Monday – Day 34 – Manordale Knights of Columbus, Memorial Park Church in Allison Park, Our Lady of Grace in Scott Twp, and West Hills Baptist

Thanks to Manordale Knights of Columbus, Memorial Park Church in Allison Park, Our Lady of Grace in Scott Twp,  and West Hills Baptist for their prayerful witness today.  I like to think that as we are praying and witnessing for these unborn children, that they, in turn, are praying for us, their mourners.

We need a little help Wednesday and Thursday from 3-7  if you can spare an hour or two.  Parking on Penn Ave (on the street) under the 579 bridge is $2 for two hours and is a short 5 minute walk to 933 Liberty.

day 34, first shift, Manordale Knights
Manordale Knights with S.M. Bill







Kathy L writes about the 9-11 hours:

Thank you to Memorial Park, Three Rivers Assembly of God, Manordale Knights of Columbus, and St. Mary’s Churches for coming to pray during my 9-11 a.m. shift today.  Some pray-ers even stayed until noon enduring some April showers that started around 11:15 a.m.   Despite our soggy appearance, we received several positive comments supporting life and opposing abortion.  That was encouraging!
Another encouraging moment occurred when Terri (Memorial Park) and Karen (T. R. Assembly of God) were engaged in conversation with a woman who noticed Terri’s sign, “Jesus forgives and heals,” and sincerely began to tell Terri and Karen about her abortion that took place sixteen years ago.  For the next ten or so minutes, this dear woman shared about the guilt and sadness she experienced from this event and another traumatic experience from her childhood but has found forgiveness and healing from being “born again” through Jesus Christ.  She was willing to accept some resource handouts and is considering becoming a volunteer in some capacity with a pro-life organization.  Praise God for His redeeming love and power shown in this woman and for the compassion of Terri and Karen.
Witnesses from Memorial Park Church and Three Rivers Assembly
Witnesses from Memorial Park Church and Three Rivers Assembly

Rose W. reports in from  the 11-1 Shift:

Today’s rain reminded me of all the blessings God showers on us each day – sometimes we need to be reminded of them, so He “hits us over the head” so to speak, with raindrops. Several  of those blessings were in the form of the lovely people from Memorial Park Church, who were there for my first hour. Kristine and Karen, from Our Lady of Grace Church,  arrived at 11 and were staying till 3. Later Marie, Mary Jane and Pam joined them. We prayed the entire time and even sang some favorite hymns.  Karen, from OLG, had an organized list of prayers for the entire time. I especially loved the Litany to Jesus in the Womb of Mary.  Even the ladies from MPC prayed it with us and liked it.  What a true joy when the Body of Christ unites together in prayer! I am so privileged to be a part of this! We had a few negative and a few positive comments from passersby and one man stopped to pass out Bible tracts – so I took his and he took mine.

day 34, second shift, Our Lady of Grace
Karen, Pam, Kristine, Marie and Mary Jane from Our Lady of Grace


day 34, third shift, west hills baptist
West Hills Baptist joins the cause!










Beth and Rose had the 1-3 shift and write:

Our Lady of Grace, St. Pius and St. Norberts:  Wet but wonderful!
What a beautiful prayer service provided by the women from Our Lady of Grace parish Respect Life Group.  At their last meeting, they assembled a two hour long group of prayers storming heaven for the pro-life cause.  The rain was our steady accompaniment and PP was somewhat busy, few couples, more men than most days, sullen-looking employees.  Amy H. brought  her son, Nathan, (future gold medal winner in skiing), the faithful Mary Jane appeared and as I was leaving, the Access van pulled up and Susan J. from St. Norberts joined Rosalina as I ran to the bus.   Thanks to all.  P.S. We have a beautiful umbrella belonging to one of the prayers from Our Lady of Grace.  Just let us know how to get it to you.  It  belongs to the woman who lead the Divine Mercy chaplet.


“None of us is alone in this world; each of us is a vital piece of the great mosaic of humanity as a whole.”

Bl. Pope John Paul II
My Dear Young Friends, St. Mary’s Press


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