Day 3-Our Lady of Victory (Carnegie), St. Mary (Glenshaw), SS. Peter & Paul (Beaver)

The churches participating in the vigil today were Our Lady of Victory Maaranite Catholic Church, Carnegie; St. Mary of the Assumption, Glenshaw; and SS. Peter and Paul, Beaver.  Thank you so much for your support of Life and for praying to end abortion!  Tomorrow is St. Joseph, Verona; St. Michael, Wheeling; Union Baptist, Swissvale; K. of C., St. John Neumann Council, Steubenville.

Today, the shift managers saw both good and evil, and were made very aware of the spiritual war that is raging regarding Life.  Please, be faithful and support these warriors with prayers, words of encouragement, and your presence on Liberty Ave.  Let’s show our enemy that we will never give up and we will never stop until abortion is totally eradicated from our country!

Sally writes:

What a beautiful, perfect morning!  If only they could all be like
this. Our 4 hour shift was very quiet.  People kept going into PP,
but, except for one couple, it was mostly single girls and workers. We
did not see an abortionist, but that doesn’t mean there was none.

One teen on his way to school knocked John Mihm’s sign from his hands.
Other than that, and a few rude comments, there was no hostility at
all.  One man, on his way to catch a bus, muttered “Things like this
should be illegal”. He seems to have his values misplaced.  We were
standing by the building where evil but “legal” things happen

Most passers-by ignored us.  A few people thanked us for being there,
and one African-American man stopped to take literature and promised
to try to stop by to pray before work. This was a leafleting morning
with pro-life literature being distributed by 3 women from 3 different
areas of the city.  All 3 brought various pamphlets of their own
choosing.  All were very good. While I was waiting for my bus a 4th
woman showed up to leaflet.

Father Rudolph and Many Ann represented Our Lady of Victory Maronite
Church.  Father Rudolph brought a large, beautiful religious sign (6′
x 3′) which he held the entire time. He told Al that he stores it
right in his church, where everybody can see it as they arrive.  We
were also blessed to have an African American man named Charles, who
came from Living Word Church.  He held a 40 Days sign which he bought
during one of the early campaigns. And, of course, Faithful Lillian
was there. She has been praying at abortion mills every week much
longer than some of those distributing literature are old.

The animal kingdom was also represented. Early in the morning a little
chipmunk came to check us out, running down Liberty Avenue past Al &
Father Rudolph.  Our God is the God of life.  All life. 


Fr. Rudolph, John Mihm and Mary Ann
Fr. Rudolph, John Mihm and Mary Ann
Prayer Warrior
Prayer Warrior
Shift manager Marie and the ladies from St. Mary Glenshaw
Shift manager Marie and the ladies from St. Mary Glenshaw
Lisa, Nati, and Esther from SS. Peter and Paul in Beaver
Lisa, Nati, and Esther from SS. Peter and Paul in Beaver
The babies, receiving a well-deserved bath!
The babies, receiving a well-deserved bath!

Nikki writes:

Tonight was challenging.  The weather was beautiful, and it was a blessing to pray with Lisa, Nati and Esther from SS. Peter & Paul in Beaver.  But I can feel the warfare in the air.  Satan is not liking what we are doing…stepping on his toes at the doorstep of 933 Liberty Avenue.  Loud sirens first broke through our prayers at about 4:30pm, as a fire truck pulled up to the curb right behind us.  The paramedics got out and looked at us with somber expressions as they walked towards the doors of Planned Parenthood.  As soon as I saw their faces, I knew why they were there….and it was not to put out a fire.

Firemen arriving at PP
Firemen arriving at PP

 Sure enough, a few minutes later an ambulance with sirens blaring also arrived.  The paramedics went in with their stretcher.  We continued to pray.  About 20 minutes later they carried a woman…very young…out on the stretcher.  She was awake and alert, but her face was tear stained as they loaded her into the ambulance and drove away.  We prayed.

The ambulance
The ambulance

 Later, a Satanist walked by.  I see him all the time.  He usually wears horns on his head and a lot of satanic-looking metal jewelry…and he always is carrying a lunch-box.  He was missing the horns today, but I recognized him as he walked by, seeming not to even notice us.  But as he passed the 40 Days for Life sign, he did a double take, turned around and walked back to the sign…then very intentionally and calmly leaned over and spat on the sign, before going on his way without saying a word.

 One woman stopped to ask us what we tell women who feel they have no choice.  We had a long conversation and it was fruitful….both of us glad to have had the chance to express our views.  She was seeking and had an open mind.  One young man, an atheist also wanted to debate. He was respectful and we had a long conversation.  I don’t think he has an open mind at all, but I tried to throw some seeds out there.

 One couple left Planned Parenthood at 5pm, and she was clearly still pregnant.  She looked like she is about 5 months along.  They did not look happy.  I wonder if they had the preparations done to begin to dilate her cervix, and if they will be coming back tomorrow.

 Let’s keep praying and fasting.  The warfare is fierce.

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