Monday Day 6 St. Irenaeus, St. Regis and St Paul Cathedral,

Well, it’s the last day of September and the vigil is well on its way.  Many wonderful folk have come out and stood witness for the aborted babies of 933 Liberty Ave.  Many have prayed and fasted at home as part of the coordinated fast.  May God make us steadfast in this endeavor.   May he help us overcome the obstacles that come our way in trying to fulfill the vigil request He has put in our hearts.

Jeff Burgman

Nikki was on the 7-1 shift:

Carole, Nikki and Bob – St. Irenaeus

Today I had the great pleasure of standing vigil with members of my own church, St. Irenaeus in Oakmont.  For the first two hours of my shift we prayed for most of the time.  Jeff, Bob, Carole and Mary Elizabeth shared the sidewalk with me.  Bob has a wonderful singing voice, so I told him to sing extra loud to drown out my terrible singing voice.  We sang hymns, sang the Divine Mercy Chaplet and prayed a liturgy to end abortion as well as many other prayers.  Around 9am, people began going into PP.  I think they were all employees…it seemed like they were having some sort of meeting.  About 20 people entered and never came back out.  Many sandwich trays were delivered at lunch time, which is what makes me think they were having some sort of important meeting.

From 10am-noon it was just Bob and I on the sidewalk.  I am SO thankful for him standing with me.  The time went by quickly.  One young woman who is pro choice stopped to talk with us.  We spoke and witnessed to her for a long time.  Hopefully we planted some seeds for the Holy Spirit to water.  Emil came down and told us that if we would just die, babies would be saved.  ????  I cannot follow his reasoning.  Oh well.

We were GREATLY BLESSED when a van pulled up beside us.  It was one of our 40 Days for Life family, Sue Rocco, and her van full of treasure.  Her five beautiful children, all strapped into their car seats.  They just came by to lift us up with a song they had rehearsed just for us.  We listened as they sang “Immaculate Mary” with angelic voices and faces beaming.  THANK YOU SUE!  You don’t know how that encouraged us!!!

Heavenly choir of angels

Bob (again!) and Mary Elizabeth

Fr. Frank, Jeff & Bob – St. Irenaeus.

At noon we were blessed to have my pastor, Fr. Frank,  join us…and Jeff came back to pray again during his lunch hour.  Rick also stopped to pray during his lunch break.  At the end of my shift Dara and her husband Gene came to pray.  They had responded to my phone call asking for volunteers to fill the empty second shift.  Thank you to all the dedicated prayer warriors who are helping us to maintain 40 days of prayer witness!  God bless you!

Beth was on the 1-3 shift:

No one was scheduled for my shift, Monday from 1-3 p.m.  So my sister Rosie and I went to find a wonderful day full of surprise guests from just about everywhere.  Dara and Gene were there; Nikki had called and they came and stayed.  Gene was celebrating his first day of retirement; what a great way to start this next chapter of his life.

Dara and Gene answered the call to come and stand for life!

Then four wonderful ladies from New Martinsville, West Virginia, about two hours away, Diane, Stephanie, Melissa and Patti, decided this was a good time to come.  They’re all from First Church of Christ. It was a great time!
Bernie from Word of God Church came next and then Lucille, who was early with the St Paul’s Cathedral group.
So when the visitors from inside PP came out around 3 p.m., there was a full staff of 40 Days for Life prayers just smiling and glad to help.  Rosalina took over from there.  Wow!  So much for being there by myself!

Fr. Dan from St. Regis and Fr. Michael from St. Paul brought a great group of prayer warriors!


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