Day 26: Ave Maria Parish in Bentleyville and Holy Trinity Ukrainian Church in Carnegie

Hello everyone!  Tomorrow morning — Monday, Oct. 20 — from 7:00-11:00a, we have an urgent need for a few good prayer warriors!  As it stands at this moment, Bill will be alone from 7:00-9:00a, and Kathy will be alone from 9:00-11:00a.  If you can help, please please do stop down to keep these dear shift managers company!!  Also, please contact Nikki as soon as you can, if you are able to help out.  Thank you and God bless you! Today — Day 26 — we were honored to pray with faithful folk from Ave Maria / St. Agnes Churches, Church of the Assumption, and Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church.  I was the first shift manager for the day — as always, preceded bright and early by the amazing Diane, and Bill (who is also of course amazing.  No, really.  Or YES, really ….?!).  The day dawned chilly, then it seemed to warm up a bit ….. only to get chilly again.  A VERY quiet morning it was on the sidewalk.  Not many passersby at all.  This left much time for prayer, and we took good advantage of it.

Millie, John, John, and Joan - prayer warriors from Ave Maria / St. Agnes
Millie, John, John, and Joan – prayer warriors from Ave Maria / St. Agnes

In the Catholic Mass, there is a short little scripture verse that appears in between the two “Alleluias” that are said or sung before the Gospel is read.  Today’s, from Phil. 2, jumped out at me: “Shine like lights in the world as you hold on to the word of life.” I don’t know about you, but that sure seemed to me almost to be directed precisely at us 40 Days folk!  And these four most definitely shone this morning. Roseann and Rich, who covered the 10a-1p shift, write:

When Rich and I arrived at 10:00, prayer warriors from Ave Maria and St. Agnes stayed on until 11:00. It was nice to meet such wonderful witnesses for life. At 11:00 Regina from St. Claire and Joe from Assumption came to stand, pray and witness with us. It was a very quiet Sunday in the ‘burgh’ with only positive comments. Comments were positive but we did have one not-so-positive incident.  A car pulled up to the curb so close (blocking our materials) and deliberate that they were sending us a message that they were not pleased with us being there.  Just another day in the battle for life.  Thanks to all who came to stand with us.         Roseann

As it turns out, Jeff, who covered the 1-4p shift this afternoon, was the one who witnessed the most “action” — and it was positive!  Praise God!  Here is what he has to say:

As I got to the sidewalk right at 1:00pm, a girl we are calling “R” 
approached Rich and Roseanne to thank the Forty Days family for talking 
to her after she went to PP for a pregnancy test last Wednesday (see Day 
22 of the blog).  I believe it was Nikki that talked to her and “R” was 
so appreciative of the info and the support that she was compelled to 
come back today to thank us.

She said that she and her boyfriend only went to PP because it was the 
only place they knew to get a pregnancy test.  She said that as she was 
sitting in the waiting room with women who were waiting to get 
abortions, she knew she was in the wrong place.  She announced she is 10 
weeks pregnant and the hospital she went to told her, more importantly, 
it was not a tubal pregnancy like PP had told her (without so much as an 
ultrasound, that would have been $20.00). She wants to thank you all.

My thanks go out to Church of the Assumption in Bellevue and Rick T, 
Mary T., Francine and grandson Joe.  A little later on Rick’s daughter 
Maria S. showed up and her and Rick stayed with me till three.  George 
from Holy Trinity Ukrainian Church showed up and together we held down 
the fort till Jim and Cathy S. showed up for the final shift of the day.


Rick T. , Mary T., Francine and grandson Joe
Rick T. , Mary T., Francine and grandson Joe

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church held the vigil today from 3-7:

Thank you to the members of Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church, along with shift managers Jim and Cathy, Johnny and Mary Ellen and Trish!
Thank you to the members of Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church, along with shift managers Jim and Cathy, Johnny and Mary Ellen and Trish!


And so, a peaceful and prayerful Lord’s Day it was. Please don’t forget to contact Nikki if you can help Bill and/or Kathy out tomorrow morning!  May God bless you all! Sue M.

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