Day 6: St Bernadette – Monroeville

My church went to see the Son of God movie that came out last week, and I urge you all to see it if for no other reason than to show Hollywood that there is still a demand for movies that inspire faith.  Why see a movie where I know the plot and how it ends?  For the same reason you go to church on Sunday, to give God a chance to speak to you in a different way.

The scene that spoke to me was Simon of Cyrene taking up the cross for Jesus on the way to Calgary.  He is shown as reluctant to do it at first ( why me), the same look I get when I am asking for help for the 40 Days vigil (note to self: consider Roman Centurion as recruiting coordinator).  But as he journeys with Christ, Simon witnesses firsthand Christ’s suffering, and by the time he gets to Calvary, he doesn’t want to let go of the cross, cause he knows what will happen if/when he does.

So it is with us on Liberty.  We know what will happen if we don’t pick up His cross.  We have seen His suffering through His children who are surgically and chemically crucified in the Place of the Skull.  But we also know the joy of Easter Sunday, the celebration of the defeat of death.  We may never get to celebrate the closing of 933 Liberty, but it’s closing (joyous as is may be) cannot compare to our eternal life with Him and his Liberty Avenue babies.

Thanks to St Bernadette Church for taking a shift early in March, and all of our individual vigil participants.  And thanks to Dean D. for covering the 7-9 shift.

9-11 am shift and Kathy writes:

My first time as vigil shift manager was very encouraging.  When I arrived Dean, Karen, and Gregg were there which, after greeting one another, we spent time in prayer together.

Karen and Greg
Karen and Greg

One gentleman passing by made a positive comment when we finished.  Bill W. appeared briefly to support us too.  Dean was willing to stand with me for the ten o’clock hour since no one signed up, but because of God’s kindness and Nikki’s e-mail plea, a group of six women showed up to pray with me.

our 40 Days for Life family answers the call to fill an empty hour
our 40 Days for Life family answers the call to fill an empty hour

God bless them.  Towards the end of the hour Sue R., accompanied by her five children, came to pray also.

Sue and her beautiful children also come to help fill the empty hour.  What great witnesses for life!
Sue and her beautiful children also come to help fill the empty hour. What great witnesses for life!

This outpouring of support is appreciated and needs to be demonstrated especially on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays–the abortion days.

day 6, first shift, women show up to pray


10-1pm shift and Rose writes:

I was able to go an hour earlier today before my shift and the 3 hours flew by. Kathy was not alone from 10 – 11 and she let us in various pro-life prayers.  Sandy, from Steubenville stayed several hours as well as Liz. We did lots of praying.  Later Jean, Winnie , Angela, Jerri, Regina and Dee as well as  Cherise and her 3 year old Mark, showed up from St. Bernadette in Monroeville and we prayed several rosaries and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  While I was kneeling for the sorrowful mysteries near the fetal model display a young girl stopped by to admire them.  I asked her if she was pregnant (yes) and if she was going to keep her baby and she said “yes” and I gave her a 10 week model of a preborn baby, the explanation card and a pamphlet.  She seemed very interested in the baby models, but also perplexed, so I assume she just found out she was pregnant.  Liz gave her a pregnancy resource sheet in case she would be tempted to abort and we asked her if we can pray for her.  She needed to rush to class but said “yes” as well.  Her name is Asia and immediately we added her to our rosary intentions.  A little later a man named Pray Deep (yes, that’s his name ) stopped to encourage us.  I gave him some literature to pass on and he also asked for our prayers.  He had just been interviewed for a better job – he hopes to earn more money so he can give more to causes like ours.  Please keep Asia and Pray Deep in your prayers.

Heidi and Chrishna, also  from St. Bernadette, came for a short while during their lunch break and  led us in one of my favorite prayers, “Jesus who is  . . .Shut this place down!”  There are four pages of the various names of Jesus from the Bible and it is a joy to say this prayer as it is a reminder of all the ways Jesus loves, saves, delivers and blesses us.  We had several people who encouraged us as they walked by and several who took pamphlets as well. It started to warm up as I was ready to leave and the sun came out.  What a blessing to pray at PP, meet some very devout pro-lifers, pray with them, and witness to others for life.

Cherise and Mark, Heidi and Chrisna and Dee

(one of the ladies from St. Bern) Cherise, Mark and Dee

Four ladies from St. Bernadette

More photos taken of prayer warriors from St. Bernadette:


Thanks to Beth and her sister for covering the 1-3 shift, as well as Rosalina and her husband Francis for covering 3-7.  This is a hectic time of day for most families, and knowing you can cover for us is a great comfort.


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  • March 12, 2014 at 8:23 am

    On day four Saturday March 8 I was privileged to be at the prayer vigil with the faithful warriors from Holy Wisdom. It was also my oldest daughters birthday and that made it so much more meaningful to witness for the gift of lifeThey were the light of Christ working in our midst as we prayed the rosary and the Divine mercy. It lifted my spirits and I started to feel Gods mercy in that desolate killing field at Planned Parenthood. As more people joined us Sally Brunn one of the most dedicated persons for the pro life cause would pull out yet another sign for them to hold with the pro life message. I think she had a magic bag it did not seem to have a bottom to it. Sally you are amazing and the love of Christ is in you when you reach out to the pedestrians and the women about to enter PP. You and others I meet at the prayer vigil humble me and you are a mentor to all of us. Let us pray that we all keep our faith strong and steadfast in fighting this evil force in the culture of death that threatens to destroy our nation spiritually.


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