Day 7: St. Catherine; Holy Angels Parish; and Corpus Christi


It is September 30, the seventh day of the 40 Days for Life fall campaign.  In Scripture, seven is the number of completeness and perfection. The seventh day we know is a day of rest.  But we don’t live in a perfect world, we are only part way into the 40 Days for Life fall campaign, and those who have advocated for pro-life issues know, there will be no rest while babies continue to lose their lives in planned abortions.

Today, three parishes and their representatives will be holding vigil in front of the Planned Parenthood of Pittsburgh clinic on Liberty Avenue. All will be praying for God’s work in them to be fruitful so that hearts are turned once again to God who is completeness and perfection.  To God who has offered  his yoke in order to give us rest.  For without the prayer for turning hearts back to God, the presence of those on the street will be silent gongs.  Today, on a street named Liberty, in front of a building where people can choose to abort their babies, there will be saints, angels and the Body of Christ witnessing for life.While we wait for the testimony of the witnesses, let us pray for the will of God to be done today.

As we know, there is nothing more demeaning to the human spirit, mind and body then to be considered less than what we are.  Abortion is based on the premise that the human life in the womb is less than what God created it to be.  But, we also know that each and everyone of us was made in the image and likeness of God at conception.  And so we stand, kneel, and speak up for those who are denied the chance to live.

Witnesses are needed for tomorrow, Oct. 1 for the hours: 11, 12, 1, and 2.    Since this morning at least one volunteer is standing vigil during the requested hours.  Thanks for answering the call!!

Have a blessed day, Marian Carlino

Below are our daily reports.  Thank you to all the shift managers.  And thank you for bearing with me on my first blog for 40 Days for Life!!

Shift Manager Sally managed the morning at the vigil and took these photos:

Rose, Mary, Loretta and Maryann from St. Catherine parish in Beechview are faithful witnesses!
Rose, Mary, Loretta and Maryann from St. Catherine parish in Beechview are faithful witnesses!
Joan, Mary Ellen, Deacon Dan and Deana bring Christ to the sidewalk!
Joan, Mary Ellen, Deacon Dan and Deana bring Christ to the sidewalk!


Sally wrote:

Another beautiful morning. Bill, Al, John Mihm and Mary Ann were the pray-ers at PP from 7 to 9. Emil visited them with more “words of wisdom”. “If you throw yourself in front of a bus, you can save a baby from abortion”. and “You’re old & ugly……and you’re fat too”.  All of you out there, please pray for Emil.  He is a very unhappy man.  

Things were slow until abortionists and their students arrived promptly at 9 a.m. and then PP became rather busy.  

Three other ladies from St. Catherine joined Mary Ann after their morning Mass. One of them, and Beth, were able to speak with a girl whose friend was there for an abortion. The girl refused literature, said she was “not about that”, but was there to support her friend whose baby’s severe medical problems “would cause a stillbirth or else the child would die within months of being born.” The lack of knowledge, understanding and trust in God, that we often see at PP is astonishing. Girls believe anything a doctor tells them, without question. And so often the medical profession is wrong. Nevertheless, they all try to “play god” and do it their way, never giving the poor baby a chance for life.  

Another example of “weird think”: I offered a 40 Days for Life flyer to a young man as he walked past and he said: “I’m cool.  I can’t have kids.”  What does not being able to have children have to do with reading about why WE are there on the sidewalk?  

The next arrivals were a group of 6, including a deacon, from Holy Angels in Hays. I knew they would be praying a lot during their 10:00 to 2:00 shift because Deacon Dan had a lot of hymns and prayers mapped out for the morning.  They were singing “On Eagle’s Wings” when I crossed the street to get on my bus.  

God bless you all. Sally

Cil managed the vigil from 11-1pm and took these photos:

Shift Manager Dean and Loretta
Shift Manager Dean and Loretta
Holy Angels cover the sidewalk in prayer
Holy Angels cover the sidewalk in prayer

Cil wrote:

” Sally was there to warmly greet me and show me the “supply bin” with all the “goodies”.

We had 6 “Holy Angels” there during my entire shift.  Deacon Dan and the crew covered the right side of the sidewalk in prayer (rosary, divine mercy…).

Loretta, from St Catherine’s, stayed to keep me company for my entire shift!  We made a great team and made sure everyone passing by on the left side had an opportunity to get more information about our vigil or “help”.

Vaughn, from St. Margaret Mary, stayed for some time to pass out his resource sheet which he also shared with us.

Some “regulars” came by for a short visit.  Bill came with his smiling face.  Pat arrived and also help us with handing out flyers to those passing by and took time to pray too.  I was glad to have Rick and Heidi stop by at the same time.  They blessed us by saying a rosary aloud so that Loretta and I could chime in when we weren’t interacting with others passing by.

Then Dean arrived in plenty of time for me to pack up to leave.

