Day 28: City Reformed Presbyterian Church and Elk County Right to Life

IMG_20141021_170342_448 My family was hurting one year when we received a pencil print of a picture of Jesus holding a lamb.  We all knew the picture was special.  I was so excited about the picture that I made copies to share.  I took the picture to the copy machine at my local library- that was in 1998.   I felt moved to give a copy to the librarian at the desk.  She looked at me with wide eyes because her daughter had just literally adopted a lamb for which to care.  We are all lambs of God and he will care for each one of us.

“Lord, you are my shepherd.  You are my friend.  I want to follow you always, just to follow my friend.”                                                                                                                                                                                         “Because the Lord is My Shepherd” by Christopher Walker

 Children are certainly in God’s sheepfold. He has appointed the adults in their lives as their shepherds.  Even before 1973, our nation failed in the roles as good shepherds resulting in the Supreme Court handing down decisions legalizing abortion.  Ironically, in 1974, Federal legislation passed into law protecting children from abuse and neglect.  It is called the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA).

A popular argument from pro-abortion advocates is that abortion prevents a child from suffering through a life of abuse.  There truly is no argument when one understands that the extreme level of child abuse results in the death of a child.  Abortion results in the death of a child.  It is the extreme level of abuse against any human being.  Abortion has emotional and physical effects on the mother and father, family unit and the community.  Children are at risk when the parents and community are at emotional risk.  The legalization of abortion has not reduced the levels in child abuse. There are indicators that assaults against children have increased since abortion on demand became legal.  But people will use the myth about abortion preventing child abuse in arguments.  Be prepared to discuss with facts.

The reality of our time on the street is that when we talk to those who use the “abortion prevents child abuse argument”, they may also argue the question, “How can a loving God allow these atrocities to happen?”  We who believe in God understand the fallen human nature even when we don’t understand what God “allows”.  We are not out on the street to defend God.  He can do that all by Himself. Explaining God and what He allows is an argumentative diversionary tactic used by pro-abortion advocates. We  are out on the street to witness for life giving choices.  Steer the discussion to a fact sheet on abortion.              

For “argument sake”, here are some links with factual information:

Child abuse factsheets

Abortion promises unfulfilled    Abortion trauma and child abuse   

 Induced abortion and its relationship to child abuse

Abortion and its connection to child abuse

“Overall, American statistics paint a clear picture. Legal abortion did not reduce child abuse. In fact, the exact opposite happened. The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect has reported that child abuse has increased more than 1,000 percent since the legalization of abortion in 1973. According to data from the US Statistical Abstract, deaths due to child abuse continued to rise after the Roe v. Wade decision and increased by 400 percent between 1972 and 1990. Obviously, child abuse is caused by a variety of complicated factors. Still, our experience in the United States provides no evidence that legal abortion reduces child abuse.”  The Public Discourse

 In child assault prevention we teach that children have the right to be safe. strong and free.   We need once again to have trusted adults who will  secure those rights for the baby to be safe, at conception, in the mother’s womb.  There will always be those who choose to kill.  We don’t have to continue to have the choice of abortion as a Constitutional right.  Children have the right to life.

Thanks to all those who stood vigil today.

Vigil witnesses are needed to stand with the shift managers on  October 22 during the morning.

Reports from the street follow:

“If today, you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.”  Hebrews 3:15

As I had said in a shift report last week, Marie had given me a copy of Abby Johnson’s book Unplanned to read.  If you don’t think you make a difference by just standing, praying and being a cheerful witness see what Abby Johnson says about her conversion from PP director to Coalition for Life member:  On page 144, Abby Johnson writes about her breakthrough:  “I could hear Elizabeth’s voice in my head- “We are here to help you.  Let us help you.”

Now read what another worker at PP says about 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh in a report from Sheila:

“I wanted to add a comment about my shift… As one of the clinic workers was leaving,  Joe showed her a ’40 Days for Life’  brochure and offered it,  saying,  “This is what we do here. ”  She said,  ” I know.  I always tell our patients that they are the peaceful ones.”  As Joe said,  that is a tribute to all of our wonderful  volunteers.”

Sally’s Report Tuesday October 21, 2014  Morning shift:

PP was busier than they usually are on a Tuesday morning, and I later heard from my friend Mary that they were very busy around noon. Two abortionists went in about 9 a.m. as is usual for a Tuesday.  I have seen the one lady before.  Early on a teen on his way to school kicked the large white sign as hard as he could as he came by PP. It moved, but did not fall into the street as he intended because of the large weight that was underneath.  Good thinking, Diane. A little later a nice man who had missed his Megabus to Philly came by & took literature to help pass the time until he could get another bus at 6:30 p.m.  A woman passed, happily took a flyer, and pointed to her abdomen saying, “7 months and counting”.   I forgot to get her name so I could pray for her & baby.  (God knows since He has called us each by name!) Three people, including their pastor, were with Al, and later with me,  from the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Oakland.  Before 10 a.m. Eight  people and their priest arrived from Elk County, St. Mary’s PA. They were to be joined some time after 11 a.m. by a group from Erie, PA.  Every year the St. Marys group had included a Benedictine nun in full habit.  I asked where Sister was, and they sadly told me that the convent had closed and she and the other nuns had gone to many other places.  Father Alfred, also a Benedictine and very friendly, lost no time leading his people in the rosary & later passing out the small green resource sheets.  The morning had been very chilly & cloudy, but dry.  However, as I saw my bus coming up Liberty Avenue, the clouds suddenly opened and dumpeda massive amount of rain, enough to make me very wet in just a few minutes.  By the time I exited the bus all rain had stopped. Sally, early shift manager on Tuesdays (and Fridays) has been a long time advocate for pro-life issues.  Ask her one day how many years she and her husband, Al, have been witnessing!

