Day 6 Church of Nazarene, St Ann & St Scholastica

Today’s ‘thought for a day’ is based on the on the frequent Gospel expression “Be Not Afraid”.  Why do you think it appears so often?  I’m guessing God knows of our everyday fears.  Whether they are based on some significant and real concerns or something petty based on our pride and vanity, Regardless HE knows.  I remember vividly the first time I went down to planned parenthood.  I was so uncomfortable praying on the street in front of strangers passing by.  I was fearful.   “What would they think of me?”  “What if I saw someone I knew?”    I just wanted out of there. Was it my pride and vanity that made me so self conscious?

Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene has generously committed to adopt every Monday morning shift for the entire 40 days!  Thank you Judy for your witness this morning!

Judy from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene shows true love for Christ with her commitment to stand witness every Monday!
Judy from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene shows true love for Christ with her commitment to stand witness every Monday!

Kathy L. managed the vigil from 9-11am and wrote:

My shift from 9-11 a.m. was pleasant.  The weather, my prayer partner, and even passersby were friendly.  As Judy S. and I prayed together, one request of ours was that God would direct people in need to us, we were expecting that request to be answered by us helping pregnant women, but we had a variety of women stop to ask for our assistance. Two women asked if we knew of a local soup kitchen that they could go to and grab a bite while waiting for their bus layover.  I directed them to Catholic Charities.  About ten minutes later, they came back eating mac and cheese and thanked us for the help.  Another young woman with a small child shared with me that she just relocated to this area and is widowed and living with her mother.  I offered her the free local resource sheet and also led her to CC for more referrals.  She was very grateful.  Not long after that, a group of women looking for a breakfast restaurant stopped to ask for our help.  Another young lady stopped to ask for directions to the “Cricket” store which was a few doors down.  She noticed that we were praying before she asked.  Finally, a middle aged woman came near and pointed to the fetal models telling us that her mother made her “get one” when she was fifteen.  I offered her help but she kept walking.  I pray that I’ll be more in tune to encounters like hers next time. 


Shift manager Rose W., with the Gallaghers from Ascension Church
Shift manager Rose W., with the Gallaghers from Ascension Church

Rose managed the vigil from 11am-1pm and wrote:

When I arrived on this lovely Monday morning, there were 7 wonderful folks from St. Anne’s in Waynesburg who had come to pray till 3.  They picked up the prayer booklets and went to the other side and prayed almost non-stop while I was there. What a blessing they are!  The Gallaghers prayed with me on my side and helped pass out literature.  Lots of people were receptive to taking it.  I had a long conversation with Gail, who encouraged us and took some literature to pass out to those she sees on the bus, etc. I also talked to Richard and he took some literature to give out as well. If people are receptive, I try to educate them on what is available for the woman in a crisis pregnancy. Bill H. stopped for awhile to encourage us, too. We received several encouraging comments and just a few angry ones. I left there feeling we did some good today and that God was indeed smiling on us. What a blessing the trunk full of helpful items is!  Thanks, Diane!

Blessings, Rose

Thanks to the faithful group from St. Anne in Waynesburg!
Thanks to the faithful group from St. Anne in Waynesburg!

Shift Manager Beth S. writes:

Welcome to the 1-3 p.m. Shift!

Oh dear Lord, thanks  so very much for the excellent weather.  Blue skies and warm breezes help those who are standing and praying against the cold, calculated killing inside 933 Liberty Avenue.   May we remember these wonderful weather days as the season changes.

Anyway, the pray-ers from St. Ann’s in Waynesburg who arrived at 11 a.m. stayed and really prayed for my 1-3 shirt.  Wow!   Tony C. from St. Joan of Arc came to pray with myself and my sister, Rose, who is my shift manager companion.  Then from St. Scholastica  parish Jerry and Caroline arrived right on time wearing their Bucco best.  Shift manager Francis “picked up the baton”  as Rose and I left for home.

Rather peaceful over all with some smiles and only a few negative comments.

You don’t think anyone really notices but our signs do speak over and above the sound of jack hammers and bus exhaust.  Witness the sweet young lady who came over and asked, “How can I support you?”  After she received a bunch of literature which she said she would leave in her doctor’s office, she hugged me and resumed her wait for the bus. And we can only pray that our signs speak of the love and help  that we offer.  Anyone call the toll-free number that we display for pregnancy help?  Maybe some day we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

p.s. The folks from St. Ann’s asked that the cover drawing and its explanation on the next page of the prayer binder be downloaded to be used in their CCD classes.  Can anyone do  this for them?  Thanks.

Barbara filled in during the last shift of the day and wrote:

Late afternoon of the last Monday in September on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood beams sunny and warm. We share the sidewalk and prayers with parishioners of Saint Scholastica in Aspinwall.  See the pictures of these wonderful people nearby.  In some way the well wishes of the passers by and the friendly waves from people in so many passing cars surprise us.  So many people seem to support our prolife cause.  Where does this government get the idea that abortion at any time during pregnancy, up to the moment of delivery, for any reason, is the mandate of the people?  Why does America support abortions with tax money?  When did the killing of a person become an American solution?  The amazing world wide support for 40 Days for Life makes me proud.  People might be fooled by a lie at first.  Give them time.  People are not stupid.  As they learn the solution that both the mom and baby can live with….  Well, doing our part to support the learning curve, supported by the majesty and generosity of God, that’s why we are standing together and praying here this evening.

Barbara Lewis, Shift Manager

St. Scholastica in Aspinwall stands witness to LIFE
St. Scholastica in Aspinwall stands witness to LIFE

day 6, fifth shift, bill and son

day 6, fifth shift, st. scholastica1

It seems, thankfully, that today’s prayer warriors are not afraid to stand up and witness to the dignity of pre-born life.  This first day of the work week we will have the prayer warriors of Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, St Ann of Waynesburg and St Scholastica of Aspinwall.  Basking in the glow of God’s grace and nice fall weather these teams launched the first Monday of the campaign.

For tomorrow the time slots for praying  are filled by St. Catherine, Beechview / Holy Angels Parish, Hayes 10-2 Corpus Christi Parish, McKeesport

There is a need on for brave prayer warriors this week. We have a big chunk on Wednesday that needs to be filled, so please hear our little plea for your help.  The whole 11 am-3 pm shift is empty.  Here is the link to the site to sign up, or you can reply via email to let us know.

Have a peaceful day knowing God loves YOU and cares about YOU and remember “Be not afraid”.

Tim B

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  • September 30, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    Dear Nickie Brunie,

    I will be coming with Susan Bluemling this coming Friday for the vigil.
    We will be there from lpm to 3pm. This will be my first time at the vigil.
    For two years I’ve been in prayer each day for all that goes on and es-
    pecially for the babies.

    In His Joy,

    Charlie Petrich


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