Day 8…Holy Angels Alight on the sidewalk…and many dedicated individuals fill the gaps!

It was another beautiful day to pray for an end to abortion in front of Planned Parenthood! Thanks to Nancy, Therese and Bernie who came to the vigil this morning to pray with our lonely morning shift managers!  Here is a photo from when I first arrived for my shift at 11am:

Morning shift manager Kathy, with prayer volunteer Bernie

Kathy wrote the following account of her 9-11am shift:

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning. God provided Nancy, Bernie, and Terese to pray with me. Few people went in and out of pp. We got many thanks from passersby. We engaged in good discussion about all our Lord has done for us, enduring the cross.  This followed a passerby spitting at our feet. Nikki added story about what Mother Teresa said when it happened to her. 
***The story I (Nikki) shared was something I read about Mother Theresa.  She once took a small child into a bakery in India to ask the baker for some bread for the child to eat.  The baker looked at her in disgust and spat right in her face.  Mother Theresa didn’t lose her composure, she simply wiped the spittle from her face, smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you very much for that gift for me…now could you please give something for the child?”  ***

Once again I had the great privilege of sharing the sidewalk with a wonderful group who…led by their deacon…prayed and sang almost non-stop for the whole 4-hour shift!  Holy Angels Church in Hayes really came out in force for the 11am-3pm shift!  Deacon Dan was an inspiration to watch as he led his group in prayer and song.

Holy Angels singing the Divine Mercy Chaplet
Almost non-stop prayer covered the sidewalk during today’s afternoon shift!

For the first two hours of my shift, I definitely sensed a different spirit from the past two days.  We had many negative comments from passersby, and very few positive ones.  We responded with love to each display of hate…and blessed everyone who cursed us.  After a couple hours, the oppressive spirit disappeared and we began to be blessed ourselves.  One young woman stopped to challenge us…thinking we were “protestors”.  She was pregnant and was not married…but her parents were supportive.  She wanted to know what we would have said to her if she had decided to abort.  I explained to her that we were holding a prayer vigil…that we were there praying for an end to abortion…not “protesting”.  When I told her we are also there to offer information and to educate women about the harmful effects of abortion…she began to soften.  She ended up holding the 7 month fetal model (that is how far along she is)…and admitted that she is scared to have her baby.

I was touched and blessed to witness a young African American couple stop in the middle of our prayer to look at the fetal models.  She was also pregnant.  They were just beaming at us as I handed them information.  We kept praying as a group, but Deacon Dan left the prayer to walk over to them.  It was beautiful to witness the scene as these two young parents bowed their heads on the sidewalk as Deacon Dan made the sign of the cross over them and over the unborn child in her womb…and laid his hands on their heads as he prayed and blessed them.  Thank you Deacon Dan for being an angel to them!

Great group of prayer warriors from Holy Angels in Hayes
Angels on the sidewalk

Planned Parenthood was not busy at all!  I don’t think I saw more than 4 people go in the whole time I was there!  It was mostly employees going in and out.

At 3pm I passed the torch to Richard, the next shift manager.

It looked like he was in good company, with MiMi, Mary Elizabeth and Rev. Bryan!  Thanks to all the individuals who signed up to pray at the vigil during the last shift today, since no church had adopted this time.

This photo was taken during the last hours of the vigil today by shift manager Jim Flaherty:

Thanks to these prayer warriors for answering the call to fill empty vigil hours!

If any more stories or photos come in from today, I will post them here.



One thought on “Day 8…Holy Angels Alight on the sidewalk…and many dedicated individuals fill the gaps!

  • October 3, 2013 at 4:26 am

    On behalf of the black American community, I thank you for your dedication despite possible persecution to stand up for the unborn. Margaret Sanger’s vision will not be fulfilled in Pittsburgh. My prayers are with you.


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