Day 38: Thank you to St. George Orthodox Cathedral, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Aquinas Academy, Our Lady of Grace parish, and St. Regis in Trafford… for your GENEROSITY.

In praying Morning Prayer today, I was struck by this line: “Master our rebellious hearts, and teach us generosity.”  We probably ALL can relate to this… since we ALL have rebellious hearts at times.  But when we allow the Lord to use us for HIS work, we can be taught that great gift, that virtue, of generosity.

The good people who come and pray at this vigil each day are some of those who are continually in that school of learning generosity.  I know that because I SEE it, every day.  Just being there in the first place is inherently a generous giving of self.  And to all of you who have so faithfully prayed and fasted for an end to abortion for these 38 days so far, we THANK YOU.  The Lord will bless you for your generous hearts.


We got this report from morning Shift Manager Sally:

This was one of the coldest mornings we have seen, with much wind driving the temperature down.  It was Aquinas Academy’s morning, and we had a really good turnout of young people and a teacher. Also, Edith, Justine, and 7 month old William came, from St. George Orthodox Church. He was the sweetest baby. He never cried the entire morning. A few other churches were also represented.

Prayer warriors of all ages, from Aquinas Academy!
More from Aquinas
Young people from Aquinas share the truth of Christ!
Edith and others from St. George’s… THANK YOU!

  Nothing important happened on this shift.  Single girls and couples went in, but PP was not as busy as they have been on past Fridays.  A good number of people “God blessed” us, and the one small group of daycare children that ventured out not only waved but wanted to take our gloved hands.  They are always a bright spot in our morning.



It sounds like Shift Manager Ginny had a great shift.  She shares her thoughts and photos here:

We had wonderful prayer warriors there today from Our Lady of Grace (Scott Township), and from Holy Sepulcher, St. Bernadette, St. Regis, St. Boniface, and the always-faithful from Christ Church Ministries. What an inspiration they all were. I feel so blessed to stand with such holy people.

Sweet Marie from Our Lady of Grace
Beautiful women of prayer
Our Lady of Grace parishioners warm the cold sidewalk with their hearts!


Thank you to all who came to stand up for LIFE!
God bless all the holy ones who came to pray!


Shift Manager Pat had a shift of both good and sad experiences:

During my shift (3-5) I was blessed to be accompanied by three members of my parish, St. Regis in Trafford:  Gene, Louise, and Nancy.  It was great to be able to stand and pray – to the degree I was able – with them.  Thank you for coming.  Thank you also to Courtney who stopped by for a considerable time and prayed with us.  Please pray for her.  She’s a high school math teacher in search of a good job of any kind.  Charles from Monroeville and Living Word Church stood witness, as did regulars William and Rev. Bryan. 

L-R: William (on his 38th straight day), Courtney, Gene, Nancy, and Louise
 As I was leaving and Nikki was taking over, an ambulance pulled up in front of PP and a stretcher was taken in. 


Something we never want to see outside of this place.   Please pray.

 Nikki Wrote:

When I first arrived for my last shift of the 40 days (from 5-7pm), I was happy to see my friend Charles from Living Word Church!  As we were greeting each other, I was getting ready to take a picture of him when an ambulance pulled up to Planned Parenthood with the lights flashing. (I forgot to take the picture that I wanted of Charles!).  Instead, I took this photo and video of the paramedics carrying in the stretcher:

Watch the short (17 sec.) video of the paramedics carrying in the stretcher at

I also took a short video of them carrying a woman (covered in a sheet) out of the clinic and putting her into an ambulance, but I am not sure about the ethics of posting it, so I am holding off right now.  The woman was sitting upright under the sheet, so I am sure she is okay…but the paramedics yelled at me to put my camera down, and told me it was illegal to film her (which I doubt), but I don’t think the video needs to be posted anyway.

So, Charles, Pastor Bryan and I prayed for her…for her body and her soul…and for the baby.

Like the time a few weeks ago when the medical waste truck pulled up…it really reminds us of how truly evil abortion is.  It not only is killing a baby, but is wounding women.  In case you missed it, here is the photo of the medical waste truck, with the driver loading the “boxes of babies” into the back:

All I can say during times like this (As Dee put it in her blog story yesterday)….thank God for GOD!  Thank God that HE is in charge!  He will take care of everything…all He asks of us is to be obedient.

Lisa and her beautiful family showed up shortly after the ambulance left.  We prayed in a circle for the rest of the time until the vigil closed.

I am praying for a baby to be saved tomorrow!

God bless you!


We all have so much to learn, don’t we?  Let us not be stingy in giving our love.  May the Lord teach us the art of loving, praying, and serving GENEROUSLY.  This is how our culture of death will be changed. 

3 thoughts on “Day 38: Thank you to St. George Orthodox Cathedral, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Aquinas Academy, Our Lady of Grace parish, and St. Regis in Trafford… for your GENEROSITY.

  • March 23, 2013 at 7:38 am

    We were told by police, for many years, that it was against the “Anti-wiretapping laws” to film people on a public sidewalk. NOT TRUE!!!
    We have a letter from the ACLJ lawyers that people on a public sidewalk have “no perception of privacy”. So you may film, and post as you wish.
    Will bring the letter to the closing rally.

  • March 23, 2013 at 8:38 am

    Interestingly, while we were there yesterday, some (apparently) photography students were filming different sights of the city. They came right over to Planned Parenthood and filmed the name on the storefront window and then filmed a group of us praying the Stations of the Cross! Interesting irony…

    I wanted to add the surprising generosity we had in two passersby who got coffee for us during the day! The first lady went down to Catholic Charities and brought it for us and later a man had left his desk at work when his computer wasn’t working and went to Brueggers and just showed up with 6 coffees! It was bitter cold yesterday and even holding the coffee was a blessing but also receiving kindness in situation where words of hatred could easily be anticipated
    was an awesome blessing!

  • March 23, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Nikki, I’m glad you bought us the timely news about the ambulance in front of PP. I pray that you decide and encourage all 40 Day participants not to film ANY woman coming out off PP on a strecther. We are there to pray and to film and post a photo of ANY woman in that kind of distress is unloving and hurts our witness.

    I mean no disrepect to Nikki by stating this. Just because its not against the law does mean its beneficial. This is something that should b discussed before the next 40 Days kickoff.

    Secondly, one never knows if the woman on the stretcher maybe a PP employee and not a woman seeing seeking an abortion.


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