Day 14: St. Robert Bellarmine Church; St. Thomas More; St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Misfits-  The first Gospel begins with a genealogy.  I thought of the Scripture passage  from Matthew  when planning to write today’s blog reflection. On several sites explaining the genealogy, it is highlighted that there are saints and sinners listed here (and we are fully aware of the reputations of his 12)!  From to , the same sentiment is expressed.  No matter how you feel you fit in, put yourself in one of these people  shoes and then go, get to the street in front of PP.  Stand,knowing that you are cooperating with the Power of God!!!

Abraham to David    David to Captivity    Release to Christ

Abraham                     David                           Jeconiah
Isaac                            Solomon                      Shealtiel
Jacob                           Rehoboam                  Zerubbabel
Judah                           Abijah                         Abiud
Perez                            Asa                               Eliakim
Hezron                        Jehoshaphat               Azor
Ram                             Joram                           Zadok
Amminadab               Uzziah                         Achim
Nashon                       Jotham                         Eliud
Salmon                       Ahaz                              Eleazar
Boaz                            Hezekiah                      Matthan
Obed                           Manasseh                     Jacob
Jesse                           Amon                             Joseph
David                          Josiah                            Jesus Christ!

God uses all of us to reach his purpose.  Since we all started out the same way, the link below shows the start of something big!

 Baby takes shape!

 Thanks to the members of the churches standing vigil today, the continuation of the generations.

Each hour today  has a volunteer.  But,  Wednesday, Oct. 8 witnesses are needed at 1, 3 and 5 pm.   Please stop by and witness or join in a prayer.   “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, I am there.”  Matthew 18:20.
Reports from the shift managers will follow.

Sally’s Report:  7 am to 11am

Long before I arrived at 8:50 a large group of well dressed people went into PP, as if going to a meeting.  Three or four couples & some single girls went in early.  Beatrice & 2 students arrived promptly at 9 a.m.  A few more couples & single girls went in after 9 a.m., but the morning was rather slow.

St. Robert Bellarmine parish was well represented by Fr.Brennan, Helen Cindrich and about 6 other women. It was impossible to pray a group rosary or any other group prayers because because of the incessant noise from parking garage remodeling.  So we all just prayed.                

Bob Newman was there with his new positive pregnancy test signs, which are a good addition to the 40 Days for Life, as well as all year.

A lovely young woman talked with Helen and I for a long time. She was very respectful, but could not understand why we want to “keep women from having health care.  She contributes to PP because they help women. “We are judging women.  We are preventing them from having equality with men. It isn’t a baby till it is born. Women don’t regret abortion. Contraceptives do not have side effects,  and on and on.”

She eventually left. She would not take literature, and I doubt that her mind had been changed about anything, but God is in charge, and good can still happen.  Please  pray for “A”.              

I gave literature, and our resource sheet to two women who were going into PP, one supposedly for a pap test since she has no insurance. She was very receptive. As I left to catch my bus St. Thomas More parishioners had started to gather, Cil and her friend Joyce had arrived, and the weather was still beautiful.    Sally


Father Brennan is there but out of camera range.
Father Brennan is there but out of camera range.

Shift Manager Cil sent in the following Vigil Summary for Tues, Oct 7th, 2014    11-1pm:

I was so thankful to have my good friend, Joyce, go down with me to the vigil.  Here we are:

Shift manager Cil with her faithful friend Joyce
Shift manager Cil with her faithful friend Joyce

Joyce spent much time in prayer, praying the rosary and divine mercy. For Catholics today is the feast day for the Holy Rosary.  Here is a picture of Joyce with John and Lillian:

day 14, lillian, john and provie

It was great to have St Thomas More with us today! Two “couples” were with me on my shift.  Terry and Caralyn are pictured here with Caralyn’s brother, John (who we know well).  They helped keep the prayer going and Terry helped pass out flyers.

day 14, st. thomas more, carolyn terry and john

And Mira and Paul are in this picture with Pat (a shift manager who stops by on his work breaks). They passed out flyers and Mira was especially interactive with those passing by.  She said we need to be seen and not hide against the wall.  So she stood by the road and held up her sign.

day 14, st. thomas more, mira,paul and pat


They helped keep the prayer going and Terry helped pass out flyers.Mira and I had an interesting encounter with two girls who came out of PP for a smoke.  Mindy brought her sister there for an abortion and Alex brought her friend, Hailey, there for contraception.  Mindy did not want to listen to us at first because someone previously gave her a small booklet (stapled together) that she said just wasn’t true (such as younger girls are not educated enough and do not read medical reports).  That offended her and I understood.  We told her that we had other info that she really should consider.  So she was open to hearing and reading.She still insisted that a woman should have the “choice” but eventually said that we gave her things to think about.  To help our cause, I asked Alex to share with Mindy what she told me… that she has a friend who aborted and now, married with a newborn, regrets having aborted that child.  Alex also shared that she had another friend who placed her child for adoption and the child is in a very loving home.  Thru all this we were able to share the various resources we had about the 40 Days, abortion, healing, contraception, chastity…  I just thought it ironic and cool how one, coming out of PP, was able to witness to another.  These girls did seem open to seeking the truth.  Unfortunately maybe too late for the sister.  Please pray for these girls.  Mindy has overcome many hardships in her life (homelessness….) but her attitude seems great and she is seeking…


 Dean managed the vigil from 1-3pm and wrote:

There were a lot of people going into P.P. today. The number 
seemed larger than usual. I handed out some 40D4L info to some of the 
folks passing by. Cecelia asked me to give directions to Catholic 
Charities to one of the girls who went inside to P.P. but, I didn’t see 
her come out. I pray she changes her mind and seeks counseling to have 
her baby. I took a shot of Cecelia and Joyce just before they left. 
Also pictured are Ron and MaryEllen from Holy Child and Dan and Sue 
 from St. Thomas More. Shortly before I left, the truck from Steracide 
arrived to remove more of the aborted babies. It’s always such a grim 
and dark reminder of the lives that are ended at P.P.

Dean took these photos:

The Stericycle Truck comes to pick up the "medical waste" (AKA dead babies)
The Stericycle Truck comes to pick up the “medical waste” (AKA dead babies)
Faithful witnesses from St. Thomas More parish in Bethel Park
Faithful witnesses from St. Thomas More parish in Bethel Park
Many prayer warriors from St. Thomas More today!
Many prayer warriors from St. Thomas More today!

Sheila’s report from 3-5pm:

“The rain greeted us for a while then moved on.   A wonderful group from St  Elizabeth Ann Seton in Carnegie prayed while I got a lot of information out to young passers-by.  It was troubling to see a good twenty or so teens file in to the clinic around 4pm. One teen told me that they were there for a meeting and the security guard peeked her head out and told me not to bother them,  that they weren’t doing anything wrong.  Can only imagine what sick sort of meeting they were attending.  Several couples left ( most likely post abortive)  and all but one took a healing resource sheet.  The sidewalk was peaceful except for a few people throwing expletives our  way. Otherwise we received a lot of encouraging  remarks. God is good!”

Men of Carnegie!!!
Men of Carnegie!!!
Thanks to everyone who braved the elements today to take a stand for life.   
Marian Carlino

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  • October 8, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Keep the good work up. May God bless you and protect you in your resolve to protect innocent life and end abortion-on-demand.


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