Day 40 – Vigil participants from the Church of the Assumption in Bellevue, SS Peter & Paul in Ambridge and other churches provide a strong finish to our campaign

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race.” 2 Timothy 4:7

On the last day of our campaign we did, indeed finish strongly.

Thanks to Brandon and Bill for standing with early morning shift manager Sue during the empty morning shift from 7-9am! 

William and Brandon got up early to make sure the shift manager wasn’t alone at the vigil!
Shift Manager Sue (sporting her new blanket given to her by Nikki), with William

Thanks also to Jeff for standing with her at 9am!

Libby, Jeff and Pat came to stand with shift manager Sue

Sue wrote:

Sunday’s 7:00a-11:00a shift was quiet.  Brandon from Ambassador Baptist was with me from 7:00-9:00, and Bill stopped by for a few minutes before his church service.  Then Jeff (another shift manager) and Libby from St. Sebastian came at 9:00, followed by Pat from St. Bernadette’s.  A HUGE thanks to all of these prayer warriors for keeping me company on a cold Sunday morning!!

Around  7:20 or so, one Planned Parenthood employee walked into the building. This was the only person we saw enter the building this morning.  However, her exit from the building (around 10:30) was the event that most took us aback.  Libby, Pat, and I, while praying together, all noticed a piece of palm sticking out of the top of her purse!  Obviously she had been to a Palm Sunday service or mass very early in the morning, before coming to work at Planned Parenthood.  We were so shocked to see this.  It was clear to us that the evil one certainly has his hooks around this lady, blinding her to the point where she attends church and even brings home palm on a Palm Sunday and still does not, cannot, or will not see that her career with Planned Parenthood is in direct opposition to the Lord.  I know that the three of us will be praying for this woman.

I wish a happy and blessed Easter to all of you – JESUS IS RISEN and He Is The LIFE!!!!

For Life,  Sue

Read about the second shift in Julie’s testimony below.

I am happy to report that it was a peaceful prayerful morning! The holy people of Assumption Parish in Bellview and a visitor from New Hampshire dove right into prayer without any hesitation! The first hour with one group and the second hour with another was a continuous stream of focused, hopeful, prayers of intercession for mothers, fathers, politicians, planned parented hood workers and the aborted babies we so dearly live.  Thanks to these steadfast prayer warriors the sidewalk was full of the presence of the Holy Trinity.
Peace, Julie

Rick from Church of the Assumption, and shift manager Marie

SS Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Ambridge adopted the third shift today.  Shift managers Jim and Cathy wrote:

Great day on Sunday with lots of good prayers and drop bys.  Many on way to the closing rally and Jericho march stopped and joined in on our prayers.  Closing rally at 933 was very moving with Reverend Bryan leading us in praying the Litany and singing; a great way to close out on the street.

Thanks for the fine program and foodstuffs for the pot luck; I thought Tom Vendetti’s  talk was right on, it’s the devil stupid!  Thanks to Nikki for the great gifts to all the vigil managers and supporters that is very thoughtful.  I especially liked hearing of all the people who fasted during 40 days for life; thanks Megan for the work and enthusiasm you put into this effort.  Lisa, great work on the schedule and rounding up support for those who could not make the vigil events; 40 days of juggling.  Tim thank you for stepping up to lead this years event when it appeared that we may have lost our leader.  You kept us all going in the right direction and a lot of people stepped it up a notch behind you for the success of the campaign.  God bless you and your mate in the new life facing you both.

Thank You all for including us in God’s work, Jim and Cathy Shantz

Here is a photo of their wonderful group of prayer volunteers:

SS. Peter & Paul in Ambridge, along with third shift managers Jim and Cathy


Mimi was a faithful witness during these 40 days!
We were blessed by the presence of these five seminary students from Franciscan University…at the vigil and the closing rally at Catholic Charities. One of them even sang the closing song (with Andy from Intent’s guitar!)

At 6pm about 25 people joined us for our Jericho March around Planned Parenthood.  Tom Venditti led us in constant prayers and litanies as we walked seven times around:

During the final 15 minutes of our 40-day vigil, we all gathered for the the closing prayer ceremony at the vigil location:


Many of us brought our palms from this morning to the vigil. Lisa put her cross-shaped palm on the door handles of Planned Parenthood. May the power of the cross of Jesus bring an end to the evil that takes place here.

After praying the name of Jesus, “Shut this place down” litany and closing with “How Great Thou Art”, we officially ended our 40 day vigil and walked to Catholic Charities.  Approximately 60 brothers and sisters in Christ enjoyed a wonderful meal and fellowship.  Intent blessed us with their music.

Intent blesses us with their music
Our Campaign Director, Timothy, thanked everyone for helping to make this 40 days a success!

Nikki wrote:

It has been a privilege and an honor to work with all of you…vigil shift managers, team members, vigil participants, church coordinators and pastors who have participated!  Your individual “yes’s” have all combined to make for a powerful 40 day witness at Planned Parenthood!  You have helped us to unite into a stronger force for God in our city and I KNOW that we have caused the Kingdom of God to advance and the kingdom of darkness to retreat!  Thank you to Catholic Charities for being so supportive of our efforts and thank you to INTENT for making our events something special!

Our next 40 Days for Life will begin on September 25th!  May the Lord bless you till we meet again!

Your sister in Christ,



More stories and pictures will be posted soon.


2 thoughts on “Day 40 – Vigil participants from the Church of the Assumption in Bellevue, SS Peter & Paul in Ambridge and other churches provide a strong finish to our campaign

  • March 26, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    I will continue in prayer daily that the Lord will close planned Parenthood at Liberty Ave, so there will be no more need to gather there! Most people are unaware that when pittsburgh was founded, it’s motto was “Benigo Numine” which translated in english is (UNDER THE FAVOR OF HEAVEN) I ask Almighty God to remove this cancer fr4om our great city. God Bless to everyone I stood with during these past 40 days. Brandon Hill

  • March 27, 2013 at 12:09 am

    Nikki reminds me that when I was still looking for a job, I had an interview at West Penn Hospital for a medical photography secretary. There were 40 applicants. I came in as #2. I was disappointed that day, but a better, closer, $$$ job came soon afterward. As I thought about it over the years, I count that loss as a blessing because I don’t know what my attitude might have been had I been an employee of the hospital when the pro-life ladies demonstrated at WP when they were aborting babies alive and packing them in ice. Would I have been just a good employee? God is good! All the time.


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