Day 24: Thanks to YWAM, North Hills Church of Christ, St. Mary in Glenshaw and SS. Peter & Paul in Beaver

Believing that God has called us as he called NOAH to speak the truth, our brave Noahs stood today in defense of life:

Early morning shift manager Sally wrote:


Morning sun, but then mostly cloudy. Warm, but with such wind gusts that it felt much colder. The wind gusts were so strong that, when  PP’s door was opened, it would not close. The guard had to keep
pulling it shut.  Thankfully, no rain during our morning shifts.

We had a wonderful turnout from Youth With a Mission, also City Reach Church, St. James, St. Alphonsus, Holy Sepulchre & North Hills Church of Christ.

Group from Youth with a Mission (YWAM)
Group from Youth with a Mission (YWAM)


Jen with Ann and their children from North Hills Church of Christ
Jen with Ann and their children from North Hills Church of Christ


PP was busy, with at least 10 couples and many single girls entering.    Two abortionists, unknown to us, went in about 9 a.m.

One of the pray-ers was visibly shaken when she saw a mother escorting her young daughter into PP to kill her grandchild.  That is one of the things that always causes sadness for those who stand vigil outside.
We can never understand how a parent can cause their child so much pain and suffering by participating in the death of his or her own grandchild.

One young girl and her mother came out while awaiting their turn.  The girl seemed so comfortable with what was about to happen inside, that she could not have really understood. 

Jan was there to pray, and pass out cards advertising WCN’s coming Diaper Derby. Jackie was passing out flyers advertising help that Catholic Charities offers.

A good group from St. Mary of the Assumption parish had arrived before my shift ended.    May God bless all who stood vigil today.

Shift Manager Sally


Pat managed the 4-7pm shift and took these photos:

the wonderful Cahill family from SS. Peter & Paul in Beaver

As the shift wore on and things became less busy on the streets and on the sidewalk, I had the chance to pray by myself while the rest of the group was on the other side of the circle.  I thought about what Lisa had written in the blog yesterday and tried to capture the proper somberness of the moment.  After all, this was not just an abortion day, it was also a Friday during the season of Lent.  That day were we especially contemplate the cross and the suffering of Christ.  Standing there I did a lot of looking up at the building and thought about the parallels between those who were at the foot of the cross then to where I was in the moment – at the foot of the building were many perfectly innocent lives were also brutally taken away.  Not to make to much of it, but as I was looking up I noticed for the first time that the facade of the building seemed to have a giant cross in the center.  Maybe others have noticed this before, but I never had.    

Lisa C. and her beautiful kids spent their 3rd and final Friday evening of this campaign in front of PP.  Every campaign they sign themselves up for whatever Friday evenings need filled.  What a witness.  Thanks guys.
Pat, 4-7 shift
Pat writes, "Does anyone else see a cross on this building?"
Pat writes, “Does anyone else see a cross on this building?”

 WOW!  I SEE IT!  Could this be a sign?



One thought on “Day 24: Thanks to YWAM, North Hills Church of Christ, St. Mary in Glenshaw and SS. Peter & Paul in Beaver

  • March 29, 2014 at 11:53 am

    That cross on the building is… really something. It may not mean anything. But then again… it may. We can only pray that the Lord Jesus has already taken possession of that building and will see to it that it is ultimately used for His purposes.

    Thank you, Pat, for bringing this to our attention.


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