Day 38: God is bringing us through! And the faithful people from Life Church, North American Martyrs, and Saints Peter and Paul are with us today! Thank you!

“On this Feast of All Saints, we honor those men and women who have led lives of heroic virtue that set an example for all Christians.” (adapted from, emphasis added)

Heroic Virtue.  What is that?

It is when you see a woman going into Planned Parenthood, and you try to offer her better alternatives.

It is when you pray for an end to abortion for 40 straight days at home, because you are elderly, infirm, or otherwise unable to come and pray at the vigil downtown.

It is when you are persecuted for praying outside of Planned Parenthood, and you respond with genuine charity.

It is when the abortionist walks past you, about to commit a horrible evil, and you offer prayer after prayer after prayer for him or her.

It is when you fast to end abortion, and for 40 days you have given up hot showers, soft beds, or solid foods… out of love for those whose lives you want to help or to save.

Let us follow the examples of the ones who have gone before us- our older brothers and sisters in the Faith- so that we, like them, can continue in our earthly struggle towards heroic virtue… and then, HEAVEN.

Thank you to all of those who continue to give of themselves so generously during this campaign, prayer volunteers and shift managers alike.

Our dear Shift Manager Sally shared about her very active morning:

We were thinking that this might be a slow morning, but it turned out to be one of our busiest weekday mornings. We were blessed to have a deacon, 6 parishioners, and a baby girl, from SS. John & Paul Church, as well as others from First Evangelical Free Church, Life Church of Pgh., St. Louise, Northbridge Community, Grace Church, St. Richard’s, St. Bonaventure, & Guardian Angels. We were also joined by four of our very faithful regulars, Mary, Lillian, John, & Shift Manager Bill.

Meagan, Deacon Tom, baby Johanna, Martha and Lindsay

  PP was having a slow morning, with only about 5 or 6 couples entering the building all morning. We saw no abortionist.  Two girls came out and one of the church members walked up to them and began to tell them how a past abortion had hurt her until she found forgiveness in Jesus.  They went away after they had accepted literature that she had brought to share with people.  We are hoping that they do not show up tomorrow for an abortion.   One little lady, using a walker, came up to us rather uncertain of what to do.  I asked her if she was there to pray, and she said that she could stay for a short time.  So she held a sign, and we prayed a rosary together.  Then she continued down Liberty Avenue.  God bless her!   The wind was VERY strong up until about 10 a.m.  At one point I heard a scraping sound and looked up to see Diane’s large heavy blue sign being pushed down the sidewalk very fast by the wind.  It stopped near the alley without hitting anybody or anything.  Thanks be to God for that.  One of the men from SS. John & Paul went down and carried it back to its place beside the baby models (which had not moved at all). Sally


Kraig, Theresa, Justin, and Don


Shift Manager Pat shared this story and photo for our reading and viewing pleasure:

As I drove back home after my shift had ended, it struck me how what we do attracts people at the both of the extreme ends of the “eyesight spectrum.”  We get to deal with the totally blind and those who see God’s will and love so clearly.  I’ll start with Emil, the “friendly” owner of the City Café which is about 50 yards up the street from PP.  Because of the trouble he had caused on Thursday (kicking the fetal model display over), I, with Nikki’s blessing, stopped by his place to see him and to make it clear that if in the future he did anything of that sort again – or touched one of our people – the shift manager would call 911 immediately and ask for the police to come. He didn’t take it well, of course, but he didn’t visit us during the entire 3-7 shift either.

We also had an encounter with the black man who has trouble with us having black babies on our signs.  Bill H. was there and attempted to talk with him for a time, but, after a while, Bill wisely began leading the group on that side of the sidewalk in prayer.  Since this man cannot be reasoned with AT ALL, this seems to be the best strategy.  He eventually walks away.

Then we had a young man visit us who was not there to oppose us, but ended up being a major distraction for about ½ hour. Thankfully, Lisa C. was eventually able to detect that some of the things he had been telling us just didn’t add up, and that clued me in that I needed to find a way to get him on his way.  [He had intended initially to stay there a long time.] Thanks be to God that Justin (pray for him) took my not so subtle hint and left.

But the people with the good eyesight are so inspiring.  Megan, from a church in Oakland whose name escapes me, came down for her very first time, and really impressed me with her humility.  Lisa C. brought her two youngest daughters – who I think are 12 and 14 – and once again stayed with me for the FULL FOUR HOURS.  Not only that, but their smiles are just so infectious. 

Lisa C., with daughters Nadi and Esther, and Joe from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Carnegie


And Joe, from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Carnegie, and I talked for a good long time as he took me through his faith journey.  He had been raised Catholic, but sought all that the world offers when he came of age – and obtained it!  But he could never shake that feeling that something was missing.  Thankfully, he had people praying for him and he slowly made his way back to the faith of his youth.  Now, he’s in with both feet and – to my eyes anyway – seems to radiate peace, joy, and love.


One thought on “Day 38: God is bringing us through! And the faithful people from Life Church, North American Martyrs, and Saints Peter and Paul are with us today! Thank you!

  • November 2, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    Keep praying for Emil. I just looked up reviews for his place. Many of them complain about his attitude and poor service/food. He is probably miserable and taking it out on anyone and everyone. If he doesn’t cook good food and treat his customers well, then it is probably safe to say he has a beef with everyone and not just 40 Days for Life. Jesus, please wash Emil in your sacred and precious blood.


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