Day 10: St. Philip, Guardian Angels, SS John & Paul, St. Bernadette, Madonna del Castello and more…

Lord of All Hopefulness, Lord of all Joy, Whose trust, ever CHILD LIKE, no cares can destroy…

Friday Morning Musings by early morning shift manager Sally:   It was cold, but at least the sun was shining and it was dry!  PP did not seem to be doing abortions. 2 couples went in early, but one came out after about 15 minutes carrying a small bag that the man shoved into his pocket. Other than that, just a few workers went in & a few single girls. A tall woman went in with a bag.  We had seen her before.  Perhaps  she is an abortionist or staff member.  David, Terry & Maggie were there to pray from St. Philip and Guardian  Angels.

day 10, first shift, holy innocents and Guardian Angels

David Poliziani had a wonderful book of prayers & we used that through most of the morning.When Terry was ready to leave,  I asked  the three to stand together for a photo.  As we were getting arranged, a woman ran up Liberty Avenue and nearly ran straight into Maggie, who had her back turned.  None of us saw this woman coming.  She went into PP after screaming something nasty at us (and we said “God bless you”).  A few minutes later the guard came out, very apologetic, and asked  that we not block the sidewalk. We explained that nobody had seen the woman coming, and Maggie asked the guard to convey her apology.   The guard thanked us and went back inside. He was friendlier than he has been in months. Everybody else was very friendly and we were able to give flowers to a few women. Several passed the flowers on to their children, who were thrilled with them and with the baby models.    Sally Brunnfrom WV with Love...

from WV with Love…
Be there at our LABORS,...
Be there at our Labors,….









Be there at our waking, and give us we pray, your strength in our hearts Lord, at the noon of the day…..

Day 10, second shift, ginny starts out alone...but not for long!

day 10, second shift, Patty from SS John & Paul and Kathy from Memorial Park Church

Nikki wrote:  When I arrived at 11:15, Ginny was by herself…but she wasn’t alone for long.  Throughout the afternoon, many prayer warriors came from many different churches to pray!  The weather was beautiful and it didn’t appear any abortions were being done.  Although we did see one couple walk in…they came back out five minutes later.  The girl was in tears…so I don’t know what that meant.  I’m hoping maybe a changed heart.   Joining us on the sidewalk today were Patty from SS John and Paul in Wexford.  Not long after Patty arrived, we were joined by Kathy (one of our shift managers)…holding an awesomely huge sign that she made, which was our pregnancy resource sheet hat she had enlarged!  (see photo)   Three more ladies stopped by during their lunch hour…two from St. Bernadette in Monroeville and Denise from St. John Neumann.  The seven of us prayed and sang together for a while.  Then a woman came from North Park Church in Wexford and she and Kathy decided to stand on the other side to pass out literature and engage folks that were willing to talk

Prayer warrior-ettes
Prayer warrior-ettes

…Your Hands swift to Welcome, your your Arms to Embrace…..

day 10, second shift, Brittany and AZ...Keepin' their baby!
Brittany , AZ & THEIR BABY!

About that time, a young couple exited the clinic.  I heard the woman saying to the man, “I am not having an abortion!”  I walked over to them and offered information.  They told me they were going to keep their baby, but didn’t have anywhere to live.  They didn’t even have cell phones.  I gave them my phone number and told them if I get any information that can help them, I will let them know if they call me.  They were excited to be given a fetal model, rosaries and flowers…along with the literature.  They were happy to have their photo taken.  They need prayer.  Please pray for Brittany and “A-Z”.  They told us they are in the process of recovery, but it appeared that they very much need prayer for deliverance from addiction.

Before I left, Sheila arrived with a group from Weirton, and Pastor Bryan was there to stay until 4…so the next Shift Manager Marie had plenty of company!  Thanks to all who witnessed and prayed today!  God bless you all!  Nikki B. 

 …Be there at our Homing, and Give Us We Pray, your Peace in our hearts, Lord, at the CLOSE of the Day….

And Closing out the day:

SS Peter & Paul with LOVE in our hearts...
SS Peter & Paul with LOVE in our hearts…

While the wind was pretty rough out there for the bulk of the shift, I kept a thankful attitude that I was managing a shift today and not yesterday.  The activity on the streets was lighter than normal for a Friday night.  Some of us surmised that a good number of people stayed away from the bars because they were “saving themselves” for revelry tomorrow.   (REMEMBER that our vigil ENDS AT 5pm tomorrow)     As for the activity at PP, all I witnessed were employees coming out and a couple of women – none of whom appeared to have shown the signs of just having had an abortion.    

day 10, third shift, many prayer warriors
I’m so thankful to regularly be able to pray and witness with this wonderful family from Saints Peter & Paul in Beaver: Nadi C., Esther C., Lisa C., Daniel C., and John C.

day 10, third shift, johnRegular John Mimms was there to pray and make a powerful witness at the beginning of my shift.  Then, at different times, shift managers Jim Flaherty and Bill Harrison also came by to pray.  I then had the pleasure of meeting Nadine and Bonnie from Madonna del Castello.  It was Bonnie’s first time there so it was real a privilege to be able to be there to orient her and pray with her.  And my Friday evening regulars, the Cahill family, although delayed by traffic for a long period of time, stuck it out with me again until the end.  So a special thanks to them.      Pat M. (4-7)

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