Day 17: FOUR SEASONS; One Day! Thx to OLG, Pgh Oratory, St. Eliz., Trinity Cathedral, St. Alphonsus, City Reformed…

Four students from the Pittsburgh Oratory!
Fantastic FOUR from Pittsburgh Oratory!


FOUR SEASONS, ONE DAY.  You’ve Got to  LOVE Pittsburgh!

Many people came to pray this morning. About 8 college students from Pitt & CMU, as well as 2 ladies, and 2 beautiful little children, from City Reformed Church in Oakland, and people from St. Alphonsus, Our

Lady of Grace, St. Elizabeth and Trinity Cathedral.  PP got a late  start. Customers did not start going in until 8:30, but they were busy.

One couple came out too early to have had an abortion. The girl was  carrying a white paper. They refused literature, got in their car, and  left.  Two ladies were fascinated by our fetal models and took literature.  One of them took a small fetal model and card because her daughter had just given birth to a baby at 36 weeks.

A lady went by in a car yelling a standard pro-abort question: “How many have YOU adopted?” Standard answer, if they hang around to hear it, is: “As many as you have.”  Which should make them stop and think.

Our status, whether we are old or young, male or female, have no children, or have born children, or have adopted children, has nothing to do with praying and offering women and men alternatives to abortion.  

We were “treated” to a really heavy snow fall just before Ginny showed  up for her shift.  Fortunately, it melted as fast as it fell.    Sally

Joe W and Johnny AJoe W and Johnny A

I (Pat) had the 4-7 shift.  I admit to having a little concern as I walked down from my office to PP knowing that from 5-7 it was very possible that I would be standing alone.  But, as Shift Manager Al B. has told me in the past (and don’t forget that Al and his wife Sally stand in front of PP year-round):  “Even when nobody’s here, I’m not alone.  God is right here with me.”  So, with that thought in my mind, I put the matter in God’s hands and trusted that however things worked out, all would be well.

One thing I did notice during my shift, and which I’d never seen before, was that a large number of young women (25-35) exiting PP b/t about 4:30 and 5:15.  They were primarily African-American, looked to be around college-age, and were dressed in a manner that you might see in an office setting on a casual Friday.  While I attempted to give literature to many of them, all of them declined in polite manner.  Were they attending some sort of PP seminar?  Even a woman who passed by as a large group were coming out looked at me in a kind of horror.  As we spoke it was clear that she understood well what goes on at PP and knew that this kind of a thing was a cause for concern.

I want to thank Joe W. (who was with me for about 2 hours), fellow Shift Managers Jim F. and Bill H., and Mimi, who showed up at 6:45 to pray the rosary.  [I was glad to join her despite knowing that my participation was not really optional.]  Inthe end, I was alone for a total of only 10 minutes, so thanks for all of you who were praying for me.

Jim F and Bill H
Jim F and Bill H

Finally, I want to send out a special thanks to Joe W. whose witness tonight to those who approach us – and in particular to a man named James this evening – was just fantastic.  Joe, your passion for the faith and for the cause of the unborn is a beautiful thing to see.  And you really inspired me as I listened to you say just the things James really needed to hear. 

Pat M.    


Talk on Life with Dr. Alveda King

When: Saturday, March 22 2014, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Location: David Lawrence
Category: Global and Cultural Awareness

Come join us for this incredible opportunity as Dr. Alveda King (the niece of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) comes to Pitt to talk to us about civil rights, life and the family. Admission is free!


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