Day 33…People of God Covenant Community, Catholic Mom’s of Pittsburgh & Ascension Catholic Church Stand Strong Today!

Our dear shift manager Lindsay managed part of the afternoon shift YESTERDAY (during the St. Patrick’s day mayhem) AND ALSO managed her regular Sunday morning shift today!  I am SO INSPIRED by the dedication and self-sacrifice that is shown by our vigil shift managers!  I am blessed just to know them!  Lindsay wrote this beautiful account of her time at the vigil:

Yesterday at the vigil I saw the uglier side of many Pittsburghers, and learned what the word “persecution” really feels like…at least what verbal persecution feels like.  I’ve never been on the receiving end of so many cruel & ugly, crude & sinful comments as I was yesterday afternoon at the vigil while Liberty Avenue virtually slithered with hundreds (thousands?) of pagan-like drunkards who had begun drinking hours earlier for the St. Patrick’s Day parade!  I felt horrible leaving Jeanne for the 3-7pm Vigil, as I knew it would only get worse during that time frame. But the Lord delivered Jeanne and the other crusaders, and for that I give much thanks!   And I am SO GRATEFUL to those brave souls who came out to the vigil yesterday to keep our vigil shift managers company as they endured many hours of torment from the legions of passersby which took great pleasure in disrupting the vigil… in many wicked and sometimes grotesque ways (let’s just say we know what some of the drunk partiers ate for breakfast – YUCK!)  I felt terrible this morning (the day after) watching a young man who works for Pittsburgh Sanitation clean up after them. Please pray for all of the “lesser of these” who get no glory but do all the really hard work so thousands of people can get completely bombed as they defile St. Patrick’s name. Yesterday, at one point I wondered when the pagans were driven out of Ireland, did they come to Pittsburgh – it was that bad!  But God through Jesus saw us through. Praise Him on High!

But at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold, they say. TODAY (Day 33 – what a great number!) The pot of gold was the ecumenical worship group called People of God, a very prayerful and devout group comprised of many Protestant & Catholics from throughout the Pittsburgh vicinity (I think I had over 35-40 People of God praying with me, making me proud to be Irish today as we sang many common hymns – but I especially liked when we sang the Breastplate of St. Patrick. I thank Pat of People of God for sharing his guitar skills, and ALL the POG can REALLY sing!  At one point we had maybe 15 POG worshippers singing on one side of the Planned Parenthood, and 6 St. Vincent College students (all the way from Latrobe!) singing with us on the other side of the Planned Parenthood building! Before the students left, the POG and the students and I formed a circle and prayed the Our Father.  Today (with the exception of some of the gross things still visible along the sidewalks and roads), was BEAUTIFUL, and I am certain that while yesterday he was fervently interceding for our safety, that today St. Patrick’s Irish Eyes were smiling down upon us as we were unified, Catholic & Protestant, worshipping Jesus Christ!

Pictured: St. Vincent College students sing along with People of God. We filled the sidewalk!

Pat (green scarf) with his guitar, and several of the other (first hour) People of God.

Julie managed the vigil from 11am-1pm, which was adopted by Catholic Mom’s of Pittsburgh.  She wrote:

The good people of Good Shepard Parish and a woman from Catholic Moms were annointed with the zeal of the Holy Spirit as we prayed the first hour! We sang and prayed the “Jesus Shut This Place Down” litany. The mom, Kelly, was brave when a woman came past yelling angry things and spit on her.   I think it was the same person that spit at us two weeks ago. God have mercy and melt her heart with His love for her!

They all took off at noon and I was alone for just a bit. Then Bridgette from Life Runners and John came… We prayed the scriptural rosary. I sensed the Lord’s presence very strongly!  One of the ladies from Good Shepherd said that really we aren’t the ones here praying, Jesus is made truly present and is there through us.  Amen!

It was a blessed morning and The Lord provided many good people to pray and endure the cold .


Dedicated prayer by Good Shepherd parish and Catholic Moms

Rose managed the vigil from 1-3pm.  She wrote:

Another cold Sunday but my heart was warmed today by some wonderful pro-lifers who came to pray today at PP.  John and Bridget were finishing up a rosary with Julie when I arrived.  Later Bryan and David from the Catholic Mom’s Group came as their wives were taking care of their children.  We prayed a rosary.  Tony joined us and so did William.  I was surprised later to see my son, Bob, and his wife, Caitlyn, show up to join us in prayer. We prayed the “Litany in Reponse to Abortion” and the “Shut This Place Down”  with the names of Jesus prayer. The time flew by quickly. What a peaceful shift it was!

Blessings, Rose

Rose took these photos of the prayer warriors that shared the sidewalk with her today:

David and Bryan of Catholic Mom’s Group
Bryan, Tony, Caitlyn and Bob

My dear friends Jim and Cathy Shantz managed the 3-7pm shift today and Ascension Church in Ingram adopted this time slot.  Emily, who coordinates the group from this church took these photos :

Ascension Roman Catholic Church in Ingram…including their pastor, Fr. Brian.  It is So enouraging to have the support of so many clergy at our vigil. Thank you Fr. Welding!

Emily wrote:

It was pretty quiet, though there was quite a large group after most of the folks from Ascension had to leave. The bookstore owner had his ‘hypocrite’ sign out. The only other thing that struck me was a Port Authority bus driving by, honking his horn and waving at us in support. 🙂

Shift managers Jim and Cathy wrote:

Another great Sunday at 933 Liberty Avenue; no one was killed! Everyone was praying, singing and reciting Litanies and we had many people drop by that didn’t sign up ahead of time.  This seems to be the situation most Sunday’s that we are on the street.  Many people were there for the first time so it was joyful for many of us.  Weather was cold and blustery but bearable.  Several people mentioned coming for the closing next Sunday.’

Thank you to everyone who came to the vigil today, fasting and prayed!  Let’s keep it going for one more week!

God bless you,


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