Day 35: The wind of the Holy Spirit was definitely blowing today! Thank you to the Manordale Knights of Columbus, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Joseph the Worker (Weirton)!

Wow, what a windy day!  I remember when I was a kid, I used to think of the Holy Spirit being like the wind…. and of course, He DID come upon those gathered on Pentecost with “a noise like a strong and driving wind!”  (Acts 2:2)  So, we can imagine, can’t we, that today, He was blowing mightily with His presence among us… and especially among those women and men who were headed to have an abortion this morning.  Come, Holy Spirit….

Shift Manager Sally shared about her morning shift:

Not a bad morning except for the wind, which made it feel much colder in spite of some sun.  PP was busy for a Tuesday, but still not as bad as the weekends.  An abortionist we do not know went in at 9 a.m.
Two guys came out to use their cell phones and I was able to talk with the one and give him literature for the girl inside, who he insisted was only a friend. His own girlfriend is having his 3rd baby.  He doesn’t believe in abortion.  I told him a friend would not take a woman for an abortion because it is going to hurt her as well as kill the child.  He said she had to do it because of pressure from the father, and that she is afraid of him. He willingly took the literature into PP to show her, but came out some time later & said that she was still going to have the abortion.  I’m not even sure the second man could speak or understand English because he never spoke, although he accepted a flyer. I don’t think he even went back into PP.
This was a very fast-moving morning, full of good people from about 6 different churches. Five men from the  Knights of Columbus, from Mother of Sorrows parish in Murrysville arrived first, followed by 3 people from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Carnegie, & 3 from Holy Angels parish in Hays. When I left at 11 a.m., Deacon Dan from Holy Angels was leading everyone in a prolife Stations of the Cross, which is very beautiful.
A lady at my bus stop told me how she raised 7 children on her own when her man left her, and how terrible she thinks abortion is.  She accepted 2 flyers from me to give to friends.



Tom, Don & Chuck from Manordale Knights of Columbus, with Joe from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Carnegie

Shift Manager Charlotte reported this as she was there at her shift:

There is a girl right now who came out but went back in.  Crying, she took a brochure from one of the vigil participants.   Please pray for her.  I feel bad that I missed her, but Katharine did talk to her and another person gave her literature.  I am hoping she comes out and we can talk to her.  They said she did say “I can’t do this.” 

-Thanks,  Charlotte

Manordale Knights of Columbus, including Deacon Dan


Charlotte then shared these thoughts from after her shift:

Today coming in to the shift we had a large group praying on site.  They stayed well after 12:00 PM. We also had a large group in the afternoon.  It was nice to see so many giving up time from their day.  The deacon came up to place a blessing on me.  He probably didn’t realize how much I needed it.  Thanks, Deacon…
       As we all do – we hoped and prayed for a change of heart for someone planning such a terrible ending of their child’s life.  We know that ending will bring them so much pain and sorrow, but the evil one has twisted and marred the souls of those who think this is all they have.  What do we need to do to show them that this is so much a lie??  
       What I have seen and know in this last 40 Days is that most women agonize with the choice of killing their child.  Why do they do it?  They are afraid, maybe alone, wondering who can they rely on to help them, or where will they get enough money to raise this child??    This is what happens when God is missing.  Who can we trust, but God?   How can we make them know that God loves them and will not abandon them or their child?  How their child will truly be that blessing, if they only can trust that God will give them the means to get through tough times.  How can we help them to see this?  I think this question may be our challenge for future 40 Days. 
         Maybe in our time between the 40 Days, we can welcome our lost sheep who don’t know God and little by little we will bring them back to the arms of Him who they can turn to in the scary, sorrowful and worrisome cold, windy days of their lives.  We can bring them into the warmth of God’s love!



Shift Manager Sheila had the last part of the day:

It sure was cold and windy this afternoon, and the big signs blew over several times!  But our group stood strong in praying for the unborn. 


Juanita, Lori, Cindy, Mark and Fr. Tony from St. Joseph, the Worker, St. Paul’s & Sacred Heart of Mary in Weirton. Also pictured are Kathleen from Triumph of the Cross in Steubenville and Maria

 None of the post-abortive women were receptive to taking the healing resource sheet this afternoon.  It was an uneventful afternoon.  The only tense moment came when I tried to give a young woman a resource sheet.  She was ready to take the information.  Then out of the blue, a woman who was referred to as ‘Miss Melanie’ ran out of Planned Parenthood, came within an inch of me and told me to leave the girl alone.    But I didn’t move and I asked the young woman if she still wanted the information.  She looked scared and then retreated when ‘Miss Melanie’ continued to yell at me, prompting the security guard to step outside. 


May the Holy Spirit continue to work and move powerfully in the lives of those who seek abortion.  May He take a firm and loving hold on their hearts, and move them to a place where they can acknowledge their need for Him.  May we all be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our own lives as well.

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