Day 13: Monday – St Catherine of Siena, St Bernadette, Riverview Baptist Church

Thanks to substitute Shift Manager, Dean, for filling in this morning from 7am-11am!  He stood for four hours in the pouring rain to make sure our 40 day prayer vigil continues in front of Planned Parenthood!  What a wonderful witness he is!  Here are some photos of this morning that he took:

Valiant prayer warriors from St. Catherine of Siena brave the rain for four hours!
Prayer volunteers came from St. Theresa of Avila
Prayer volunteers on a rainy Monday morning

Cecelia Love was the 11-1 shift manager today, and she writes:

We are FAMILY!!!

I can’t help but get a bit “nostalgic” as I await the start of the 4th Pirate game of the series with St. Louis today.

But today was truly a “family” day at the vigil.  I was blessed to be accompanied by my St. Joe’s church “sister” and friend, Provie.  Her deep love for the Lord and her beautiful voice makes me just want to join in singing; which we did at the vigil today.  Here is a picture of Provie with my shift manager “sister”, Beth, who arrived with her blood-sister, Rosemary, as I finished up my shift:

Though I missed not seeing our “sister”, Nikki, when I arrived for my shift, I was so glad to meet a new “brother” shift manager, Dean, who greeted us with smiles as if we’ve known each other forever.  “Family members” from St Catherine were there when I arrived and stayed well into my shift.  Here is a picture of Mary Anne, Mary and Rich:

Today was much like a “reunion” to me as I have been blessed, in the last several campaigns, to be joined by many familiar faces from St. Bernadette’s in Monroeville.  Joining us today were: Angela, Winnie, Jerry, Nancy, Jean, Ed, Lisa and Dee.  I thank Dee for always rounding up a nice group of prayer warriors.  Many rosaries were lifted up to our Mother Mary on this feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary.  Here are pictures of the members from St. Bernadettes;

Also joining us today and in the picture above is our “sister”, Mary Jane, who is always bubbling over with “joy”.

We were thankful to have the rain clear up just in time for my shift.  Many people were out and about on the sidewalk.  Some were heading to the ballgame, some to lunch….  We were able to hand out many of the 40 Days for Life flyers and we had several women take pregnancy help/abortion info.  A couple different ones took material for those they knew who might need the help.  But we had 2 ladies who entered PP with babies in tow.  At first they ignored our call out to help them.  But, as they were leaving, they overheard me speaking with another young lady who was looking for help from pro-life pregnancy centers and so they stopped.  All three ladies were single Moms and were struggling financially (needing diapers…).  In addition to directing them to the pregnancy centers, I was able to give them chastity material, which I pray will help them down the road…

 It was a blessing to be able to be there praying for and serving our brothers and sisters on the streets of Pittsburgh.  I do look forward to the day when our “40 Days family” no longer needs to meet on the streets of the city.  But, until then…

Rosalina Caiazza was the 3-5 shift manager today.  Riverview Baptist Church adopted the 3-7pm shift.  It was their first time participating in our 40 Days for Life vigil.  Their pastor sent in the following report and photos:

Our crew from Riverview Baptist actually had a relatively uneventful four hours- really only one unpleasant fellow who snarled, “Don’t block the sidewalk;” which, of course we were not doing.  We did have, by my count, five men who stopped to thank us for what we were doing and one very interested young man who stopped and asked many questions. He said he walks by the building nearly every day and never realized that it was an abortion clinic. He gladly accepted some 40 Days literature and a Gospel tract. We had a very encouraging experience and I’m hopeful that we can help out in the next vigil.

Blessings,  Pastor Alan Gross

Riverview Baptist are first-timer vigil participants!

Thanks to everyone who stood for life today!

Jeff wrote in today’s email:

“The important thing is not how much we accomplish, but how much love we put into our deeds every day. That is the measure of our love for God.” -Blessed Mother Teresa

I was at 933 Liberty Ave for 4 hours yesterday, and it seemed as though nothing was going right. We had a particularly belligerant passerby who was loud and in our face (apparently a regular contributor), Emil came by twice with his pithy comments regarding our presence, and to add to it all, I was in the crosshairs of someone attempting a sidewalk conversion to their faith for 20 minutes. I was not feeling the love, radiating the love, or sharing the love. I did manage to keep these feeling to myself for the most part, but “the measure of my love” was abysmal.

I ask for your prayers for all who stand vigil during this campaign, that God grant them the grace to witness for the unborn child “with love”.

One thought on “Day 13: Monday – St Catherine of Siena, St Bernadette, Riverview Baptist Church

  • October 17, 2013 at 6:37 am

    I just can’t thank you enough for being on those streets and talking to people. When I was 19 years old I was facing the tough decision of, do I keep this baby that I wanted so badly or do I abort because I can’t afford to raise him. I thank God that His Holy Spirit convicted my heart at the thought of ever killing my baby. I had already made an appointment to have an abortion. I am happy to say that I didn’t go to that appointment. Now 35 years later, I have a very intelligent, successful Son. I think about the women that face this tough decision. I know that with all of you being out there to talk to them, babies have been saved and these woman are grateful they didn’t make that horrible mistake of going thru with an abortion. I am praying for all of you and the people who badger you. My God is powerful and he will make your tough mission well worth it. God Bless and Thank you so much for taking a stand. Barbara Recek


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