We need each other!

My husband is Italian…I am German.  He loves to sit around the kitchen table and talk.  I can only do it for so long, and then I have to get up and “do” something.    He is perfectly happy being surrounded with family every minute of the day and absolutely hates to be alone.  I crave alone-time…but rarely get it.

Actually, I got some alone time today…and discovered it wasn’t that great.

Ever since God broke my heart over abortion in 2009, I have made the commitment to go to Planned Parenthood one morning per week…to pray and offer information to the people entering the clinic.  I am not the only one who goes regularly to pray and witness all year round.  Al and Sally Brunn, along with Bob Newman, have been faithful witnesses on the sidewalk every abortion day for more than two decades.  They are the first pro-life people I ever met…on that first day that I got up my courage and drove to Pittsburgh…with heart pounding…and walked the bustling city blocks clutching my home-made sign in my nervous hands.

It seems they have always been there…reliable and dependable…like they would always be there.  Even though they are approximately 80 years young…the cold and ice rarely slows them down.  But Bob had a minor stroke in January, and is taking a needed break.  The Brunn’s have continued their witness…sometimes alone.  This morning, they were there from 7-9:00.  I got there at 8:30 and stood with them for a half hour until they left.  For 20 minutes I stood alone.  No big deal.  I’ve stood alone in front of Planned Parenthood many times.  Like I told you…I like being alone.

But this morning, after a mere 20 minutes…I found myself thinking, “This is pointless.  There is no one going in here this morning.  I am wasting my time.”  I began to think of all the things I needed to do today…and how much easier it would be to get them all done if I left.  And guess what?  I left!  Afterwards I was surprised that I weakened so easily!

I just watched a documentary called “Nine Days that Changed the World.”  It tells the story of Pope John Paul II visiting his Communist oppressed homeland, Poland.  Although the communist government didn’t want a visit from the leader of Church…there was really no way they could stop it.  How could they tell the first Polish Pope that he couldn’t visit Poland?  It proved disastrous to communism in Poland, and actually led to the end of communism in that part of the world.  Why?  Because when the faithful Poles gathered by the millions for nine days…they realized their strength!  After suffering for decades…first under Nazi occupation, where one-third of their priests and one-fifth of their population were murdered…and then under the iron grip of communism…they finally saw themselves united in their faith and got their confidence back!  They remembered who they were!

Similarly, when we gather in unity during 40 Days for Life…we also remember who we are!  We get our confidence back!  40 Days for Life may prove to be the beginning of the end of abortion because it enables us to strengthen and encourage each other…and because we see we are not alone in this struggle to restore the respect and dignity for human life that our government has stolen from us.

We are better together than we are alone.

I need you…you need me….we need each other!  There are still 50 four-hour slots that need to be adopted in order to fill our 40 day prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood from March 5th – April 13th.  We only have a couple weeks left to fill them!  I NEED YOU TO HELP!!!  If your church has not yet chosen a time slot to provide the witness at our vigil, go to https://40daysforlifepittsburgh.com/church-vigil-schedule/  to view the list of scheduled churches and to see where we need your help. 

We also need individuals to sign up for hours, to fill in empty gaps between church groups.  If you as an individual can sacrifice an hour or two every week, please sign yourself up online at  http://vigilcalendar.com/pittsburgh/login/login_page or reply to this email to let me know what hours you can commit to.

Our 40 Days for Life vigil shift managers are committed to be at the vigil to make sure it continues…whether anyone else shows up or not…so the vigil WILL go on!  But, after my experience this morning of realizing just how weak I am when I am alone…I really hope they don’t have to stand alone during their shifts!  Please help!

We also need to fill our 40 day fasting calendar.  Go to http://www.volunteerspot.com/login/entry/1056396620021#/form to select one day to fast from food.  In this spiritual battle to end abortion, we need to use every spiritual weapon at our disposal!

And don’t forget…we kick this Lenten 40 Days for Life off on Tuesday, March 4th at 7pm in the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church, located at 320 Sixth Avenue, downtown!  Come and be reminded of who YOU are in Christ as we gather in Christian unity for music, speakers and a solemn candlelit funeral procession from the church to Planned Parenthood at the end of the rally.  I hope to see you there!

Your sister in Christ,

P.S.  Here is a link to a one-minute video produced by Created Equal, that compares the German people’s reaction when they were forced to view the victims of the holocaust to the reaction of pro-lifers at the March for Life who had to view the images of abortion victims that were displayed along the march route.  The similarity is powerful.  Be warned that there is graphic footage of abortion victims in this video.  To watch it go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27lOaf1NRAs&feature=youtu.be

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