“Crucify Him, Crucify Him”!

 Do we not hear those same words outside of planned parenthood by the escorts and workers? Do not all their actions inside do the same?  “Kill the innocents” they cry.  

Did you ever wonder what you would have done on that day so long ago as Jesus stood before Pilot and the screaming crowds?  I’m guessing you would do the same thing that you are doing for the innocents being murdered downtown.  You would have shown up despite being a little fearful, anxious and overall uncomfortable.  You would witness to the truth, to the gospel of life with your presence and prayers.  You would say this is wrong.  It is evil.  It a lie perpetuated by the evil one. “Let HIM live.”

We know that the cross that day was the victory over all sin, evil and death.  So to will our crosses be victorious.  It may take time.  But we know how this battle ends.  In HIS time, WE WIN!  We are half way home in this campaign.  Do not grow weary.  

Today at the vigil will be Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene St. Bernadette Catholic Church, Monroeville, Word of God & Madonna del Castello.  Scroll down for photos and stories from today.

HELP WANTED: While attendance has been and is scheduled to be strong, we have two empty hours on Tuesday (3pm and 6pm) with no church signed up. On Wednesday the whole 4-7 shift is empty. Thursday we need someone from 1-4pm and at 6pm.  Saturday, there is no one signed up from 3-7pm. And lastly next Sunday, now just 1-3 is empty.   So if you have time and can come to allow us to have a presence beyond the shift manager either day, please make the effort.  Sounds like “the harvest is abundant, but the laborers are few”.

So, Be confident knowing that what you are doing is the right thing despite what some others might think. Be not afraid, Be strong,  Be courageous. Just continue to show up at the foot of the cross to witness to gospel of life.  We are halfway home. Come when you are scheduled, come more often if you can. Pray. Stay as long as you can. Tell your friends.  Come back.

Tim B.

Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene provided the witness from 7-11am.  Shift manager Kathy wrote:

This morning was a rather wet one but even through the rain drops, Judy and I were able to pass out local pregnancy resources to a few women exiting PP and passing by.  One of these young ladies was coming to receive birth control but found that PP was not dispensing today.  She was willing to receive our literature and advice and said that she would call the WCN too.  Not long after she left, we encountered a pregnant woman and her young son on their way to pay their phone bill.  I asked if she would like to have the local resource sheet that can assist her in baby items.  She agreed and even agreed to schedule an appointment with the Oakland WCN (Women’s Choice Network) with which I called the office and let her talk with the receptionist.  I hope she follows through and shows up for her Wednesday appointment. 

I am very grateful to God for these opportunities that seemed to present themselves as Judy and I were praying.  T. G. I. M.

St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Monroeville stood vigil from 11am-3pm.  Shift manager Rose wrote:

It has been a pleasant Monday 11-1 shift at PP with only a brief shower.  Prayer warriors Dan and Anna Gallagher prayed a couple rosaries  with me.  A young woman took a pamphlet and said she was pro-life.  When I asked her if she knew anyone who was “abortion-minded” she said had a friend who was pregnant and conflicted about what to do, possibly considering giving the baby up for adoption.  I was able to give her another pamphlet on adoption options and she was very grateful.  St Bernadette Church was well represented during my shift and their pastor, Fr. Tony Gargotta, came later to pray several rosaries. Barbara, Tammi and her daughter Delaney also came to pray from Grace Church. Several folks took the literature and several encouraged us as they passed by.  I don’t remember any negatives today!

Wonderful ladies from St. Bernadette provide a joyful witness to life

Thanks to Fr. Tony Gargotta from St. Bernadette for taking time to pray at the vigil!

Shift managers Beth and Rose, with Dee and Pat from St. Bernadette

Beth  managed the vigil from 1-3pm and wrote:

Another pretty nice afternoon as we prayed to end all terrible Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at PP.  My sister Rose and I arrived as the rain ended and the rest of the day went well.  Regina and Dee kept us company as our prayers were sent into 933 Liberty Avenue.  There is a huge convention in town and most of the conventioneers were polite yet noncommittal even when greeted with a “good afternoon.”  Sometimes you just feel invisible.  Otherwise people were generally generous with their kind comments.  Thanks to St. Bernadette’s for sending so many wonderful pray-full people.  P.S. My percentage of trying to “read” people correctly is abysmal.  Some people who look rather against us can be remarkably for us.  Case in point:  the woman with the steepest black spike high heels in town, who just happen to stop and say that she’s so glad we’re doing what we’re doing and to keep up the good work. Lady, thanks for the nice surprise.

As I was leaving, a great group of people from Word of God was arriving.

Shift Manager Rose with the Gallaghers
Shift Manager Rose with the Gallaghers


Ladies from St. Bernadette and Mary Jane
Ladies from St. Bernadette and Mary Jane

Word of God and Madonna del Castello parish in Swissvale/Braddock provided the prayer presence at the vigil from 3-7pm.  Shift Manager Rosalina wrote:

Deacon Ron Dembroski lead us in prayer for two hours…It was powerful and I felt the presence of God in our midst… Deacon Ron exemplifies being filled w/the Holy Spirit..May God bless him and all the members of his church that prayed w/ me today…

Word of God and Madonna del Castello are faithful witnesses!
Word of God and Madonna del Castello are faithful witnesses!


With shift manager Rosalina in the middle
With shift manager Rosalina in the middle


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