Thursday Day 16 – Living Word Church, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

“We must not become so preoccupied looking for ‘major’ miracles that we miss all the daily ones.”

Mark Hart –  Tweet Inspiration, Servant Books

Make sure you check out the picture of baby Zeus in today’s blog.  His mother attended a 40 days for Life kickoff event in downtown Pittsburgh the spring of 2012 with the pastor of Living Word Church and unbeknownst to her mother in attendance or the pastor, she was pregnant.  After hearing the speaker at at the kickoff event, she told her mother and her pastor that she wanted to keep the baby.  Little Zeus was that baby.


Sue McGrath writes:

This morning I served as shift manager from 7-9.  I was blessed to be accompanied by members of Living Word Church during these two hours — Charles, Phillis, Crystal, and adorable baby Zeus.  Zeus was all smiles & sweet chatter the entire time!  What a fantastic witness to Life he was!

Early in the shift, a young man from Philadelphia named Horacio, a missionary with the pro-life organization GenerationLife (, stopped by. He explained that he was passing through Pittsburgh and on his way to the bus station to travel to another city to make presentations to high schoolers on chastity and purity.  It was great to meet him and find out about this organization!  Check out the link.

Then, about a half hour into my shift, a sixtysomething woman walked by and said directly, and quite disparagingly, to me, “You should be ashamed of yourself!”  She did not stop, so I was not able to engage her in conversation.  My only response was a smile but with sad eyes.  (At any rate, that is what I was hoping to convey.)  Also, two people with whom I work walked by on their way to work for the day.  I know them fairly well, but as far as I know, it’s the first time they’ve seen me there.  Each of them smiled and said “hi,” but they didn’t stop, and I didn’t have any opportunities to talk with them during my work day.  Working downtown, I’d always known that the day would come when someone from work would walk by during one of my shifts and see me there, and I’ve always wondered how I’d feel when it happened.  I was surprised to discover that I was not nearly as conspicuous as I’d always thought.  I am sure that this was God pouring out His grace, and I am so thankful for it!  Neither of the two whom I saw today are in authority over me at work in any way, but I feel almost certain that day will come too.  But by God’s continued grace, I can never be deterred from this vital witness!

May God bless you all in YOUR vital witness!


Rev. Shawn and Jacque from Living Word Church
Little Zeus, a 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh “save”!


Phylis and Charles from Living Word Church

Marie Pfau send in the following pics from the 9-11 shift

Marie with group from St Alphonsus


Marilyn sent these photos from her 11am-1pm shift:

Lisa Koslosky reported in with the following:

My shift today was rather “normal.”  This was a bit of a surprising relief, considering that I had been expecting a ton of spiritual warfare.  I am not dismissing that possibility for any future shift, though.  I know that we must always be spiritually prepared to be facing such evil as goes on behind those PP doors.
But I will mention one interesting thing (at least, to me).  Near the end of my shift, although others were with me, I began praying alone, and began to contemplate the horror of the killing that goes on in that place.  As I meditated on that reality, I felt at the same time an extreme sense of the peacefulness of God’s presence.  It was as though the Lord was assuring me of His presence even in the midst of all of the evil.
It strikes me now as I put this into words that of course, Our Lord is not oblivious or stupid; He knows very well what goes on behind those doors.  Perhaps He does not want us to think for a moment that He is any less present- even there- than He is everywhere else.  And may our prayers continue to move the hearts of the PP workers, that they may become more open to His presence.

Dee Gallagher sent the following pic from the 3-5 shift and writes:

Today’s 3rd shift from 3 to 5 was very peaceful.
Father Carmen brought 5 of his parishoners from Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in the Meadowlands. We prayed a couple of rosaries.  Deacon Tony Mobley showed up when the regulars left.  A few people, not scheduled, also showed up for about an hour.  All in all, the vigil was prayerful.
Fr. Carmen lead his group from Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Meadowlands

Jeff Burgman had the 5-7 shift and sent in this pic.

Deacon Tony M. from Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal near Canonsburg, and Mary Jane

Jeff wrote in todays’ email:

“A majority, perhaps as many as 75 percent, of abortion clinics are in areas with high minority populations. Abortion apologists will say this is because they want to serve the poor. You don’t serve the poor, however, by taking their money to terminate their children.”

Alveda King – niece of Marin Luther King Jr.

I am often confronted with the statement that people don’t understand the pro-life point of view. I tell them that it may be because they are looking at it from their point of view as opposed to God’s point of view. ” But I don’t understand God’s point of view” and I say ” That’s what prayer is for, to help you come to understand.” I can see why a secular person cannot see God’s point of view on abortion, but that will be of no consolation on Judgement Day. We must strive to see God’s will in everything, everyday, whether we totally understand it or not. That being said, there is no lack of things to pray about; the things we do not understand should never be decided by our self-serving ignorance, our human condition.


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