Day 9: Thank you to Holy Angels and St. Anne parishes! The cold didn’t keep them from today’s vigil!

Today, there was a woman at the vigil whose son Michael saved a baby’s life.  He told a pregnant abortion-minded woman that he knew that she didn’t have to have an abortion… that things would work out. 

Sadly, Michael is now dead… because of drug abuse, years ago.  But that baby is alive because of Michael.  Who knows how the Lord will use YOU?  Let’s take a look at today’s reports:

Reverend John’s report:

Day 9, first shift, early morning shift manager Rev. John with David, who signed up to fill empty hours and prayed for much of the time on his knees
Day 9, first shift, early morning shift manager Rev. John with David, who signed up to fill empty hours and prayed for much of the time on his knees

Praying for God to Touch Hearts


It was indeed a bitterly cold morning today.  But the wind wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be.  No snow or sleet, praise Christ.

There was very little activity at PP, just the usual entering and exiting of employees and maybe a few other women.

While the cold temperatures were bad enough, far, far worse is the coldness of heart that exists on the part of those who work at PP and can perform their grisly deeds with no conscience.  I prayed that the Lord would touch their hearts of stone and give them hearts of flesh to see that abortion is sin against our Creator.

Pray that God warmly touches the hearts of His people so that they develop a holy revulsion over abortion and the other egregious sins of our day.

 Rev. John


Marie’s report:


Possible Abortion Day, Thankful for Prayers with Brothers and Sisters in the Lord

This morning was very cold – but I don’t have to tell everyone that, especially if you had to go out to work, get to an appointment or take kids/grandkids to school.

I was blessed to have Beth S. join me at 9:00 a.m. for my shift.  How great it was to have her company in the bitter cold temps.  Also, Kathy stopped by to pray with me for a while.  And Stan came a little later so it was a good morning.

Today was an unusual day at PP as it appeared they were conducting business. There was  a lot of traffic in and out of the building – much more so than a regular Thursday.

A number of couples went in as well as what appeared to be girls with a parent (one dad and one mom) – how sad.  I can’t even imagine taking my child through those doors!

There was even a man pushing a baby in a stroller that went into the building! You never know what you will see or encounter at 933 Liberty Ave.

At one point I noticed a woman come down the sidewalk wearing surgical scrubs and she entered PP.  It was then that the thought occurred to me that they might be performing abortions.

Time to step up the prayers!  Beth and I presumed that perhaps they were doing abortions today since this Saturday is the St. Patrick’s Day parade and downtown will be difficult at best to navigate.

We were able to offer the pregnancy resource sheet to two girls.  It didn’t appear that anyone walked away today.

Today I prayed that God would hear the prayers of our vigil and bless all of those participating in it.  I have hope that through His goodness and mercy He will answer our prayers and bless our efforts.



Marilyn’s report:

day 9, second shift, holy angels

day 9, second shift, holy angels2

Babies Didn’t Die Alone

I had the 11am-1pm shift this afternoon.  Unfortunately, it seemed on this bitterly cold winter day that Planned Parenthood may have been doing abortions.  So much activity.  We surmised that due to Saturday being the St. Patrick Day parade that perhaps they scheduled some today.  That being a possibility, I went across the street with Beth Ann to pray a rosary.  You see, if you cross the street and look up, you will see the waiting room, or at least what appears to be one.  We could see inside, as the blinds were open, which means those inside could also see us praying for them.  At least the babies didn’t die alone this day.

Ideas for Keeping Warm

You all know how cold it was today.  Thanks be to God for Deacon Dan from Holy Angels Parish.  He smartly brought cardboard for us to stand on – that really made a difference!  So grateful for the wonderful folks from Holy Angels Parish for joining us in prayer on this frigid day!  We were also very grateful to Liz, our new shift manager who works downtown.  She came down during her lunch to relieve some folks so they could go warm up at Catholic Charities.  We kept warm by singing and praying together.  Let’s hope this is the last day this winter of these crazy low temperatures in the ‘Burgh!
God bless you,
Deacon Dan from Holy Angels responded with the following comment about his experience at the vigil:

Yesterday was an especially wonderful day of witness, in our small Lenten contribution, to pray with faithful others to the end of abortion.  The extreme conditions heightened our Lenten observance of the need to be the eyes, ears, hands, feet, and most especially the voices of Christ our Savior.

The Holy Angels,” Angel Prayer Warriors”, Jean, Joanie and Mary Ellen were a powerful witness, who braved the extreme temperatures to be the witness and presence of Christ Jesus.

