Day 17-Fourth Presbyterian; St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Indiana; West Hills Baptist

First of all, my apologies for not getting this blog out the night of the 10th!  Second, a big “thank you!” to the churches participating in the vigil.  What is done at PP every day by our people is so important!  You will read a story today about a young girl who was taken away from PP and to Catholic Charities down the street.  There, she received the help that she needed.  Although we don’t know whether or not this girls was contemplating abortion, what we DO know is that she was taken out of a dangerous place and brought to a safe place, praise God!  We need to be bold in our witness for life!  We need to remember that our purpose at 40 Days is to actively pray for those going into PP and to be prepared to engage people that we meet and answer tough questions and give real, honest information that people won’t get elsewhere.

The participating churches for 10/11 are Unity Community Church (Plum Borough), St. Alexis (Wexford), Good Sam (Ambridge), and St. John (Baden).

Sally wrote this report from the 7-11am shift this morning:

PP was very busy this morning. The blond abortionist and 2 students
went in promptly at 9 a.m.  About an hour later, 3 girls went in with
book bags and wearing what could have been scrubs. Bill H. was with us
at the time, and he said that they looked like students from a medical
program nearby, going into PP for some medical experience.  That was
probably the case because Bill is very observant.

A few people took flyers, but most just hurried on by without looking
at us or acknowledging my “Good Morning”.

However, early on in my shift two young men came down Liberty on their
way to the City Charter H.S. They stopped to talk & told us that they
had just found out that there are specific laws against killing or
hurting animals, but no such laws to protect babies.  They were
horrified about that, as well they should be.  I gave them a
Milestones of Life flyer, a 40 Days for Life flyer and one about the
Myths of Abortion and men. They thanked us for being there and went on
their way, hopefully to share what they now know, and the info  they
will read in the flyers.

An elderly African American man came by, took a 40 Days flyer from me,
then took my hand and shook it, saying “God bless you. Thank you for
being here.”

A little after 10 a.m. St. Bernard Church from Indiana, PA arrived, 5
people in all.  They know Fr. Tim and sometimes go to abortion mills
with him. They proceeded to sing hymns and pray up a storm.  Two
sidewalk advocates also arrived after 10 a.m.  They are a real
blessing.  They not only pass out great literature, but they engage
passers-by in conversation, hopefully changing hearts one at a time.
It was a quiet, but productive day.


The St. Bernard crew
The St. Bernard crew

Rose was a vigil participant early this morning and wrote:

Friday, October 10, 2014

Thanks to Bill and Diane who were nearly set up when Al and I (Rose) arrived at 7:00 a.m.  We were soon joined by Beverly and Craig and distributed some cards and fliers to Those who were not “plugged in their ears” with eyes straight ahead avoiding ours.  Bill found a sign new to him with a white baby and the words “Some people actually will NOT choose life.”  He jokingly said he may be accused of being racist since he’s black holding a sign with a white child.

When I crossed Liberty Avenue to wait for the bus at 9:00 a.m., a young man who had passed the clinic earlier Was hanging out at the bus stop and kept looking toward the clinic. At one time held up a cigarette lighter for a Woman who had paced back and forth several times in front of the clinic and was trying to light up. She ran across The street to use his lighter then returned to the doorway beside the clinic.  The young man turned to me and said, “Weren’t You over there before?” motioning to the clinic. I said “Yes”.  To which he said,”Don’t you people have anything to do that you come and stand around there. What a waste of time.”  To which I replied,”We are not wasting time, we are simply praying that people will respect and protect life.” To which he said, “The world is already overpopulated, why bring more kids that are not wanted into the world?” So I said, “Are you glad that your Mother had YOU””, “Well, I guess so”, he responded, and added,”But if I was with a girl who got pregnant I’d push her down the stairs.”  To which I said, “Wow, that would be most disrespectful because there would be two persons hurt.” He said, “I don’t believe in that stuff.” then admitted, “I paid for an abortion and it was the BEST way I ever spent $500.” To which I responded, “I’m sorry to hear that. I bet that baby is in heaven praying for you right now. “ At that moment the bus I had to get arrived, but I looked straight into his eyes with compassion and said, “You know, God loves you very much.”

When I got on the bus I saw him with some grimace seeming to try to hold back tears.  Not sure if he crossed to talk to Al or the woman with her cigarette.  He is still in my heart and prayers, May our dear Mother, Mary enfold him in her mantle and guide him to repentance and peace.

Rose Stegman

Ray was also a vigil participant today, from St. Bernard of Clairvaux (from 11am-3pm), and he wrote:

First of all, I’m really glad that we had good weather today, it was originally supposed to rain but we didn’t get a single drop.  
Secondly, and more importantly, some people were handing out the green sheets of paper with free pregnancy help on them.  One young lady took it and went inside with her girlfriend.  Probably 30 minutes later she returned and asked me for another green paper because the PP staff took it from her.  As I fumbled around looking for one I asked her what she was going in there for.  She told me that she needed an ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy, although she was sure she was pregnant, her boyfriend wanted this done.  
Thankfully at that point others became involved in the conversation and one of them, Ray Kulis, a member of St Thomas More in Indiana, said that at the 40 DFL kickoff someone had mentioned that Catholic Charities has someone on staff that can immediately help with counseling and resources.  Next thing you know, our shift mgr. was walking the two ladies down to CC.  We began fervently praying a rosary for their protection and that the Holy Spirit would enable the counselor to help this lady and protect her unborn child.  About 20 minutes later the shift manager returned and said that everything appeared to be going fine, that the person at Catholic Charities was talking to the young mother.
It may be a good idea to make sure that all participants in 40 DFL know that CC has the ability to help immediately (perhaps just during the week though).  It’s one thing having the contact info for the various support groups on hand, it’s another thing entirely to be able to put a woman who may be considering abortion as a solution in front of a trained counselor right at that moment.
Thank you for all that you do to support life.
God bless…
Ginny added that the girl’s name is Therese, which she thought was interesting, because she had just come from mass in the morning where they had prayed a novena to St. Therese.  God works in mysterious ways!
Pat managed the vigil from 4-7pm and writes:
Tonight we had very good weather and very few difficult people.  The always faithful group from West Hills Baptist Church in Moon was there from 3-7, led by Pastor Larry.  It’s always nice when you are able to get reacquainted with “regulars” from campaign to campaign.  At the same time, it’s always nice to meet someone new.  I really enjoyed praying and getting to know David from St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church.  The very regular Bill H. was also there with us for about the first hour of my shift.  
As one of my fellow shift managers expressed earlier this week at our planning meeting, it can be very hard to know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing when you’re out there.  This is especially true for shift managers who have so many responsibilities.  Should you be praying (and if so, individually or with others)?  Should you be handing out literature (and if so, what kind? Should you try to stop whatever it is you’re doing at the moment to try and approach those heading into or out of PP or not?  
This was something I thought about (and maybe even prayed about) while I was on the street tonight.  I didn’t come-up with a clear answer.  But I did have a sense that I was supposed to be a little more calm, go with the flow, and let God be the one in charge.  So that’s what I tried to do.  While I didn’t even do that very well, at least it brought me a little more peace as the evening wore on.
Pat M.
Pat, your witness on the street is wonderful, and you do it well!  Be encouraged!  God is doing a great work through you!
West Hills Baptist
West Hills Baptist
Pat's Prayer Warriors!
Pat’s Prayer Warriors!

In Christ,

Pastor Adam

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  • October 11, 2014 at 9:12 am

    I agree with Pastor Adam, Pat. Wonderful job, as always. And yes, letting God be in charge is the key. Absolutely right.


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