We had many encounters on the sidewalk today.  Too many for me to remember (and some I’d like to forget…like those entering PP despite our pleas).  But here are some:

–        A married girl came out of PP.  We were able to talk with her to find out that she currently has a 7 yr old daughter and came to get her IUD out so that they could try to have another child.  She mentioned that she might go on the pill after the baby is born.  I was able to share with her resources that I had about the pill and discussed some harmful effects.  She seemed to understand as she had been on two other meds that really messed up her mind.  She had never heard of NFP so I told her that would be the best thing for her to help her conceive and also something to consider for after the baby is born.  She was thankful for the info.

–        After the young guard opened the door to see a girl out, I mentioned to Loretta that we really need to reach out to the workers too.  So I got out the ATTWN flyer just in case.  Well God provide the opportunity less than 5 minutes later.  A woman came out of PP and we were able to stop her.  She said she was just there to visit with her niece who works there.  I asked her if she would be willing to share the flyer with her and she was more than willing to do so!  She said for us not to worry and that God would work it all out.  She quoted Jeremiah…”for I know the plans I have for you…”.  I explained why we were here and gave her a 40 Days flyer.  When I explained that this was like the holocaust, she said she never thought of it like that.  She was very pleasant and gave us her blessings.

–        A girl, 3 mo pregnant, came out of PP with her friend.  She took a resource sheet from us and said she would want to read about abortion and why it was not the right choice.  We gave her a milestone flyer and the baby model.  She was thankful.

–        Another single girl was thankful that she found out she was NOT pregnant.  I was able to share with her chastity info.

–        Please pray for a young girl who came out of PP and said that the only way we could help her is if we could rid her of cancer.  I told her we would pray for her.  She didn’t stay to talk.

–        I had an interesting encounter with a woman who came out of PP.  She took resources but I found out, after they left, that “Jerome” was “transgender”.  So not sure how much of her story was true.  I’m sure she could use our help and prayers in some way…”

Dean was the shift manager on duty from 1-3pm and wrote:

It’s my first shift of the fall campaign. First of all, thanks to all of the folks from Holy Angels who stood with me for the first hour. Thanks also to Gwen and Colleen from St. Winifred and Heidi from St. Bernard (pictured) who were there for most of my shift. Also pictured are Joe and Mike from Corpus Christi of McKeesport (YAY, fellow McKeesporters). I offered literature to the girls who were going into P.P. but, they all refused. One girl apologized and said that she was against abortion and was there only to get birth control. As I was leaving, a young man said to shift mgr. Sheila and I that we had no right to make people feel bad for having abortions because there was already enough unwanted children in the world. We tried to explain to him that that wasn’t our objective and that God sees all life as precious. We also had a visit from the owner of Mahoney’s, who told us to get off of his street. That’s funny, I didn’t know that his last name was Liberty.

Gwen, Colleen and Heidi from St. Winifred and St. Bernard
Gwen, Colleen and Heidi from St. Winifred and St. Bernard


Joe and Mike
Joe and Mike


Sheila managed the vigil from 3-5pm and wrote:

“I am on the 3-5pm shift with Joe, Linda and Mike from Corpus Christ Church in McKeesport.  Several couples left around 4:30pm but refused healing resources.  Lots of women passing by took a resource sheet.  So far an uneventful shift…without rain!

Linda, Mike and Joe from Corpus Christi
Linda, Mike and Joe from Corpus Christi

Jennie French- last shift of the day- 5pm- 7pm

We had a few unusual visitors on the street tonight including one visibly pregnant young lady, Brittany, whose boyfriend is in jail.     She said she encountered folks on the sidewalk when she went for her pregnancy test.  I don’t think it was 40 Days as she said someone yelled at her not to abort her baby.    We talked to her about resources in the city and showed her where CC was.  We also promised to pray for her.  Think of how many graces will come if each person who reads this prays for Brittany and her baby?   God Truly is GOOD.

We had a few encounters with street folks, and folks from the bar….at one point (after telling us to give out contraceptives) a gentleman came out from the bar and asked for “information”.  I introduced myself and gave him a 40 Days brochure and the “Before You Choose” pamphlet with fetal development and resources.  He was still in the bar when we left.  Another one came out and after reading all of our signs said “I am with you” and went in! 

I really and truly believe that the folks frequenting the bar are seeing a peaceful and loving message from us.  It is hard to argue with peace and goodness…  

St. Francis was right to urge us to spread the Gospel and use words if we must!  🙂 

Special thanks to my faithful fellow vigil-keepers Joe and Mike— they truly are the Body of Christ! 

with joy- Jeannie French”


2 thoughts on “Day 7: St. Catherine; Holy Angels Parish; and Corpus Christi

  • October 1, 2014 at 7:52 am

    Really nicely written Marian. And Cil, thanks for coming to the front so well-armed with appropriate literature and information. It’s a reminder to us all that we should also come to the front well-armed.

  • October 1, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    This is a question for Dean. Was it really the man from Mahoney’s who said to get off his sidewalk?
    I never heard of him being angry with us. Usually it is Emil from the City Cafe to the right of Mahoney’s.


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