Day 12 – Respect Life Sunday ….. Warriors and Witnesses from St. Maria Goretti, St. Bernard, and Transfiguration

Well ………. this morning dawned — let’s see, dare I even say it?  That word that begins with c and ends with d and has two letters in the middle?  Not a vulgar or sinful word to say (or is it?!), but a word we haven’t yet had to use to describe conditions at the vigil thus far in our Fall 2014 campaign ………. OK, I think everyone knows what it is by now.  Yes, it was THAT this morning!  Bill was there as always when I got there, along with Dan and Jim (both from St. Maria Goretti Parish), and we had gloves on.  Yes, we did.  I even had a wool scarf, a winter jacket, and my snow boots on.  Thankfully, though, that “c” condition did not last long.  And it certainly didn’t dampen the prayer spirit of our small-but-dedicated group of praying folk.

In the Catholic Church, today is Respect Life Sunday, which is always observed the first Sunday in October, followed by the entire month of October as Respect Life Month.  Also for Catholics today is the feast day of St. Faustina Kowalska, from whom we received the Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer.  St. Faustina dedicated her life to spreading awareness of and devotion to God’s infinite Divine Mercy — and oh, how we so sorely need it now in our day!  I also thought it notable that Dan and Jim are from a parish named after a very pro-life saint, St. Maria Goretti, who was a martyr.  We asked both of these great saints to pray for us today.  (Ss. Maria Goretti and Faustina, that is — not Dan and Jim!   Nice guys, though!)        🙂

We really didn’t have any happenings or incidents this morning — lots of passersby due to what appeared to be a convention in town.  Two or three of them paused briefly to look at the fetal models, but all continued on their way quickly.  All interactions with them, which consisted mainly of smiles and “good morning”s, were positive. Pictured below are Jim, Bill, and Dan:

photo (1)

Our 10a-1p shift managers, Rich and Roseann, write:

There was a lot of pedestrian traffic due to a convention this weekend. But we also balanced it with a lot of prayer warriors from St. Bernard’s.  One woman stopped and said she had been tortured for years due to the abortion she’d had.  We told her that there is nothing that God would not forgive if we are sorry.   Other than that we only had one person who yelled to us that women should have the right to choose.  By our prayers, and say what you will about the cold weather, I believe it makes for a powerful witness.

Shift manager Sue writes:

We had a blessed morning at the vigil this morning.  It was wonderful to stand and pray with so many prayer warriors.  Here are some photos:



How awesome is it to see children at the vigil?!!!  God bless them!

Julie writes:

I wore the poster of the preborn Jesus during prayer and as I faced out toward Liberty Avenue;  a few people just stared at the picture as they drove by.   We had a steady stream of people from St. Bernard’s and Transfiguration parishes during the 1-4 shift.  Pictured below are Marilyn H., Scott & Heidi P., and Theresa H.:

40 Days, 1

40 Days, 2

40 Days, 3

The weather report for this week is indicating, at least right now, that that dreaded “c” condition will dissipate and more comfortable temperatures will take its place.  I do hope, for all of our good 40 Days folk, that this report will manifest itself.  Yet we all know, as much as we talk about the weather, that it just really isn’t a factor for our flock of dedicated prayer warriors.  We know we’ve been through far worse, will survive adverse weather again, and will offer our suffering through it, along with our prayers, to our Lord for all of our Life intentions.

Please consider coming down to the vigil this Wednesday, October 8, for the 3:00p and/or 5:00p hours.  In fact, if you’re sure you can, please let Nikki know.  God bless you all!

For Life, Sue M.

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