Day 28-St. Peter (Steubenville), St. Joseph in Cabot

Today, God blessed us with life, and life more abundantly.  He also blessed us with a beautiful day full of sunshine and warmth!  Thank you to St. Peter (Steubenville) and St. Joseph in Cabot for praying during the vigil today.  Thank you to our shift managers, Al and Sally, Cil, Sheila, and Jeannie.  Standing in the cold, windy, raining conditions has probably prepared you for a gorgeous day of sunshine!

Tomorrow, St. John Evangelical Protestant Church, St. Juan Diego (Sharpsburg), and St. Paul Cathedral (Oakland) will be praying through for the entire vigil.  Please be praying for all of our sidewalk warriors!  Pray that they are effective and that they spread the Gospel of Life throughout the day!

Here is Sally’s report from this morning:

We had a wonderful group at PP this morning, about 7 from St. Peters
in Steubenville, and 6 from St. James in Sewickley along with 2 from
St. Alphonsus and 4 locals. Two of the St. James ladies, Cindy & Elsie
were passing out prolife literature as usual. God bless them for doing

It was a dark, overcast morning, and my mood matched the weather.  I
was feeling a sadness that I do not normally feel. PP was busy,
probably close to a dozen couples went in, as well as a few single
girls.  Two abortionists, the tall blond that we see often, and a
shorter woman who was new to us, went in at least 20 minutes earlier
than is usual for a Tuesday.

A girl came out to smoke & sadly told one of the St. Peter ladies that
she was here to support her friend who was having a wanted, but
“stillborn baby”.  She assured us that “no heartbeat could be
detected”, but heartbeats are occasionally not detected, and the child
can still be alive.  Unfortunately, at PP, an abortion is an abortion,
no matter what pretty name they call it.  That would explain the early
arrival of the abortionists.  The baby was probably well into the
second trimester & more time would be needed to dilate the mother’s

Emil paid us an unwanted visit just as Al was going to cross the
street to catch his bus. Al has it on film that Emil tried to take his
camera.  Please pray for Emil who startled the St. Peter ladies with
his insults.  He is a most unhappy man. When one of the ladies said,
“God loves you”, he retorted “God does not love me.”  Of course God
loves him!  Hopefully some day he will realize that.            


Please lift Emil up in prayer, that God will convince him of His never ending, all-gracious love!

These are the photos from the first shift today:

day 28, first shift, st. peter stuebenville
St. Peter, Steubenville
day 28, first shift, st. peter stuebenville2
St. Peter, Steubenville

Here are some pics from Cil’s shift:

Cil 1
Ladies from St. Peter’s praying the Rosary
Cil 4
Joe and Mary
Cil 2
St. Peter’s: Beth and Katie, St. James: Cindy
Cil 3
Bill and Elsie (St. James)
Cil 6
Vivian, Provie, and Patty (St. James)
Cil 7
Chris (St. Bernard/Diocese) and Michael (St. Joe’s)
Cil 5
Paul brought Mary today


This is Sheila’s report from the third shift and also her photos:

Dick from St Alphonsus and Charlene from St Bonaventure. It’s fairly quiet at PP. there is a lot of traffic on the sidewalk due to a steelworkers convention. We had one man (not with the convention) yell at us and insist that a woman had the right to abortion whenever she wanted and for any reason!   Also, a woman was waiting for her friend, an employee of PP, to exit. I asked how her friend liked working there. She said she was told that it’s really rough. She accepted info on Abby Johnson’s ATTWN organization, for help to get out of the abortion biz, and said she’d give it to her friend.

day 28, third shift, jeannie and nadine from madonna del castello
Madonna del Castello: Jeannie and Nadine
day 28, third shift, jeannie, jim and mimi
Jeannie, Jim, and Mimi
day 28, third shift, seamus
day 28, third shift, dick from St. Alphonsus and Charlene from St. Bonaventure
Dick from St. Alfonsus and Charlene from St. Bonaventure


Keep fasting and praying!  Breakthroughs are happening every day!  Hearts are being changed and lives are being saved!

In Him,

Pastor Adam


One thought on “Day 28-St. Peter (Steubenville), St. Joseph in Cabot

  • April 2, 2014 at 8:17 am

    Loved the quote from Gandhi (that needs to be on a sign we hold or carry while at PP) and I also really liked the reminder to pray for our pro-choice public official. Where there’s life, there’s hope.


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