I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of these brave and vigilant women. I am so blessed to be surrounded by these “Angels”, including Lisa, Mary Beth, Marilyn, Stan and so many others. I drew my strength, conviction and warmth from those very special Sisters and Brothers.

We also want to thank Catholic Charities for allowing us to warm ourselves and use their comfort facilities. The four hours went quickly and at about 1:30pm our loving and gracious God, brought the sunshine to our side of the street and His love immediately brought us warmth.

We were greeted by many well wishers and some who verbally showed support to bring an end to this atrocity. We witnessed and saw the face of Jesus in so many. It was, simply put, An awesome and Blessed day of prayer.


Lisa’s report:

Fear of the Cold?


I must confess that all week I was scared to death about the weather for today.  I kept looking at that forecast (especially thinking about it when we had the 65 degree weather the other day), and I started telling people, “I am finding it REALLY hard to believe that we are going to have 22-degree weather on Thursday.”  In a way, I was probably psyching myself up for what I knew was inevitable.

When I awoke this morning and turned on the news, the words that jumped out to me were “sub-zero temperatures.”  I winced as I considered my time at the vigil.  In a moment, it was easier to deal with as I realized that I would be there in the afternoon….  It certainly would be warmer then.  As I got ready for the day at 7 AM with this comforting thought, I suddenly did what I always tell my teenage daughter: “Think about the OTHER person.”  I realized with a start that someone—I couldn’t remember who at the time (It was Rev. John!), but SOMEONE was out there RIGHT THEN.  Oh, my heart just went out to that poor Shift Manager as I prayed for him or her RIGHT THEN.

As I began to prepare for the worst, I had another realization:  BABIES DIE THERE.  And I’m worried about… the cold weather??  Shame on me.

Blessed Are the Merciful….

On my way to the vigil, my 11-yr. old daughter was reading to me a chapter from her religion book.  It was a chapter on the Beatitudes.  As she read each one and its short explanation, I was thinking of it as a sort of meditation to prepare me for my shift.  When she got to “Blessed are the merciful,” and read about it, I asked her to read it for me again.  Here is one of the lines that jumped out to me: “Mercy is love shown to those in need as well as those who have been unjust and ungrateful.”  It made me think of the abortion workers, mostly.  It was a powerful way for me to remember to pray for them… to have pity on them… to be merciful to them.


I remember reading a long time ago that “justice” is “what is fair,” and “mercy” is “kindness that goes beyond what is fair.”  This is indeed what they need; it is NOT AT ALL FAIR for them to be loved, forgiven, respected, etc.  But it is part of our responsibility as Christians to charitably demonstrate to them kindness that goes beyond what is fair.  Now don’t get me wrong… it’s not like I know what that really means, or what that will “look like” as we pray during the 40 Days.  But let us look into our hearts to see how we can demonstrate the mercy of Our Lord to these abortion workers.  The method of showing that mercy may be different for each one of us.

Dee’s report:

Prayer Warriors Pray for Peace and Healing

day 9, third shift, st. anne

day 9, third shift, seamus


Our shift today from 3 to 5 was great.  Seamus Maloney showed up first.  His parish is St. Valentine, Bethel Park.  Four members of St. Anne, Castle Shannon came shortly after Seamus and stayed. (They are Peg, Dan, Don, and Jeff.)  I don’t know how long they stayed.  But, they are certainly “prayer warriors.”  We said a couple of rosaries,
including the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin. This is a beautiful prayer.  One of the graces of saying this rosary is “peace in our families.” So, we prayed this rosary for families who have been customers in the Planned Parenthood downtown–for their healing and deliverance.

Julie’s report:

Veterans and Catholic Men’s Fellowship Join in Prayer

Real Men Pray

The guys from St. Anne’s are prayerful, faithful, and sincere!!  Two Vietnam vets and all members of Catholic Men’s Fellowship made up the group.  I thanked Seamus and John for their service in Vietnam.   The guys and I prayed and stood together with some signs.  We offered up our prayers for the conversion of hearts of abortionists.  I thank these parishioners for filling in other hours that are empty too!  It’s a blessing to pray with men of God, brothers in Christ, in the love of Christ.  We sang clumsily, yet heartfelt, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  My friend Paul was there too and helped me lead.  The sun shone and we stood in the light of the Son.
Julie C.

Let us continue to pray for one another, for the abortion workers, and for the women and men in need of the Lord’s help and healing.  Thank you all for the amazing work the Lord is able to do through you.

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