Cil managed the vigil from 11am-1pm and wrote:

John and James drove ~ 2hrs from Erie (St. Joseph and St Lukes);  They got right to work with prayers of the rosary and handed out “Jesus Loves You” prayer cards.

day 28, 3rd shift

day 28, 3rd shift, elk county

Thanks to Patti (on right) who road down with me to the vigil. Other “warriors” above and below came to us from St Mary’s, Ridgeway and DuBois.  They travelled ~3 hrs to pray with us this day!  They include:  Laurey, Mary, Dean, Mary, Janice, Fuzzy (maker of the roses), Vicky, Jane, and Father Alfred!  Fr handed out material to those passing by and they all covered the place with prayer.  Two ladies said that as they were praying to the angels, a feather dropped down right into their hand.  A sign that God and his legions of angels are with us! These “warriors from the north” were such an inspiration to me today as my ~1hr drive to the city is like nothing compared to their sacrifice to be with us this day!

Wonderful group from Elk County Right to Life
Wonderful group from Elk County Right to Life

Thanks, too, for the “regulars” that came by including:  Bill, Mary, Pat, Lillian…   I was able to lead 2 girls to CC.  One was single (with 2 kids at home) but wanted to conceive another!  PP told her she needed to make an apt with them, I thought she would get better advice coming from CC.  The other lady came to get a pregnancy test but I stopped her before she went in.  Her and her husband have been trying to conceive a second child for some time now and was hoping she was pregnant she told me with tears in her eyes.  Pray that CC was able to confirm that for her and that her pregnancy goes well. Lots of traffic in/out of PP today.  Couples, mother/daughters…. Sad they will not receive help from us…  Some girls came for contraception.  I was able to share info with them about that and chastity.  They seemed thankful….

Sheila’s report from Tuesday, October 21, 2014:

Karen and Greg, Helen C.  And Joe and Mimi answered the call for prayer warriors so I wouldn’t be alone.  Pat M. called to make sure I wasn’t alone.  God bless all of you.  It’s a drizzly and cool afternoon with not as many passers-by.  Not a lot of traffic in and out of the clinic. God is good!  (All the time!!)  


Pastor Matt and Meg from City Reformed Presbyterian
Pastor Matt and Meg from City Reformed Presbyterian
Karen and Greg from Three Rivers Assembly
Karen and Greg from Three Rivers Assembly



Mimi and Joe!!
Mimi and Joe!!


Representatives from St. Mary's group from Elk County. Fr. Alfred in hat.
Representatives from St. Mary’s group from Elk County. Fr. Alfred in hat.

 Dean managed the vigil from 1-3pm and wrote:

Wow, what a lot of support we received from the folks from St. Mary’s and St. Luke. They stood with me during my first hour. I’m getting better at passing out our folder about 40D4L. I asked James from St.Luke (Erie, Pa) how he heard about our vigil and he said that he had read about it in his church’s bulletin. Since there isn’t an abortion center in Erie, he came to the one closest to him (Pgh.) to pray against abortion. That’s strong!

      I thought that I would be standing by myself during my second hour but, Helen from St. Robert in E.McKeesport prayed with me. She told me something I would like to share with all of you.”If the semi-circle in front of P.P. would be designated to keep out blacks, gays, or any other minorities, how long do you think it would be tolerated?” Good question, indeed!

Helen Cindrich, Executive Director of People Concerned for the Unborn Child (PCUC)
Helen Cindrich, Executive Director of People Concerned for the Unborn Child (PCUC)


Shortly before I left, look who came to stand with Sheila so that she wouldn’t be alone. None other than Joe Bruni, patron Saint of Donuts.

Thank you Joe. I hope to see all of yinz at the closing rally, Nov. 2.

Sheila, Joe and Helen
Sheila, Joe and Helen



Thanks for the reports and pictures!!  Marian

3 thoughts on “Day 28: City Reformed Presbyterian Church and Elk County Right to Life

  • October 21, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    Great blog. Really well done.

  • October 22, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Early Sunday morning I was finishing up my lesson from a Beth Moore Bible study and I started praying and in my prayers i was praying for the vigil keepers that morning. Then a picture came into my mind (which doesn’t usually happen) it was a picture of PP building, but in the form of a tree, and the dirt around it was being all dug out, exposing the roots, and I felt that our prayers are like shovels digging out the foundation of PP so that it can be uprooted or even topple over because the foundation roots couldn’t hold it up any longer.

    • October 22, 2014 at 3:59 pm

      That is awesome Cathy!!! Thanks for sharing that encouraging vision from the Lord! I trust in Him to topple over our Planned Parenthood! I am paying God a compliment by asking something really BIG…that PP closes THIS YEAR! God bless you! Nikki


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