Next 40 Days for Life Campaign will begin September 25!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!  Pro-Life work can be exhausting….no doubt about it!  That’s one of the great things about 40 Days for Life…we get a “breather” in between campaigns.  By September we should be renewed and refreshed…spiritually, emotionally and physically…and ready for 40 more days of fervent prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil in front of Planned Parenthood!

An informational mailing is being sent to 1,300 churches in and around Pittsburgh.  It should be mailed by mid-August.  Make sure to check with your pastor to see if he received it and ask if your church can participate!

Our first team planning meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 20th…7pm at the John Paul I Center, 201 Ninth Street in Sharpsburg.  Anyone who is interested in helping with the fall campaign is welcome to attend.

Our kick-off event is scheduled for 7pm on Wednesday, September 25th at the Susan B. Zubik Welcome Center, located at the corner of Liberty Avenue and Ninth Street, in downtown Pittsburgh.  40 Days for Life NATIONAL Campaign Director, Shawn Carney, will be our speaker!

It’s not too early to sign up your church or small group for a block of time at the vigil!  The Saturdays are already beginning to fill up!  Groups need to be scheduled by me, or another member of our team…so please call or email me if you have a date in mind for your group to take part in the vigil.  You can check out the list of churches that have already signed up by going to the “Schedule” page of this site.

The flyers and bulletin inserts are in from the printer and are available from me at a discounted bulk rate.  The flyers are $6 per 100 and the inserts are $4 per hundred.  You can view these by going to the “Get Involved” page of this site. Email me at if you would like to order the flyers or bulletin inserts for your church.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!  Hope to see you soon!

Your sister in Christ,



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