Day 31: Thanks to St. Louise and Friday Friends all Praying in the Rain!

Clinic Worker Signs
Clinic Worker Signs

I saw Christ in Wind and Thunder … . Joy is tried by Storm!  

Today was a lot like life:   A little sun, a lotta rain, and a wide cast of Characters — we had it all today and more! MANY MANY THANKS for the faithful gang from St. Louise de Marillac in Upper St. Clair  (THIRTY TWO  -32- wet & wonderful strong , including Sr. Mary Faith Balawejder )  who anchored this “leg” of the 40  Days Marathon.

The STL crew was pleasantly joined by many Friday  Friends from other places, including Beth, Kim and Meaghan from Wexford and points north, ever loyal guardians Bill Harrison and John Mihm, Paul  (& his OL Guadalupe picture) from St. Gerard, Anita and little Erin from St. Winifred  Off duty Shift Manager Ginny  and granddaughter Brooklynne joined us, too as did Alana from St. Felix, LaVerne from Incarnation, Lisa and Terry.

We used the CLINIC WORKERS sign (above ) at the beginning and end of the day — and saw several staffers reading it.  It even got a cheery umbrella today.  Keep praying!

It was a character day at CAPA and the students were dressed in a wild array of costumes from Star Wars characters to Furries to Fantasy figures….Wonder Woman even made an appearance!   

day 31, st. louise3
Gina , Liz, Kwi, (STL) Beth (St. Alphonsus)

Aside from some kind of conference at PP, the abortion traffic was blessedly slow……  rain does NOT stop pro-lifers!

We had a few nasty interactions with passersby– mostly challenges from a handful of students who apparently  loved spectacle.   A young man actually spit at our main 40 Days Sign as he walked by…  I am convinced God stepped up the rain just after that to wash this evil away!

Sr. Faith Balawejder beautifully counseled a post-abortive mom who tearfully talked of an abortion she had SIX YEARS BEFORE.  This poor woman named her son and grieves for him today.  Sister spent time with her, we gave her post-abortion materials and a beautiful rose, &  prayed as a group with her.

Brooklynne & Paul head the outreach effort

Young Brooklynne was a standout and passing out rosary beads and flowers—who can resist a beautiful little girl all dressed in pink?   She trained her new friend Erin well, too, and they both were unmoved by the downpour.   Ah… Children!

A young couple from First Church of God stopped by and showed us a sonogram of their  24 week old baby   with great joy.

Sr. Faith & Dan from STL just before our post-abortive woman appeared!

A young student named Rachel asked   “I see you out here on the street all the time…why would you be here & make women so uncomfortable at this difficult time in their lives?”….   She stayed and talked with us for about 30 minutes, surprised at the development of the unborn child (we gave her a “little one” to take) and open to learning about how abortion REALLY affects women.  We pray that her inquisitive spirit continues to lead her down the path of the truth.   She is one heart who had been reached SOLELY BECAUSE of 40 Days…..She said she had stopped to talk to someone from our group before and was surprised to learn something each time she stops….

On a side note, there where many acts of kindness —-“Friday Friend”  Meghan gave away her umbrella to a homeless man (and her rosary beads to another) in the course of her several hours with us…. a woman dropped her change purse and 3 of us stooped down to collect the coins… A mother had trouble getting into her car and Paul lent a hand….     

STL SIDEWALK FIRST TIMERS CLUB:   Sally, Gennie, Rick, Lindsay,Gina, Baby Mozes, Marie (returning to sidewalk after long absence)   THANK YOU faithful and Faith-Filled  pro-lifers.


day 31, st. louise
Randy, Meaghan,Kim and RAIN

I am hopeful that after this wet day on the streets, all the wonderful pro-lifers I had the pleasure of joining on the sidewalk today are warm and dry tonight! 





Your humbled shift manager, Jeannie

2 thoughts on “Day 31: Thanks to St. Louise and Friday Friends all Praying in the Rain!

  • April 5, 2014 at 11:57 am

    An incredible witness by you and your parish, Jeannie.

  • April 5, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    I second that Pat! Thank you to all from St. Louise! Thanks Jeannie for coordinating such a great group from your church!!!


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