Day 3: St. John Neumann, Guardians for Life, South Hills Assembly and SS Peter & Paul in Beaver

Saturday Greetings all Faith-filled Friends!

Please be sure to check out the Vigil Schedule.  We have IMMEDIATE NEEDS for a few days upcoming:

Sunday at 10am, Monday at 10am, 3pm & 6pm, Wednesday from 12pm to 7pm and Thursday from 9-11am.  We  especially need help on St. Patrick’s Day!  The entire 12 hours are empty! MONDAY March 17th.  ALL you irish eyes—- join us on MONDAY for a tribute to St. Paddy and the joy of Irish Life!

Notes for Friday, March 7 in Pittsburgh

Friday at the 40 ushers in the SONSHINE and a bit of Spring Fever, too:


Babies go on a “field trip” to CAPA:

What a shock this morning when two young teen boys came down Liberty Avenue,  passed the fetal model display, and turned  quickly and each grabbed one of the larger models & took off down the alley!  We called the police and asked the guards to look in the garbage cans for our little ones who teach so many about life before birth.    We were lucky to give a very good description of the boys, and ultimately the babies were turned over to the police by the principal at CAPA  who had confiscated them.

We are sure these models would NEVER make their way in to our high schools today.  Maybe, just maybe God knew exactly who needed to see those little ones.   Have you ever picked up the models?  They have a unique and special feel– certainly memorable!    Let us pray that those who carried and held our babies on this adventure will be touched by the experience.

We had many opportunities for PRAYER this morning, for sure!- —Thanks to Shift Manager Sally Brunn for her report

Friday Morning Prayer Warriors from St. John Neumann brave the cold!

SECOND TO NONE-  Shift #2 

The 2nd shift today was marvelous. Fr. Tim had a crew of at least 10 people  with him. He brought chairs kneeling pads,  and blankets for his elderly people. They had their own prayer books. We prayed and sang many songs. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of being with him, Fr. Tim has the most marvelous of voices. It was like being with the apostles. I felt like I could have stayed for ever, with spiritual holiness in his group.- Ginny Dougherty, 2nd shift Manager. 


We had many warm exchanges with fellow Pittsburghers today while standing in the sunshine in 50 degree weather! Lots of pedestrians – men and women, young and old — gave us smiles, thumbs up, and encouraging words that they are ‘with us’.  People were extremely receptive to the 40daysoflife brochure and seemed genuinely glad that someone cares enough to pray and intervene.

It was sobering to see two younger ladies, very professional looking, go inside together with such a cavalier attitude— we wondered how the human race can be so desensitized?  At one point, a 40 Days participant crossed through the “boundary bubble”  to avoid a melty ice puddle and immediately a PP employee stuck his head out the door and asked her not violate the boundary line.

A young couple went in and out a few times. We offered them the brochure with all the information about resources, hope, help, and facts about the terrible effects of abortion, but they refused.  They left and smoked awhile on the corner.  Eventually, they returned to PP and our hearts sank.  We can hope that our prayers for the path of Life for these two will be answered in some way .

— Special  thanks to  Susan Bluemling  for her thoughts… 



1.       A girl named Nicole is scheduled for an abortion at PP Saturday March 8th!  Her mom asked us to pray for her.

2.       And a  girl named Sarah is also scheduled for an abortion at PP Saturday.  Her co-worker has been trying to talk her out of it…she has been to the pregnancy resource center twice, seen her ultrasound…was going to have the baby and changed her mind. Cancelled one abortion appointment last Tuesday because she had to work.

 Please keep these young women and all those facing a pregnancy in fear, in your hearts and PRAYERS!

40 Days Pittsburgh Family Prayer:

Create a clean heart in us, dear God.  Make love the only reason for our witness as we stand here on the sidewalk.   Sustain us as we explain that abortion is never a solution.   Strengthen us to faithfully supply real solutions.    

Barbara Lewis, Shift Manager



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  • March 8, 2014 at 7:33 am

    We are so happy that the “babies” returned safely from their “field trip”. God must have wanted them to go there. Thanks to Bill H. who thought they might be there and alerted the principal of CAPA to look for them.

    The two ladies on the left of the top picture are from MPC. Mary is in the center. She is from Incarnation.


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