Day 10-St. John Neumann; Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (New Brighton); SS. Peter and Paul (Beaver)

We are ten days in to the Fall Campaign–25% of the journey has been completed!  Here are some reports and photos from the churches represented today (St. John Neumann; Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (New Brighton); SS. Peter and Paul (Beaver)).

Tomorrow, the churches participating in the vigil will be Guardians for Life; WPA Church of the Brethren; Holy Trinity Catholic Church (Robinson); St. Ferdinand Catholic Church (Cranberry).

Rose writes:

I arrived at 6:50 a.m. this morning to find Jim serving as shift manager till Al arrived shortly after 7 a.m. From then on Jackie from Holy Sepulcher, Gwyen from St. Winifred’s, Episcopalian Pastor John, Mr. Brown from St. Thomas More and a gentleman friend of his were all at strategic places praying, handing out prayer cards and information.  Several people who took the card with images of fetal development and the scripture quotes said a sincere “Thank You”.  Two gentlemen and a woman audibly said “Thanks for being here.” One African-American man took the prayer card then turned it over and saw the embryo pictures and handed it back saying, “Oh, no I’m not getting involved in this!” and swiftly walked on.

I sensed the entire area surrounded by angels and kept praying their song as at Jesus birth: “Glory to God in the highest and on this place PEACE.”

Peace to you as well,

Rose Stegman

Praying the Rosary with St. John Neumann
Praying the Rosary with St. John Neumann

Sally Writes:

A warm morning, quiet except for one very angry man who showed up
around 9 a.m. He proceeded to complain loudly about how we are
“judging” people, how we have no right to be doing this unless we all
have adopted babies, how dare we stand here judging if we kill bugs
(who are also “life”), etc.  All the usual, illogical things that
pro-abortion people throw out when they don’t want to face the fact
that babies are murdered brutally at PP. He does have a lot to be
angry about (2 failed marriages, 2 abortions, 4 living children he
didn’t really want, a brother who turned out badly as an adult,etc.)
Of course, he could not see that most of the things that made him
angry came from his own bad life choices. Fortunately Rev. John was
with us this morning, and after a while, seeing that the man was not
going to go away, or calm down, came over and spoke to him quietly for
a while & then they went down Liberty Avenue together.  There is
nothing better than a man of God, wearing clerical attire, talking to
a person who is hurting and angry.  Thank you, Rev. John.  Hopefully
he will feel better after talking with you.

During the early morning, a lot of us also had extended conversations
with an older African-American man named “Kay”. He had just buried his
mother who died at 113. He was very proud of her, his extremely mixed
ancestry, his extremely large family, and all the things his ancestors
had accomplished  in their lives, of which he told me proudly in some
detail. He was speaking with me while the other man was castigating
the ladies from St. John Neumann parish. What a contrast he was to the
angry man who was standing only a few feet away!

PP was busy.  They were doing abortions. The “sidewalk advocates”,
from different areas of the city, were present to pass out literature
and speak with the passers-by and girls going into PP.  They are a
blessing. One of the ladies had occasion to give literature to a young
girl who had gone into PP but came back out to retrieve her ID from
her car. As far as we know, that girl did not go back in. Perhaps she
took a minute to look at the literature and decided to drive away.  We
probably will never know for sure, but we can pray and hope that is
the case.

Please pray for the angry man.  I do not know his name.  Thanks.

A blurry picture of participants from SS. Peter and Paul
A blurry picture of participants from SS. Peter and Paul! 🙂

Pat Writes:

As they might say in Ireland, “We had a wee bit of soft weather.”  But even that didn’t make for a bad evening.  Things were calm on the streets and there was very little negativity which came our way.  I spent all but the first half hour with Lisa and her son Daniel from Saints Peter and Paul in Beaver.  Anna Marie from St. Basil in Carrick was there for about two hours.  Bill H. stopped by for a while and Jeff B. was with me for the last 45 minutes.
Early on, while I was by myself and on the side opposite of the fetal model display, I saw three high-school age kids looking at them and even picking them up.  While they were clearly not in a serious mood, who knows what impact seeing those things might have on them later?  Another woman who looked to be in her late 30’s early 40’s came by later with her husband or boyfriend and stopped to look at them as well.  She didn’t reveal her story – or much of anything at all – but there was a look on her face which made me wonder what made her stop.
The highlight of the evening came while we were praying the rosary together.  A woman in her 30’s came over to us and it was hard to tell from her approach what she was going to say.  As I braced for a possible confrontation, she spoke.  She opened by asking us if we knew that 90% of babies with down syndrome are aborted.  I said that I was aware of that.  She then said that she had just recently given birth to her daughter who has down syndrome and said that she was such a blessing.  She thought it was important to add that she hadn’t had any prenatal testing done.  When she walked away and we started our rosary back up again, we were all smiling.  

Pat M.
Please continue to be faithful prayer warriors and witnesses for Life!  You are doing the work of the Kingdom of God, and God has assured us of the victory!  Let’s try to bring as many souls as we can to the winning side to the glory of our Father in heaven!
Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Adam

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  • October 4, 2014 at 8:10 am

    Your e-mail message, Pastor Adam, was very powerful because it was all very true. It’s another reminder that those of us who have been given eyes to see these truths have an obligation to do our part – through both prayer and witness – to help open the eyes of our brothers and sisters.


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