Day 26: Covenant Community Church, Life Runners, Ascension Parish of Ingram

7am – 10am

All was quiet except for the birds chirping and the gusts of wind!  It was a privilege to pray with the Pastor John Price and Paul the first hour.  Then some more members of  Covenant Community Church switched in/out each of the two hours following.  One participant  mentioned that she was stepping out of her comfort zone in being on the sidewalk, and Sunday is a good day to start the experience of praying on the sidewalk.   We covered everything and everyone in prayer very thoroughly.  I was inspired to spend the morning with young people who love the Lord!    –Julie

Chris and Jennifer from Covenant Community with Julie, Shift manager. (Pastor John Price took the photo)



Jessica N., Jessica M, Jillian and Jon spent the hour of 9am-10am in prayer.



Just when we thought we might be able to put away all those cumbersome winter clothes, we see that winter will not release its grip on us.  But I found if you dress warm enough, it’s not so bad.  Just needed some help to get rolled out of the car.
We had Lindsay, Sabriyah, Erin and Tracy from Covenant Community Church come at 10:00 to pray with us.  Bill H. also stopped by.  Life Runners began coming at 11:00 (Dan, Owen and the Doyles).  As usual, Sunday was quiet. A couple of people noticed the fetal models.  One man called back his friend to see the actual size of the unborn baby.  So those models do not sit there unnoticed.  A woman in a car yelled out “You guys are awesome” and proceeded to take a picture.  As I had my head bowed down, I noticed the yellow line drawn (for Planned Parenthood’s protection from us) is wearing off by all the traffic on the sidewalk.  I prayed that our presence would begin to wear away  the hardness of the hearts of those who refuse to see the evil of abortion.   — Roseann

Thanks to Judi, Amy, Paulette, and Nicole from Transfiguration in Russelton

Thanks to Maggie P from St Philip, Philene from St Bernard

4-7 pm

Thanks to Acension  Parish from Ingram!!!!

Ascension ALSO had about 10 people who signed up to pray in church in solidarity with those  praying in front of PP downtown today.  Trish wrote:

It was a peaceful day other than the girl who spit on Jim.  We prayed and chatted for the three hours and enjoyed each others fellowship.  We like the prayers on the back of some of the signs and start with them.  Those prayers pray for all officials and abortion people and end with the beatitudes.  It wasn’t quite as cold as previous weeks either.



jeffB march30
Jeff, his wife Christine,Emily, Judi, Maggie, Chuck and Father Welding from Acension Parish

day 26, third shift

day 26, third shift3

Ascension parish
Ascension parish


many faithful prayer warriors from Ascension
many faithful prayer warriors from Ascension
these wonderful fetal models from our "anonymous donor" sure do attract attention and touch hearts!
these wonderful fetal models from our “anonymous donor” sure do attract attention and touch hearts!

Peace, Julie C.

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