Day 21: First Evangelical Free, Elk Co. Right to Life, St. John & St. Mary-Export, Weirton Catholic Churches

Thank you to First Evangelical Free Church, Elk County Right to Life, St. John & St. Mary, and Weirton Catholic Churches!

Tomorrow: thank you so much to Hosannah Church for filling the entire shift tomorrow!

What an incredible day today!  Two saves!  Every prayer and every hour spent witnessing at PP is worth it, even to save a single baby, but 40 Days for Life has saved more than one.  To have two women choose life in a single day is an amazing gift!  There is no telling how many babies are actually saved during our campaigns, but they are certainly many.  Occasionally, we are offered a glimpse of our success, and I believe that these glimpses are a God-send to encourage us to keep going.  I am reminded of when Elijah ran from Jezebel and complained to God that he was the only prophet let.  God reminded him that he still had 7,000 people in Israel who had not bowed their knee to false gods.  Let us take heart!  God has heard our prayers and He answers from heaven!  We see this take place in the form of babies saved, young women and men who accept resources for healing, and educating others about the true horrors of abortion and the mission of PP.  Lives are being changed by the Spirit of God, and they will continue to be changed, but we must continue to be faithful in our prayer, fasting, and supplication to the Almighty.  He is good and He is gracious, and He does not treat us (or anyone else!) as our sins deserve.  Rather, He showers us with grace and mercy and reminds us of His benevolence toward all people.

Press on, people of God–prayer warriors!  Yours is the victory in Jesus Christ!  Through Him, lives are saved and people are healed!

I would like to encourage everyone who reads this blog to go see the movie “God’s Not Dead.”  It is a refreshing breath of life breathed into mainstream movies.  It is very well done, the acting is great, not campy or unprofessional, but very good.  The subject matter is very appropriate to our times–it deals with the struggle between an atheist philosophy professor and his Christian student.  The student doesn’t demand that people believe in Jesus, but just that belief in God does not constitute idiocy.  While the movie is not a true story, it is based on almost 40 legal cases involving discrimination, bullying, and assault from atheists in schools attacking believers.  When you read the credits, they cite each of these cases.  Many of them involve pro-Life organizations.  Every believer would greatly appreciate this movie, and I believe that every atheist and agnostic would at least have some food for thought!  Please check your local theaters for times and locations!

Below is Sally’s story from this morning:

We had an amazing turnout this morning.  First, from 7 to 10, there
were 11 members of the First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport,
including S.M.Dean and their pastor and assistant pastor.  Few customers went in
early, but they made up for it later when PP became very busy.

Before 10 a.m. the Elk County people began arriving.  They had been to
Mass, and then drove about 3 hours.  Now that’s COMMITMENT!!  There
were about 14 of them, including a priest, and a nun in full habit.
Two were from our area, but had parents or friends who live in St.
Mary’s, and they came to pray with them.

We also had a few regular pray-ers: Greg W., Bill H., Lillian R., Mary
F., John M. & Joe H.   About 10:30 Cindy & Elsie from St. James,
Sewickley arrived to pass out prolife literature. They have been doing
that every Tuesday morning, and do a great job.

Good news…Elsie offered literature to a mother and daughter exiting
PP, and the mother told Elsie that her daughter had been there for an
abortion and had changed her mind. Praise God!

Bad news…..the Stericycle truck driver collected THREE large boxes
of aborted babies.
I usually see him bringing out one or two boxes.  So, unless the
pickup was delayed for a week or two, PP has been doing more business
than usual.

The regular guard was there, as well as one I have not seen before.

Weather was cold, but it was not windy, and the sun was shining. Not
the best of weather, but certainly not the worst.  Sally


Pastor Kirk from First Evangelical Free leads his group in prayer and witness for life!
Pastor Kirk from First Evangelical Free leads his group in prayer and witness for life!


day 21, first shift, fefc
First Evangelical Free
day 21, first shift, fefc3
First Evangelical Free
day 21, first shift, fefc2
First Evangelical Free


Wonderful group of dedicated pro-lifers from Elk County Right to Life!
Wonderful group of dedicated pro-lifers from Elk County Right to Life!


More Elk County prayer warriors
More Elk County prayer warriors


three boxes of dead babies are loaded into the Stericycle Truck
three boxes of dead babies are loaded into the Stericycle Truck


Provie and Mary Jane
Provie and Mary Jane


Paula, Cindy and Mary from Weirton
Paula, Cindy and Mary from Weirton



Colette, Rebecca and mom Peggy, from Weirton
Colette, Rebecca and mom Peggy, from Weirton


Pro-Life tattoo!
Pro-Life tattoo!


