Day 24: St. Ferdinand R.L.; St. Mary of the Assumption; Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian (RPTS)

Thank you to the prayer warriors today who participated from the following groups: St. Ferdinand R.L.; St. Mary of the Assumption; Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian (RPTS)!  The groups scheduled for tomorrow are: Holy Family; Guardians for Life; St. Sebastian (Ross Twp.); and we are looking for people to fill the 3-7PM shift!

As you read through these reports and you look at the people in the pictures, please pray.  Pray for the passersby and for the people who confront us and are directly opposed to the witness of Christ for Life.  Pray that our people will be faithful witnesses and will speak the words that God gives them to change hearts and save lives!

Sally writes:

Light rain ended on my way into town. The wind really picked up.  It
flipped our signs around most of the morning.  It seemed that there
were many more bus people on the street than is usual for a late
morning. Most of them ignored us, as is usual.  PP seemed to be having
a very slow morning.

Three ladies from St. Ferdinand were there when I arrived, and I
prayed the rosary with them.

Meaghan came from St. John & Paul Church with two large packs of very
nice small cards, each pack different, about abortion and the sanctity
of life.  One set of the cards had an 800 # for help with a problem
pregnancy. The satirist walked down Liberty, as he usually does in the
morning, took a card from Meaghan, and then proceeded to tear it into
pieces & throw it around the circle.

About 10 a.m. four members of the Three Rivers AOG Church arrived, and
shortly after that two of the regular Friday sidewalk advocates. A few
people from other churches filled out the morning, so we had a really
good group. Literally nothing out of the ordinary happened.

The crew from St. Ferdinand
The crew from St. Ferdinand

Meaghan from the AM shift writes:

I was handing out pro-life drop cards this morning at Planned Parenthood. I gave one to a man, who kept walking and had shown little emotion. A few minutes later, he returned and told me about how his wife (then girlfriend) were pregnant, scared and unmarried. They considered abortion, but decided against it. Their “baby” is now a 40 year old CPA and father of three. The man said ” life is great”. I cried on the street. This was a God thing. 
These stories should keep us going, even when times are tough. 

Definitely a God thing!  He is so good, and He puts us in the right place at the right time!

Pat writes:

Tonight’s shift had pleasant weather, but an unpleasant encounter.  A well-dressed black female in her mid-20s passed me by and when she saw the literature I was offering she said she was pro-choice and began to lecture me as she walked away – something like “what about when a woman is raped?”  As she kept walking I asked her why the innocent child should have to die because of this.  Well, about 15 minutes later she came back b/c she wanted to argue/discuss this more.  The short of it is that while I may have said some good things, I also did not have anywhere near the demeanor I should have had.  I had to walk away twice, in fact.  Thankfully Eileen was able to be more calm than me.  This woman has had four abortions and had a very confused idea of who and what God is.  I was able to give her a Rachael’s Vineyard pamphlet at least.  
Eileen and I agreed that had she been successful in suppressing her guilt following these abortions she likely would not have argued with us for as long as she did (and it must have lasted 15-20 minutes).  So, please pray – and maybe offer up one small sacrifice – so that she might have her eyes opened to what God wants her to see.  
Eileen from Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Eileen from Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Bill and a prayer warrior
Bill and David from Weirton, WV

Pat, I would like to encourage you and remind you that as we pray, the Spirit speaks through us.  I’m sure that God used you and Eileen to minister to this woman who is so obviously hurting!

Continue to pray for our shift managers, that they might have the courage of Christ and that they might be full of all wisdom to deal with all the confrontation that we see!

In Christ,

Pastor Adam


2 thoughts on “Day 24: St. Ferdinand R.L.; St. Mary of the Assumption; Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian (RPTS)

  • October 18, 2014 at 12:53 am

    Pat, your conversation with this woman may be a start to her healing process. Thank God that you offered and she took the Rachel’s Vineyard information.

  • October 18, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Pastor Adam,

    Thank you for the encouragement you’ve given me in this post, as well as in previous ones. I really appreciate it. I also want to know that the things you write in your emails to all of us are rich with wisdom, insight, and, of course, encouragement.



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