The Lord Continues to Shower His Mercy Upon Us…. And a Million Thanks to St. Louise de Marillac parish!

WOW.  What a Friday!  We owe many thanks to all of the faithful from St. Louise de Marillac parish, and in particular to Shift Manager Jeannie, who stayed at the vigil for all twelve hours!!  What an exemplary warrior for LIFE.  Thank you!!!

(Let’s all imagine Jeannie’s face above.)

Here’s what Jeannie had to share from her long day:

What a Fantastic Friday down on the 933 sidewalk!
Today was the domain of St. Louise de Marillac Church in Upper St. Clair, whose committed parishioners took the ENTIRE 12 hours!   And I will say unquestionably,  GOD IS AT WORK here!

From early morning until  early evening, through chill, sun, rain and a RAINBOW the group prayed tirelessly and created a truly peaceful environment outside the clinic.

Veterans Joan and Bob arrived in the early shift with their extra large miraculous baby signs—- no gore, but still a few people mistook these beautiful pictures of LIFE for abortion graphics.

Bob’s large sign shows a life pre-born baby at 6 weeks from conception!
Another of Bob’s signs shows a pre-born baby reaching out of his mother’s womb to grab the doctor’s finger as he is being operated on!

I was AMAZED at how many Pittsburgh folks would stop and talk to Bob on the sidewalk— the Pittsburgh Cleaning crew, delivery guys, security guards and plenty of downtown workers headed in stopped and greeted Bob and Joan.   Bob has a great way of being a “regular guy” to these people.  It is clear he cares for them and conversely, they seem genuinely happy to have him on their sidewalk!  It is as though he diffuses all animosity about the subject and just goes ahead and makes them his friends by caring about them.  I looked over one time and a delivery guy was showing Bob a picture of his new baby.   God is at work here!

Throughout the day the power of prayer was evident.   There was very little traffic into PP for an abortion day— perhaps 2 or three clients all day—   We enjoyed the variety of folks passing by and had very few negative comments.  No retailer complaints either!   I do believe that God is at work as His peace seeps out onto the sidewalk!


Beautiful signs for life from St. Louise parishioners and Jeannie

In the afternoon, we decided to dedicate a Divine Mercy chaplet to making adoption more popular in our country.  Just as we were ending the final prayer a 20ish woman came up to our group and said she had given her baby boy up for adoption  2 months ago, and was still feeling the loss.   She welled up a little in talking to us — she said she knew it was a better life for her little boy and she did not want to abort him, but she was missing him.   Three moms stepped in to thank her for the marvelous gift and support her as she heals, but most importantly an STL prayer warrior, herself the mother of 2 adopted children, was on hand to hug and thank her (and cry a little with her too!).   Please pray for this woman’s healing and peace as she accepts the cost of her wonderful, wonderful gift.  She may very well stop down again for some support & encouragement.  SHE IS a HEROINE!

 We had more beautiful consequences of prayer—- a stunning rainbow after a cloudburst–people realizing they knew each other through other contacts— having delightful 8th grade Jessie lead us in prayer while her  brother Johnny celebrated his 11th birthday!   And I have a feeling that the prayers of two physicians were raised up in a special way as the abortionist left the building and passed by them this evening—- two life-giving doctors praying for the conversion of this very person as he exited the building!   God is at work!

 In addition to nearly 30  (yes, thirty) St. Louise folks, we were blessed with a steady stream of “walk ons”  added to the group—- First Greg on his way to work stopped to pray the rosary.  Shift Manager Maggie squeezed in prayer before a downtown MD appointment; Bill punched his ticket three times during the day;  Lillian and Mary were walking advertisements for aging well, as these seniors refused seats and stood and prayed with their canes against the PP wall!  George from Our Lady of Grace joined us, as did  Mercy nurse Stacy from St. Barbara and  Nurse Barbara who stayed for “extra innings”  with her daughter.  We also welcomed Lisa from St. Bernadette.  Mary Jane from St. Pius brought us her special gift of post-abortion healing, and three delightful Pittsburghers shared their lunch hours with us in prayer!  The winner of the “Travelled Farthest” award was Raphael who was moving her daughter into an apartment in Highland Park this weekend.  Raphael lives in PHILADELPHIA. She used our website to connect to our group and courageously stepped out to join us in faith.   Our last, dear “walk on” was Mimi who added that special Italian zest to our final rosary of the day.


Jeannie, Bob, Joan, prayer volunteer from St. Louise and Al


GOD is truly at Work here!

 From the street.  In Life, Jeannie

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  • October 5, 2013 at 12:49 am

    Thanks so much for standing for those of us who haven’t been able to be there in person. Thanks also for a terrific display of faith. May God bless all of you richly for your devotion to caring for His children — big and small!


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