Day 20 – Monday October 14th – St Joseph Parish, Cabot

933 Liberty Avenue – the violent end for so many babies but the site of a great crusade for life here in Pittsburgh and 300 other cities around the world. Visit the national site at for stories of saves from around the country.

seen at March for Life Washington DC 2013

Bill Harrison started off as the first of today’s shift managers

Shift Manager Bill Harrison


Beth was shift manager from 1 to 3 p.m. and writes:
Talk about gloomy!  The gray skies were a realistic expression of an abortion clinic.  Gloomy and deadly.  We had very little traffic on the sidewalk today with my sister Rosie, Provie, Joyce and later, Mimi praying for a brighter day, a day without abortion.  Very few going in or out of PP, mostly just the usual workers.  We had John stop and ask Joyce and I if we had any adopted children in our families because he believed we had no right to tell people what to do if we didn’t take care of children ourselves.  We’ve heard this soooo many times.  Yet, when given a list of all the pregnancy help locations, John switched to gay marriage in Florida, just about anything to change the subject.  John, sweetheart, we’ve heard that argument about a million times.  So if we don’t personally adopt, we should stand by and let others have their preborn children killed through abortion?  Well………   Just another gray rationalization for abortion which doesn’t make sense.  Absolute mental gymnastics.  Three o’clock brought Rosalina and Roseann and Rich to join Mimi praying to fight the gloom of abortion. Lucky for us, the Son/Sun of God is always shining.

Cecelia managed the 11am-1pm shift today and sent in the following report:


It was nice that my boys were off of school for Columbus Day and able to join me for my 11-1 shift.  Also joining us were my friends, Karen(Sts Peter & Paul Byz Catholic) and Sandi (Holy Sepulcher).  Here is a picture of them:


When we arrived at the vigil, Pat Malley warmly greeted us along with Shift Manager, Bill.  It has been a blessing to get to know Bill the past few years.  So I was glad to see his smiling face despite the rain that they had to endure in the morning.  Bill said that he would pray for it to stop for us and we had other “prayer warriors” from our church, St Joseph, praying for us as they were on a previously scheduled day-hike @ Cooks Forest with Fr Mark.  The prayers were heard and the rain stopped shortly after our arrival.  Praise God! 

We said a prayer to OLPH using rosary beads and sang songs.  I was able to hand out several flyers and was able to speak with and offer resources to a few others.  I remember one young African American girl took pregnancy and abortion info.  And shortly after our arrival, an AA man accepted a flyer.  He walked away slowly reading it, looked back at us a few times, then stopped outside Tony & Mike’s diner.  Leaning against the building, he looked backed at us again.  So I walked down to him to see if he needed more info from us like pregnancy help, abortion, or abortion healing.  He said ‘no’.  He was married with a 12 year old daughter and 2 younger boys.  So I offered him chastity info to share with his daughter when she is older.  And I invited him to pray with us either at the vigil or on his own.  He said he would pray. 

But this and other encounters during the day had me think more about the need to have more African American men and women join our cause.  Bill is one of the few but their presence there can make such a difference!  Perhaps we can pray more for that and can invite and even collect names and phone numbers for those who sound interested in our “cause”.  They can “rally the troops”.  This is a battle that we ALL need to join hands to support.  The killing must stop and the “wounded” need healing. 

Joyce and Provie arrived for the 2nd half of our St Joseph church vigil time.  Here is a picture of them with Shift Manager Beth and her sister, Rosemary.  (They made me get in the picture too):

Thanks to St Joseph parish in Cabot, Pa for standing witness with us today.

Jeff wrote in today’s email:

“Have courage, for you have only just begun.”

St. Francis de Sales

Thy Will Be Done!, Sophia Institute Press

I have been consumed all day by the thought that we are halfway through our Fall 2013 vigil campaign, until I read the quote above that makes me ask – halfway to what; our goal of an end to legalized abortion in America, an end to all abortion everywhere, an end to extreme Individualism that leads us away from the Body of Christ and into this quagmire of sin? Only God knows how far along we really are, and He knows what got us here in the first place. All we have to do is put our faith and trust in Him to lead us back to where we belong, His loving arms (nothing halfway about that!).


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