Day 13 St Patricks Day


There were a dozen shift managers today to cover for the fact that we had no groups/churches scheduled for today.  A dozen more of our 40 Days family came and joined us.  Please read their stories, and ask God if this is something you are supposed to be doing with us.


day 13, first shift, cathy, rose, nikki and mary jane
Kathy, Mary Jane, Nikki and Rose


Kathy managed the vigil from 7-9am and wrote:

T’was a cold St. Patrick’s Day morn today, but the warmth of Mercy was with us.  On my way to the vigil, I was greeted by Sue M. who had just left PP and was on her way to work.  Bill H. was waiting for me to relieve him, and after a prayer of departure, he left.  He also informed me that many young women  were entering the building today, a meeting possibly?  

Nikki joined me for the nine o’clock hour and we prayed together.  She introduced me to the Divine Mercy chaplet prayer in song.  It’s words are beautiful sung or spoken.  During our time together, a young man entered the building but then exited quickly.  He confirmed that there was a meeting going on.  His reason for entering–to get a physical for a driver’s license but also commented that he was against abortion. 

A few moments later, a lively group of adolescents from a local school came streaming down the sidewalk and were instructed by their teachers to stand against the wall.  A routine fire drill was the reason for them being there and a few of them commented on our fetal models and noticed our signs.   Perhaps seeds were planted in those few minutes and may God’s protection be upon them.  As we began the ten o’clock hour, MaryJane came to join us.  Liz B. and Kiwi came towards the end of the hour and Rose W. took over for the 11-1 p.m. shift. 

Here is a report from Nikki from this morning:

day 13, first and second shift, changing of the guard
Kathy, Liz (with Kiwi in the purse), Nikki and Rose

I arrived at 9:10 this morning to find the early morning shift manager, Bill, on his way out…and the second morning shift manger, Kathy, ready for her shift.  Bill said that he was kept company by Susan from 7-8am and Sue M. from 8-9am….so he was never alone.  I was there to make sure Kathy, who was the manager from 9-11, was not alone.  She and I stood on the quiet, cold sidewalk and prayed and sang.  Many people went into the clinic, but most seemed to be employees.  One young man exited, and when Kathy talked to him, he said that he had gone there for a medical exam for his driver’s license (I didn’t know they did that!), but that the staff was all in a meeting, so he was unable to get the exam. 

Mary Jane arrived at about 10:30, and prayed and sang with us.  At one point, a couple walked by and asked us for directions to the Federal building.  We pointed it out to them, and before they walked away the woman said to us, “I will be here (meaning at the vigil) on Wednesday!”  I wonder if she goes to a church that has a time slot on Wednesday?  It’s so encouraging to see how our Church family is uniting for this important cause!  And I am especially inspired to see how our 40 Days team members are helping to fill the empty hours today, since there was no church and we had the whole 12 hours empty!  We truly “have each other’s backs”.

May God continue to keep His mighty hand upon us throughout the remainder of our 40 days!

Rose W. writes:

This morning was a bit chilly, but we didn’t mind. Mary Jane, Liz and I prayed for awhile and a young girl named Kayla was walking by and paused, so I asked her if I could help her.  She asked my what is an alternative to abortion?  I responded that adoption is an option and we believe in keeping the baby.  She did indicate that she was pregnant and wanted to keep her baby, but she needed help and was new to the area.  I gave her the Resource Sheet and told her about the free untrasound and that there were many numbers there she could call.  She said she had an abortion several years ago and still felt bad about it.  I told her about Rachael’s Vineyard, gave her a pamphlet and a booklet, ” Heaven Speaks About Abortion.”  She was grateful and said we could  keep her in our prayers.  Her name is Kayla.

Later Sue McGrath came to join us on her lunch hour.  Another young girl and her boyfriend stopped by and asked for some pregnancy resources, too.  She was pregnant and really concerned since she is no longer on her mother’s health insurance.  We gave her a Resource Sheet as well and directed her to the WCN on East Ohio Street. She left with her boyfriend in the car  and waved goodbye as she was dialing on her phone. She seemed to want to keep her baby.  Her name is Mia and she said we could pray for her, too.

Later, Chris joined us on his lunch hour and we said the “Shut this place down” litany before he had to go back to work.  Johnny came during Beth’s shift, so she was not alone.  I want to end by stating that I prayed beforehand that God would send us girls that needed help on my shift today and he did.  Hopefully we were able to direct two girls who needed it, in the right direction.  There is so much power in prayer!!!


day 13, second shift, sue and rose
Sue and Rose


day 13, second shift, beth, johnny and chris
Beth, Johnny and Chris








Beth S. had 1-3 and writes:

Some stories beg to be repeated, others deserve silence even while the story breaks your heart.  Today, a beautiful woman told me her story about abortion and healing and hope.  Details don’t seem quite right because she came to me speaking as a stranger who just needed to tell that story one more time.  I felt privileged to be the recipient.
  It seems that we may be near the tipping point when the pro-abortion tide starts to turn and stories such as I heard today will become a voice loud as thunder.  We who stand there need to hear those stories even if it’s just to keep us going, confirm what we already know; that abortion kills a child and grievously wounds a woman.  And that wound, leaves a scar that only kindness and mercy can lessen. 
Today, from 1-3 p.m. there was little activity at PP, just the usual employees avoiding eye contact as they returned from lunch.  Jack A. from St. Killians came early and stayed the entire shift; my storyteller prayed with us while kneeling, and two beautiful women from Providence Church in Ellwood City drove 45 minutes to be with us, Rachel and Bethany.  They had copies of the video 180  to give away, what a powerful video that is!  The weather was definitely a factor with the wind adding to the chill and keeping the passers-by to a minimum. Pat came right on time and there were prayers there all the time.  Today, it was all about stories told in hope and, in hope, demand our prayers.

Pat M stood from 3-4 and reports:

I was there only from 3-4 because Barbara and Richard were sneaky and showed-up early to relieve me.  [Thanks guys.]  The bad stuff all occurred within the first two minutes as Beth S. and I were making the change over of shift managers.  As we were talking a tall man in his mid-60s who was using a cane swore at us, and another pray-er several times – and fairly viciously.  Thankfully, we all were restrained and polite towards him and after a minute or two he walked away.  Two sisters were with me – Bethany, who’s been with us several times before, and her younger sister, Rachel, who’s visiting from their home in upstate NY

Pat took this  photo during his time at the vigil:

day 13, third shift2

Barbara and Richard had the 4-5 shift and writes:

PP was covered this shift with Irish people…at least we all professed Irish ancestry..  We’ll leave it at that.  Never argue with a person who claims to be Irish…they never back down.  Passers by were mosty in a good mood…thanking us for being there, blessing us, smiling at us and accompanying us in their hearts.  These Irish eyes were smiling.

Day 13, third shift, jim, jeannie and bill
Bill, Jeannie and Jim

 Jeannie covered 4-6, while Jeff B. and Randy K. finished off the day from 6-7.

Thanks to everyone for coming out today!

2 thoughts on “Day 13 St Patricks Day

  • March 18, 2014 at 8:59 am

    Jeff, I hope to remember that part about advising people that we should all turn to God in prayer when we are seeking understanding.

  • March 18, 2014 at 9:45 am

    Ditto. Good work, Jeff! You’re definitely in tune with the Holy Spirit – you quoted Scripture without even knowing it: “If any of you is lacking in wisdom, ask God, who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly, and it will be given you.” (James 1:5, NRSVCE) Your words of advice to that gentleman definitely are worth remembering.


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