take it for granted that He gets me from place to place safely.
Tonight my friends on the sidewalk were Mary Jane, Peg, Regina, Susan, Jim, Ed, and Bill.  How amazing it was to hear Regina’ s story of being given up for adoption by her birth mother who was only 14!  

Part of the St. Bernadette crew
Part of the St. Bernadette crew

Our dear volunteer Peg was heckled by a bitter man for over an hour.  I had motioned for her to step away from him and be done with it, but she was led to be the ears that this man needed to dump into.  How compassionate she was!  The man “who wouldn’t come up for air” told Peg that he had given up on God when two men with collars had denied his plea for help.  She had many kind words to say to him.  Thank you for your soft heart, Peg.  You were the Jesus to him after others had failed.  

10-30-14 st. b 210-30-14 st. b3

Thank you again to all who participated from St. Bernadette!
Thank you again to all who participated from St. Bernadette!

I gave a 40 Days flyer to a man named Clarence who is looking forward to participating in the Spring vigil.  I was suspicious of him at first because the way he approached me with questions made me think he was looking for an argument.  He told me he had grown up Baptist and his employment included working at the baseball stadium along with a few other part-time jobs.  By the end of our conversation, his face was beaming with the anticipation of taking part in the next vigil.  I told him he could just drop by after work to pray, as long as he signed the Statement of Peace.  I hope you all will welcome him in the Spring……I will be moving back to my home in Upstate NY on the 22nd of December, so I won’t get a chance to see many of your wonderful faces again this side of Heaven.  Rochester and Syracuse will be the local vigils that I will participate with back home.
It has been a joy to plant seeds of truth in Pittsburgh.  I am so grateful that God nudged me to be a part of 40 Days in your beautiful City of Bridges.
Your friend,

If you recall, the theme for this fall’s campaign is HOPE.  If you or someone you know is pregnant and scared- and in need of help… please consider adoption as a path of hope.  It can free you from the pain of post-abortive guilt.  It can provide your child with a loving home.  It can provide a loving couple the chance to have a family.  Please consider adoption.  Never abortion.  See our list of free resources for women here: Pregnancy Resource Sheet (updated as of 8/10/14) 

10-30-14 pregnant woman


Please check back for additional reports and photos as they come in.  Thank you for your patience.


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