Day 15…Hosanna in the Highest!

Thanks to Hosanna Church in Bellvue for holding the vigil for all 12 hours today!  Pastor Gary Paladin and his faithful flock have committed to fill a full day for each of the seven 40 Days for Life campaigns I have led…since the fall of 2010!  Thanks so much for their strong witness for Life!

40 Days shift manager Beth with Pastor Gary and Russell from Hosanna Church

Also joining us on the sidewalk today was another faithful group, Guardians for Life of Indiana & Westmoreland Counties.  Fr. Tim Kruthaupt, who leads this group, has also committed to take regular commitments during all of our 40 Days for Life campaigns.

Fr. Tim’s group prays and sings unceasingly for the whole two hours they are there!

It was a very diverse group of Christians praying on the sidewalk for an end to abortion today!  We were joined by a young man who is feeling called to make pro-life work his life mission!  He attends Bakerstown Presbyterian Church.

Brandon made a joyful witness for Christ on the sidewalk today!

We were also blessed to have Rev. Bryan and Raine from Christ Church Ministries in Penn Hills join us:

Rev. Bryan and Raine from Christ Church Ministries in Penn Hills

Throughout my four hour shift, people just kept coming to pray!  Mimi, who is from Italy and speaks broken English…but comes EVERY DAY joined us…along with regular witness Mary Jane who stopped for a few minutes.

Mimi From Immaculate Conception, Mary Jane and Raine

We had no problems during my shift today.  There were almost no clients going into PP and plenty of prayer participants on the sidewalk!  Thanks to everyone for praying and fasting at home!  It is definitely making a difference!

Maria, Mimi, Sister Donna and Britney (who arrived as part of Hosanna’s group)

Before I knew it, my shift was over and the third shift managers….Barbara & Richard arrived.

3-5pm shift manager Barbara with Sarah and Pamela from Hosanna Church


Richard and Barbara

I think God was pleased with our 40 Days for Life family today.  The way we are cooperating and uniting for this mission to end abortion is inspiring.  When people see so many volunteers from very different faith backgrounds…willing to set aside our differences to make a united stand against the evil that is abortion…it is bound to have a powerful impact on our culture!  Satan wants us to be divided because he knows we won’t as effective if we are arguing amongst ourselves.  When he sees us standing elbow to elbow in solidarity on the sidewalk in front of the killing centers…I’ll bet he will try his best to stop our cooperation.  Let’s be on the look-out for his tactics…and let’s keep up the good work!

Barbara wrote this account of her 3-5pm shift:

“I ask you to love me with the same love with which I love you.  But for me you cannot do this, for I loved you without being loved.  Whatever love you have for me you owe me, so you love me not gratuitously but out of duty, while I love you not out of duty but gratuitously.  So you cannot give me the kind of love I ask of you.  This is why I have put you among your neighbors: so that you can do for them what you cannot do for me – that is, love them without any concern for thanks and without looking for any profit for yourself.  And whatever you do for them I will consider done for me.”

Catherine of Siena.  The Dialogue.  P121

 Pamela arrived early.  Her church, Hosanna Church, scheduled the entire 12 hours to pray with us.  She is an advocate of Rachel’s Vineyard and “Silent no More.” 

 Ann and Eddie arrived next.   Busy and not feeling well, they found a way to include the vigil in their schedule today.  Bill came to pray and share his family concerns.  A staunch Christian, he trusts God in this difficult time. 

Neil and Maryann came with their handsome son, Neil junior, who never stopped smiling as his Dad held him the whole time.

Sue, a psychologist, stopped to talk.  She notes that “Abortion is complicated. A woman is in anguish as she weighs her options for and against abortion.” She looked as if she wanted to share more.

Three young women, late teens, stopped and spoke quietly.  They had many questions and Pamela was just the right person for them.  We shared literature and prayers.

A red haired young man paused to comment on the faithfulness of vigil keepers.   “You people are always here, no matter what.”  We are completely aware of how much we need God to make this true.

Barbara Lewis

Jim, who managed the 5-7pm shift sent in the following photos from tonight:

Hosanna Church closes our vigil after providing the witness all day!
5-7 shift manager Jim

One thought on “Day 15…Hosanna in the Highest!

  • October 12, 2013 at 12:06 am

    Whatever the day, I am most grateful for the late afternoon until 7 pm vigil-ists. Because that would be the most difficult time for me to try to be there, you are, in my mind, the truest soldiers of the day.
    Thank you.


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