Chris stopped by and showed us his THIS GUY IS PRO-LIFE!
Chris stopped by and showed us his tattoo…now THIS GUY IS PRO-LIFE!

Sheila tells us of the second save:

GUESS WHAT?! We had a save! Julia left PP with a woman (probably her mom). I was prepared to give her the post abortion resource sheet.  Then I looked down at her hands and saw an ultrasound photo. She kept walking and I followed her with a resource sheet. She took it and said she had intended on aborting her child but changed her mind. She accepted a hug and walked away with a smile. Let’s keep Julia in our prayers!

Shift manager Cil sent in the following stories and photos from her shift:

I was thankful to have my friend, Provie, join me on the trip down to PP today.  She’s a wonderful “prayer warrior” and the prayers were especially needed there on this abortion day.

Our “regulars”, Mary and Joe, came by for a while.  Cindy & Elsie were there, as always, faithfully handing out flyers to those who passed by.  Mary Jane came at the end of my shift and is a great witness for life and promoting adoption.

Also showing support for adoption was Christina from St. John’s in Delmont.  She had on pins that said that she loved her daughter who was adopted.  Joining us a little later was Anna Marie & her husband Bob also from St John’s.  It is great to see couples coming together to support life!

day 21, second shift, st. john and st. mary delmont                         

Anna Marie, Bob & Christina

It was so nice to meet two men who joined our vigil while they were out on their lunch break from work.  Joe stayed with us for quite a while, held a sign and tried to talk with those coming and going from PP.  Bob quietly joined with us for a while.  Both men had made appearances before.  Joe came Mon and again today thinking we might be short on vigil participants again today but found that we surely had a wonderful turnout!  Here is a picture of Joe: 

day 21, second shift, joe


There was a LARGE group of participants from Elk County Right to Life there at the vigil when Provie and I arrived.  I was so surprised with their wonderful participation.  I knew that it was a long drive for them so when the weather was forecasted to be bad, I wondered if they would even make it.  What a dedicated bunch!  They were hard to miss as I drove by looking for parking because they held large, beautiful, handmade roses.  Check out the pictures!  Included in the Elk bunch were a Sister (in full habit) and Fr Alfred from Sacred Heart in St Mary’s.  Their support and public witness are so important to our cause.  Fr had a wonderful voice and joined with Provie and I in song. 

day 21, second shift, elk countyday 21, second shift, elk county2

  Elk Co Right to Life with Sister                                                           Provie with Fr Alfred

Guess who got a bath today?  The babies!!  We were talking about how they looked kinda dirty so Janet asked if she could run them down to Catholic Charities to give them a bath!  Check out their picture with Janet after her return…. 

day 21, second shift, janet washed the babies

 Janet with clean babies


Pat O’Malley stopped in to meet up with an old college buddy that had come down from St Mary’s.  Check out their picture. 

day 21, second shift, pat meets college buddy from elk county

 Pat with his college friend

Many were going in and out of PP.  Some were getting birth control.  It would seem that some women were taking classes or something there.  One older lady that came out with a couple other adults said that they were there to provide “healthcare”.  I told her, as she kept walking, that killing babies is not healthcare.  We were able to give out some handouts to just a few coming or going from PP and many passersby took info…. 40 Days for Life, Pregnancy help, abortion, healing, chastity, contraception…

Donna, after receiving a flyer, stopped and asked if I was for or against abortion.  I said we were pro-life and briefly explained why we were there.  She asked if there was a prayer leader.  I told her I was the shift manager.  She asked if we could pray.  I said that it would be great if she could stay and pray.  She wanted to pray right then and there.  So I asked if she wanted to lead the prayer.  We joined hands and she said a beautiful prayer before continuing on her way.  What a blessing that was!

Despite the cold, I was so thankful that it was dry and that the sun(“Son”) shown down on us once in while!  God must know that I am a wimp and so he gave us decent weather today.  Better than I expected…

day 21, second shift, elk county3

 More Elk Co. Right to Life


Let us continue to pray for these mothers who chose life, and let us pray for those who have not, that they might receive the grace and healing that only Jesus Christ offers.

In Him,

Pastor Adam




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  • March 26, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Pastor Adam, I liked what you wrote about the death of a part of the mother. That’s a statistic that’s only measurable by God. But thank God that we have ministries like Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More. Not only do they recognize this other death, but they bring the grace and healing only available through our Savior to these women ( and less often, fathers of these babies).


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