Day 33: St. Mary’s (Herman, PA), St. Sebastian and St. Fidelis (Butler)

From Today’s Devotional:

As we pray for the end of abortion, let us pray for the expansion of the pregnancy help center movement worldwide.

O God, from generation to generation, you have called your people to be the very aroma of life a midst a culture of death.  Now it is our turn. Prepare me. Send me. Use me. I am eager to do my part. Stir your people  everywhere to take up this great work.  Amen.

Thanks to  four church families that kept vigil today outside of Planned  Parenthood:

The first shift from 7-10:  St. Mary’s in Herman.  

 Sue, the shift manager writes her account of the morning and explains the photo that follows:


When Larry and Margie arrived at the vigil this morning, the first thing Larry said was, “Does it ever get warm in Pittsburgh?!”  It couldn’t have been very far (if at all!) out of the 20’s through the first hour of the vigil!  Nikki was already there when I got there — in addition to the pleasure of seeing Nikki (always a blessing in itself), it was a double blessing as I arrived a little late this morning.  THANK YOU, Nikki!  I am starting to think she can read my mind or something.  Creepy!    🙂
As I pulled up I saw a huge inflatable finish-line marker for the Pittsburgh Marathon set up, spanning the width of Liberty Ave., as well as guys setting up barricades, including some barricades right in front of 933.  I was surprised, thinking the Marathon was not to occur until later in the spring, and Nikki confirmed my confusion by telling us that they were just doing a dry run for the setup for the actual date, which will be in May.  They left two of the barricades in front of the building.  We had the fetal models set up on top of 40 Days’ fabulous new industrial-grade rolling tote.  As I was praying, I noticed that the way they were positioned, it looked like the barricades were blocking off the fetal models, as though protecting them.  How ironic.
The vigil was quiet and prayerful, with few passersby and only one employee entering the building.  When the sun finally began to shine its rays on us around 8:45, it was like a long-awaited embrace from the Lord.
Getting back to Larry …… please pray for his brother Francis, who is currently in hospice care; as of this morning, Larry was unsure whether Francis would make it through the night.  May God bless him, and Larry & Margie and their entire family.


day 33, first shift, babies being protected
day 33, first shift, babies being protected
Day 33, first shift, St. Mary in Herman and shift manager Sue
Day 33, first shift, members of St. Mary in Herman and shift manager Sue


The second shift  10-3: St. Sebastian in Ross Twp.  and Good Shepherd Parish.  

good shepherd
(not in order) Mike Sr, Mike Jr, Sharon, Jacob, Joshua, Morgan, Claire, Anna, Jenna, and Theresa from Good Shepherd

Here is a report from Roseann, the 10 – 1  shift manager:

What a beautiful day in the ‘Burgh’ !!  Judy and Rege  from St. Mary in Herman joined us at 10:00.  At 11:00 prayer warriors from St. Sebastian’s started coming and 3 lovely Ladies of Charity from Good Shephard Parish joined us also.  In response to Pat’s comments on our numbers increasing, I would like to say that this is the first time I have filled my Vigil Attendance Log. A good sign I must say. It was a quiet Sunday shift and I am pleased to say we didn’t have any negativity during this shift even with the convention in town and the many people passing by.   — Roseann


Kelli, Gloria, Mary, Gaetano, Vince, Fr John, Dot and Linda from St Sebastian









The third shift: 3-7  St. Fidelis in Butler.

Trish sent in these photos from the 3-7pm shift:

day 33, third shift, whole gang



Johnny and Mary Ellen
Johnny and Mary Ellen
Shift managers Jim and Cathy
Shift managers Jim and Cathy
Cathy and Bernadette
Cathy and Bernadette




Thanks for reading, check back later, there’s more to follow about reports on Sunday’s vigil!

Quote of the day:

“I am at once a physician, a citizen and a woman, and I am not willing to stand aside and allow this concept of expendable human lives to turn this great land of ours into just another exclusive reservation where only the perfect, the privileged and the planned have the right to live.”

Dr. Mildred Jefferson ( Past president of the National Right to Life Committee and the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School)



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