Day 27: St Margaret Mary and Round Hill Church

“For we are his handiwork, created in Christ Jesus for good works that God has prepared in advance, that we should live in them.”

EPH 2: 1-10 

Nobody every said it would be easy, in fact just the opposite was promised.  Yet somehow we all answer the call.  You know ‘the call”.  That call that comes to your heart in the middle of the night.  We all want to stay in the cozy comfort of our homes.  Yet, we respond in that “Heroic moment”. That moment when we get out of bed or off the couch to do HIS will.  To go downtown when it is dark and cold and sometime rainy or in the middle of the day when so many other things are demanding our attention.  Yet we go witness to the dignity of life still in womb.

 OK, sometimes we hit the snooze button once or twice but we answer the call. Because we know what we are doing is important.  It is God’s will.  After all, if it were easy He wouldn’t need you.

 Be not afraid.  Be a hero.

Tim B. 

Today we have the prayer warriors from  St. Margaret Mary Moon twp and Round Hill Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth

We have some large holes in vigil coverage this week.  Tuesday from 3-7 there is no one, so Sheila will be alone from 3-5 and Jeannie from 5-7. Also, on Wednesday morning from 8-11am there is no one.  Charlene will have Dick with her till 9:30, but Cathy will be alone from 9:30-11 if no one shows up.  Other than that, there is just the 3:00 hour on Thursday (Jeannie) and 1-3pm next Sunday (Jeff) that is empty.  So far, our 40 Days family has not let us down…so I don’t doubt that prayer partners will answer the call for these empty hours!

Peace be with you today.

Shift manager Bill was alone from 7-9am.  Thank so much Bill for holding down the fort!!!

Bill stood alone this morning
Bill stood alone this morning

 Kathy managed the vigil from 9-11am and wrote:

Even before I left the house this morning, prayers were answered that I would have a prayer partner during my shift from 9-11 a.m.  An e-mail answered by Chris (I forget his last name) said he would join me.  As I arrived to relieve Bill H., who stood watch for the 7-9 hours, a gentleman by the name of Joe introduced himself and said that he came to pray.  Shortly afterwards, Chris also came and the three of us quietly prayed while wearing signs.  Thank you Bill, Chris, and Joe for your witness for life.

Joe and Chris came to the rescue so Kathy didn't have to pray alone during her shift!
Joe and Chris came to the rescue so Kathy didn’t have to pray alone during her shift!

 Toward the end of the hour, MaryJane came also to pray.  She was a tremendous blessing to one woman who stopped to tell us that she talked her daughter out of having an abortion.  We prayed for her and gave her pregnancy resources to share with her daughter.  Please keep “K” and her daughter “S” in your prayers.

Rose managed the vigil from 11-1pm and wrote:

Despite the chillier weather compared to last week, we were warmed by the heartfelt prayers from the  6 prayer warriors from St. Margaret Mary in Moon Township.  They came at 11 and were staying for 4 hours. John and Anna Gallagher also came to pray, and this is their anniversary!  They keep coming back. We prayed two rosaries and sang several pages of  hymns together.   A man took some literature and told of his girlfriend who had been abused by her former boyfriend but was greatly helped by an organization called “Voice.”  She wasn’t pregnant, but they greatly helped her out of the terrible situation. I think this is good information to have in case we run into someone in that same situation. We also met a very talkative,enthusiastic young man named Nature Aura who supports what we are doing and wants to help us get our message out there through some internet websites he is working on.  I took his contact info to pass along to Nikki. Several folks took some literature as they passed by and no one harassed us today. Praise God who gives us the gift of  life!

St, Margaret Mary in Moon Twp, along with the Gallaghers who came to pray on their anniversary!
St, Margaret Mary in Moon Twp, along with the Gallaghers who came to pray on their anniversary!


Over the weekend our family went to the Franciscan TOR Friary in Loretta  PA, to attend a family weekend with our youngest son,Tom, who is now a novice there, Brother Stephen Mary.  After Sunday Mass, my daughter-in-law Caitlyn, who was holding her 4 1/2 month old daughter, Lucy, was very blessed by a priest who put his hand on baby Lucy and thanked Caitlyn for saying “yes” to life.  Maybe that’s a good phrase to remember to say to someone who is holding a little baby, to encourage and bless them, too 🙂




From Beth:

How blessed we are to have such wonderful prayer volunteers at Planned Parenthood today!  All the supplies were ready;  Bill stopped by to give my sister Rose and I an update on everything and the crew from St. Margaret Mary was already in place. Regulars like Tony, Francesca, and Beth came, offered their prayers and helped the atmosphere become a peaceful, prayerful spot in a very noisy downtown Pittsburgh.  Very uneventful, with lots of very nice comments as people worked by.  By three o’clock, the group from Round Hill Presbyterian had arrived:  Matt, Pam, Linda and Bob and Julius, some wonderful newcomers with them.  Brother John from St. Paul’s Cathedral arrived just  a little before Francis came to relieve us and take on the shift manager job.
And thanks to Pastor Matt for the picture. Definitely more positive than negative today, at least on the outside of PP.
p.s. to busy pro-lifers:  Even though you’re always on the go, if you get half a chance, try requesting from the Carnegie Library Something other than God by Jennifer Fulwiler.  Great story, atheist to Catholic, especially the part that show how a militant pro-abortion  young woman discover the logic and beauty of the  pro-life argument. Easy read.

Pastor Matt with his wonderful prayer warriors from Round Hill Presbyterian Church


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