Day 23 Thursday 1st Trinity Evangelical Lutheran – Oakland, St Colman – Turtle Creek, and Washington Alliance Church

“Today as you suffer life’s small indiginities, don’t allow them to become a source of continual frustration; instead let them remind you of your longing for something more.”

Ann Spangler – Praying the Name of Jesus, Zondervan

Barbara had the 7 to 9 shift and writes:

7am is dark in Pittsburgh but parking opportunities are great.  Cindy came to pray and planned to stay until 11.  She is president of Lutherans for Life of Oakland.  Cindy has been active in prolife for many years, working with PCUC and Life Chain.  Among her other grandchildren, she has a 7 year old granddaughter who was born deaf.  Since the birth of this little girl, Cindy has become accredited as a translator for the deaf.  Accessing the plentiful number of interfaith prayers we have with the prolife theme, Cindy and I were busy.  Although we had never met before, after sharing these two hours I feel as if I have a new person I’ll meet in heaven someday, God willing.  Our conversation covered the facts of our being married women and mothers, retired, American voters and Pittsburgh natives who live in the North Hills. I remembered the Pharisee conversation gambit with Jesus. “When Jesus left, the scribes and Pharisees began to act with hostility toward him and to interrogate him about many things, for they were plotting to catch him at something he might say.”  Luke 11:53-54 In the olden days we learned that conversation is meant for three things; to share information, to share feelings, and, to share your self.  The Pharisees wanted none of this.  Too bad for them.  Their plot succeeded.  They killed Jesus.  What if they had listened, their hearts had opened and they had let Him in?

Marilyn writes:

It was so wonderful to be joined by so many faith filled Christians this afternoon. We were blessed with a very peaceful time together. Praise the Lord! God bless you.

St. Coleman’s – Turtlecreek prayers joining with Carol from Incarnation praying the rosary.
Deacon Herb with parishoners Arlene and Bill from St. Coleman’s and George from Our Lady of Grace

Lisa writes:

This afternoon had a beautiful sense of peace about it. Marilyn had told me the same thing- that her shift had been very peaceful as well, right before I got there. But we had such a nice group that it could not help but be peaceful. A big thank you to the St. Coleman’s Catholic Daughters of America! I was blessed to pray with Jennifer and her mother Joyce, and Lisa and her mother Betty. It was so awesome for them to be there as two mother-daughter teams! I loved that. One of those ladies, Lisa, was so informed about 40 Days for Life, and other pro-life things, and it was great to see how much she had to share with the others with us. Near the end of the shift, she was also able to minister to a young couple who had come out of PP. The couple really seemed engaged in the conversation. We never know how our participants will be able to serve, when given the opportunity. As for the other three ladies, I believe it was their first time at the vigil. Jennifer said it was so different from what she had thought. She talked about how one can get a certain idea from the media (usually negative) of how this type of event will be… but she and the others seemed genuinely glad that they had come. And I was certainly glad for them to be there!

Lisa, Joyce, Jennifer, and Betty – Catholic Daughters of America – St. Coleman – Turtle Creek
Jenn from Women’s Choice Network and her children, Reggie and Malarie
Dee’s report was received on the back of a duck along with the following pics:

Jessica from Washington Alliance Church
 Hello, all!
Noah’s Ark was not available to us today–already in use.
It was spotted on 79 bringing Jeff to his 5:00 shift.

So, we stood in the deluge, prayed, and prayed again
for the women and men planning an abortion for tomorrow.
We prayed for the abortionists that they would have doubts
about what they were doing and hopefully their hearts and 
minds would be open to receiving God’s Word.
I was not alone from 3 to 5. Thanks to Jenn, from Women’s Choice
Network, who arrived at the end of the previous shift, with her
two children, Reggie, and Malarie. Bill Harrison and Tim Barr
showed up and prayed for an hour or so; Liz Beckencourt stayed
 until 5:00. Kathy Lasor also arrived and stayed until 5. I had 
lots of prayer partners and was definitely not alone or lonely.
We praise and thank God for the Work He is doing at 933 Liberty
Avenue. A consistent prayer of mine is to have an adoration chapel
built in place of Planned Parenthood. This is easy for God to do.
His Will be done.

Jeff sent in this pic:

Tom with Amy & Travis Crouse from Washington Alliance Church

Dee was pleasantly surprised when I showed up only 10 minutes late to relieve her at 5.  Jessica from Washington Alliance Church kept vigil with me till 6 when Amy showed up.  It was Jessica’s first time on the sidewalk.  I sometimes forget the courage and faith in God it takes to stand vigil the first time.  I will remember her example the next time God calls me to do something for the first time.

Amy stood from 6 to 7 with me, while her husband Travis and Tom drove in from Washington PA to stand from 6-7 as well. Their efforts were rewarded with a parking spot right in front of PP.  This was Washington Alliance Church’s second vigil stand this fall, thanks to all their members who witnessed for the deceased babies of 933 Liberty.

Jeff wrote in today’s email:

Here I am, Lord!

Our 40 day vigil would not be a reality here in Pittsburgh these last 4 years if it wasn’t for the hard work, dedication, prayer and glad hearts of our shift managers who stand for 2-4 hours a week for 6 weeks (some more) to guide groups and individuals who show up to witness for the children who die every day at 933 Liberty Ave.  Just like them, many of you have expressed an interest in doing more.

We are looking for more people to to be shift managers for our semi-annual 40 Days vigils, once in the fall and another beginning with Lent. Your responsibilities include: providing signs and literature to vigil participants, signing them in as they arrive, and to insure that the sidewalk is kept clear, that we stay out of the street, and outside of the circle. We can legally be there if we follow those three guidelines.

As my pastor says every time he asks for help, what you give in time, talent and treasure is always rewarded, and that was certainly true for me. By becoming a shift manager I also got to know the 40 Days For Life family here in Pittsburgh, and I have never met a more loving, caring, compassionate and giving group of people in all my life, and I look forward to being with them both on the sidewalk and in promoting the pro-life movement and the Body of Christ. They are a shining example to me everyday of how I can do better, and to share and celebrate with them the things that I did manage to get right. And to know that there are hundreds of cities across America with 40 Days for Life groups full of those same loving, selfless people gives me hope for the future and a longing to be Christ’s witness with them in ending abortion.

We also have need of people to help plan/execute events, distribute printed material to churches and shift managers, as well as assist Nikki in the myriad of tasks she does every day to “guide the flock”. Every time we find her a personal assistant, they end up wanting to be on the sidewalk with us!

Ask God today what more you can do to end abortion in our community. Email us at


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    The Catholic Daughters of the Americas has 15 courts in the Pittsburgh Diocese. Court Westinghouse #759 just happens to meet at St. Colman Church. We have members from several area parishes. The Catholic Daughters are “ALL ABOUT” pro life in addition to many other Catholic issues. Anyone interested in what we do may contact me.



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