Day 24: Thank you to St. John Neumann parish, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, and West Hills Baptist Church!

Thank you, Shift Managers and prayer volunteers, and those who fasted and prayed at home today.  You are working in a unique way to end abortion during these 40 Days, and your efforts are not unnoticed by Our Lord.  He sees the sacrifices that you are making, and I believe that His heart overflows with love in response.

Shift Manager Sally has been making these sacrifices for YEARS.  Thank God for Sally and Al!  Sally shared the following about her time at the vigil today:

It was a cold, sunny, unusually quiet Friday morning. PP was a little busy early on, but on my shift I saw only two couples and a few single girls going in.  Beatrice and her students were the abortionists
today. We had three people (Denise, Diane & Chris from St. John Neumann Church. Two of them stayed for the entire 4 hours. Margie, our good friend and East Liberty sidewalk counselor, was with us until 9:30. Shift Manager Bill was with us to pray and talk for a long time. Regulars Greg W. and Lillian R. rounded out the morning. Gus, an occasional participant in 40 Days for Life events, also stopped by for a short time.



St. John Neumann parishioners join us in prayer

Ginny and Marie managed the 11-3pm shift, which faithful members of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Brighton had adopted.  Here is a photo from that shift:

Shift Manager Pat also shared about his shift:

As I left my office and walked the long hallway to the elevator, I thought about how good I was feeling at that moment.  I really felt good, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  On top of that, the weather was good.  I was actually looking forward to my 4-hour shift.  A few seconds later, however, just before the elevator door opened, I started to see the hole in the doughnut.  I wondered if I would need all of this “good” in order to be able to deal with something particularly bad/evil on my shift.

When I got there I was joined by the good people of West Hills Baptist Church in Moon – lead by Pastor Larry.  They are a faithful group and have been taking a 4 hour shift on a Friday evening for many campaigns now.  Larry was joined by his wife, Karen.  Also there for the full four hours were John, Dave, and his wife Sarah – all of whom have done this before.  A little later two others from West Hills Baptist, Wayne and his wife Josie, joined the group.  Two regulars also stopped by to pray for a while, Mimi and Pastor Bryan.  At the end of the evening Pastor Larry gathered us in a circle and we held hands as he lead us in a very appropriate closing prayer.  

As it turned out, there was not one specific evil we faced this evening.  However, it seemed to me that there was much less support among those who passed by than usual, and a lot more eyeball rolls and mocking comments.  And this did chip away at me as the evening wore on.  While I was bothered by it,  I was proud of the fact that all of us acted in a Christ-like manner in that we accepted the abuse and refused to strike back.  


Josie and Wayne from West Hills Baptist Church in Moon


John, Dave, and Pastor Larry, again from West Hills Baptist


Sarah and Karen from West Hills Baptist, together in prayer

On this Friday, this abortion day, we recognize the way that your sacrifices have all made a difference.  Lives continue to be changed every time we witness to the Lord’s love and mercy at PP.  We must not give up, but must remember that the Lord’s heart overflows with love.  He is with us at every difficulty of these 40 days, and at every moment of sacrifice that we offer.  May God bless you all.














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  • October 18, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    Thank you to the friends who brought beauty, light and prayer to a place of gloom and death.


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