Day 38: OLOA, St. Peter, St. Teresa, Holy Name, Ss J&P, Catherine, James and more see POTENTIAL!

Our Lady (ies!) of the Angels!
Our Lady (ies!) of the Angels!


First Report from Sally: 
First off, I want to tell you all that there are NO PARKING SIGNS along PP’s side of Liberty Avenue from the corner at 10th Street down to the alley. No parking from 6 a.m. Friday, 4/11/14 until midnight, 4/13/14, going into Monday morning.  There are cones along the curb lane. So people who normally park there for the vigil will not be able to do so, even on Sunday. Other blocks & streets do not seem to be affected.
On this warm, but rainy morning, PP was very busy. Three abortionists went in around 9 a.m., and PP must have had over a dozen couples as well as single girls as customers.  
We had almost a dozen pray-ers from Our Lady of the Angels in Lawrenceville, 3 from St. Catherine of Siena, two from St. Peters, others from St. Teresa, Most Holy Name, St. John & Paul, St. James, and 3 from St. Joseph in Weirton, WV
Emil paid the OLOA a visit, and we gave flowers to several people.

Where 2 or more are gathered in My Name...
Where 2 or more are gathered in My Name…
I was also able to give the information sheets from Sheila to a lady with a baby in stroller  who had gone into PP looking for a pregnancy test. Evidently they were too busy to take her, and she came out a short time later. She was thrilled to receive the information, especially when I pointed out Choices, which is not far from where she lives. A young African American girl came by and we were able to give her the information sheet and a flower. She was so happy to receive both. She said, “Thank you. You guys made my day.”


This 4-7 shift was probably one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever had.  I’m sure the good weather was a part of the reason – along with the fact that this would be my last shift for the campaign.  But there was more to it than just that.  Right away when I got there I noticed that we had yet another sign.  [Should have taken a picture of it.]  Someone of our 40 Days family had decided to blow-up to a very large size the FREE RESOURCES FOR WOMEN sheet we hand out and put it on what looked to be a large cork board.  Amazing.  It just made me smile.  And then I got my first look at our Rolls Royce-like new plastic tub/container-thingy.  I just shook my head and smiled again.  Also making me smile was seeing once again the good group of people from the Ascension Holy Name Society.  What fantastic pray-ers they are.  And it’s always such a powerful site for people to see a priest (and a not so young one at that) out there leading the prayers.


The one prayer request I have is for a middle-aged man (I didn’t get his name) who stopped to say that while he agrees that abortion is murder, didn’t quite understand why I felt that our being there really did anything.  While my answer was not as good as it could have been, I took him through the principals of 40 Days for life, a bit of it’s history and growth, and the rough numbers of lives saved, abortion workers converted, and abortion mills closed.

The point I was hoping to get across was that these things didn’t just happen by accident.  In response he explained to me that he is now a Buddhist, after being raised as a Christian.  He basically thinks that, if there is a God, it’s a waste of time to think about him or pray to him b/c God is not knowable or reachable.  He also mentioned his having trouble seeing how God could exist or be real if there was evil in the world.  Before we could finish our conversation he had to leave.  Again, please pray for him.

Men of GOD--- Holy Name and Fr. Joe pray today
Men of GOD— Holy Name and Fr. Joe pray today


It’s funny how diametrically opposed my thoughts and feelings were to this man’s.  I spent so much of my shift this evening with the sense in my heart what we were doing was so truly and completely worth doing.


Pat Malley

Third shift heroes: marian, rachel and theresa
Third shift heroes: marian, rachel and theresa
Recognizing that ALL LIFE has potential!

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