HOPE kicks off Tomorrow!

Wow!  Where did the time go?  I can’t believe it’s time to begin another 40 Days for Life!  We kick-off tomorrow at 7pm!   We will gather together in the warm and cozy Catholic Charities Welcome Center (212 Ninth St.) to hear motivating speakers, listen to inspiring music….and at 8:15pm we will process by candlelight to Planned Parenthood to prepare the way for our 40 day vigil!  Join us if you can!

Our theme for these 40 days is HOPE.  After all, is there a more discouraging battle to fight than abortion?  Most people who have abortions have no hope.  They have believed the devil’s lie that abortion is the only answer.  Our prayerful, peaceful and sometimes even joyful presence on the sidewalk serves to remind them that with Jesus, there is hope.  Hope for them and for their unborn child.

Satan wants us to believe that the fight to end abortion is hopeless.  He HATES HOPE!  Why?  If all the people in America who “say” they are pro-life actually DID SOMETHING to show they are pro-life, there would be such an outpouring of response that legalized abortion would have ended long ago.  But most people think that there is nothing they can do that will make a difference.  Despair serves to paralyze us…which plays right into Satan’s hands.  But when those with weak faith, who have lost hope, see that there are people who are willing to put their faith in action, and publicly proclaim that they trust in God to end abortion, it serves to encourage and embolden them to also step out in faith!

YOU can be an instrument of HOPE to those in despair during these 40 days!  We now have 400 of the 480 hours FILLED!  Dedicated and selfless individuals from 84 church groups have committed to scheduled times on the sidewalk and many individuals have also committed to fill in empty hours, to make sure our awesome vigil shift managers don’t ever have to stand alone!

But we still have empty hours that need to be filled during this up-coming week!  Especially this Sunday!  Sue will be all alone on the lonely early morning sidewalk from 7-9am if no one signs up to stand with her!  Please let me know if you can help us out during these hours by emailing me at nbruni@40daysforlifepgh.com , or go to www.40daysforlife.com/pittsburgh to sign yourself up on our online vigil calendar.

Let’s keep fighting the good fight!  I won’t quit if you don’t!  Let’s hold each other up, encourage and strengthen each other as we pray and witness in unity.  Let’s offer hope as the antidote to despair…and MERCY as the antidote to condemnation.  If we continue to fight the battle against abortion with these two powerful spiritual weapons, we are sure to win.  We are on God’s side…which is the best place to be!  Just trust Him…He won’t let us down! Check out this blog site for photos from the kick-off rally, which will be posted tomorrow night and be sure to check it daily to follow along with the stories and photos each day during this campaign!

Also…we still have many days that need people to commit to join our 40 day liquids-only fast!  Go to http://www.volunteerspot.com/login/entry/967940920070 to sign up!

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Your grateful sister in Christ,


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