Day 27-Monday Mt Zion Baptist Church – Prospect Pa

Dean Dittmar started the day off and writes:

First of all, let me thank Mary Elizabeth for coming out early, while it was still dark, to stand with me. Kudos to Bill for co-managing with me for the first 2 hrs. Johnny Adams came from Cranberry at 8am and stayed 2 hrs. When he left, Sharon and Elizabeth Graham came, so I wasn’t alone for one minute. And of course God’s Holy Spirit was there the whole time! It was a fairly quiet morning with only PP workers going in and out. As I was finishing my shift, the police began to block off sections of Liberty Ave. for the environmental parade that was happening. I wish we could get that many people focused on the tragedy taking place at PP. Again, thanks Nikki for effectively rallying the troops in my behalf. And I thank God for all of yinz.

Sharon and daughter Elizabeth

Cecilia sent the following:

“You’re talking to God”….we were told by an enthusiastic black man shortly after arriving for my vigil shift from 11-1.  This pleasant homeless man, named James, “found God” I believe he said 3 weeks ago and you can see how fired up he was for the Lord.  So, yes, I could see God working in and through him.  And it did have me wonder how much people see Him working through me with what I say and do.  I know I fail so many times and prayed that, at least for my time there inPittsburgh, I could shine His light to those passing by.  It was a good way to start off our vigil time… “talking to God”!

There was some concern that I might be alone for an hour during my shift.  I am so thankful for Nikki and all the leaders for sending out “pleas” for volunteers to come and keep me company.  I have come to know my 40 Days for Life family well enough that I had no fear going down today.  I was hopeful that someone would step up to join me and, if not, I knew that the Lord would be there.  As it turned out, we had many “concerned” volunteers come to keep me company!  And I thank each and every one of you for being there!!  What a blessing!

My friend, Provie, made time in her busy day to ride down with me.  Dean greeted us and we found that Sharon and her young adult daughter, Elizabeth, were there and planned to stay until noon.  It was Elizabeth’s first time.  It was so nice to have their company and all the prayers that first hour!

John, from St Kilian’s showed up with a beautiful handmade poster depicting various stages of fetal development.  He took a quick break to run over to Breuggers and was so kind to bring back a yummy bagel for me!

Also hearing the “call” were Maureen and Heidi from St Bernard’s.  They were so faithful in keeping up with the prayers while I was often distract with my shift “duties”.

Speaking about lovely… we also were blessed to have Helene, from the Diocese, come with a new coworker, Ann, to our vigil.  They were also concerned that I might be alone and came to pray.  It was so nice to have them join with Provie and me as we sang some hymns.  It is always nice to know that we have those in the Diocese on our “team” and praying with us!  Helene blessed us with a prayer as we finished up our shift.

Ann Rodgers and Helene Paharik

We had a dear mother, Jen, from St Philip’s who also answered the plea to come.  But she did not come alone.  She blessed us by bringing her beautiful baby, Lauren.  They brought much “light” to this dark place.

Jen and baby Lauren

I appreciate the concern by many about the parade and environmental group that would be about town.  But the parade did not pass us by.  They came down 9th and turned right instead of left towards us.  So we did hear and see them from a distance.  A few people passed us by with signs but I did not have problems with any from the group.  I pray the other shifts went well too.

Thanks to all who felt the call, on this beautiful sunny Monday, to come and spend time at the vigil with me.  I was never alone and God truly was working through each and every one of you.  May he bless you abundantly and bless our combined efforts to save lives and end abortion!

John from St Kilians and Rick Timons (Assumption),
Maureen and Heidi from St Bernard’s

Beth Svirbel writes:

Prepare for the worst, expect the best.  That’s what we did today.  Nikki had called me to remind me about the big demonstration by the environmentalist convention that was happening this afternoon.  And the chilling reports from the weather forecasters, well, let’s say we were ready for all disasters.
But no disasters appeared.  Jennifer stayed with me and my sister, Rosie, for quite some time and her daughter, three-month-old Lauren, found it so peaceful that she slept through most of the afternoon.  The weather was windy but with a beautiful blue sky.  And as for the environmentalists, most just walked past looking at our signs, but one young girl did stop and held her hand up, the palm right in my face.  Then she pointed to my sign that said “Pro-life saving the world’s greatest resource:  people,”  and she gave me a high-five and a thumbs -up!   Practically no one going into PP except the employees, the only glum people we saw.
I know it can’t always be like this right now, but someday when Planned Parenthood closes its doors due to lack of business, that blue sky will be seen every day in the hearts of all who stood and prayed.

Rosemary and Beth

Rosalina and Francis Colaiazza close out every Monday and writes:

Pastor Ben from Mt. Zion Baptist Church came at three o’clock and stayed until seven. The theme of their church is ‘grow in grace’, taken from 2 Peter 3:18. As you will see from the log, five other people came with him. Mt. Zion is on Prospect Road, Prospect, PA. I believe I was at their church years ago. It’s really amazing to see how the 40 days campaign has reached into the hearts of so many people, not only in Allegheny, but in the surrounding counties. As I was praying the rosary tonight at about 6 o’clock, a young girl in pig tails, about 4 years old, walked by holding her mother’s hand. She stopped, looked up at me and said, “You’re going to heaven.” What a wonderful feeling shot through me!

Pastor Ben from Mt Zion Baptist
Family from Mt Zion Baptist


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