Day 31…St. Catherine’s in Beechview, Holy Sepulcher in Glade Mills & SS Peter and Paul in Beaver, along with many individuals, bring hope to the sidewalk!

Sadly today was an abortion day at Planned Parenthood, and according to the morning shift managers, it was very busy.  We can only wonder what good things God had planned for those children that will never get to have a birthday because of the deeds of Robert Thompson today.  The potential they had…what they could have been.  What was God’s purpose in the beautiful masterpeices that He was weaving together in the wombs of so many despairing and scared young women, who had their greatest treasure stolen from them this morning?

The good news is that these babies didn’t die alone…un-noticed and un-loved.  There were many selfless individuals who took the time to come to the vigil to be advocates for them and to show by their mere presence on the sidewalk that these lives had immeasurable value.   Thank you to all who came to the vigil today!  I believe you wil be greeted in Heaven by some of these little ones, thanking you for your sacrifice today.

Early morning shift manager Sally took the following photo of the group from St. Catherine parish in Beechview, who adopted the morning shift:

Sally wrote the following account:

A very cold, windy day, which gradually warmed up when a little sun appeared.  Most of todays pray-ers came from St. Teresa in Perrysville, St. Catherine in Beechview & St. John Neumann.  PP was extremely busy.  Robert Thompson, the abortionist, went in before 9 a.m., much earlier than usual.

This seemed to be “scream at a prolifer day”.  First came a lady with a cane, swearing and hollering, on and on.  Then a young girl, with her mother, who has been by other mornings.  She calls the 40 Days for Life people a bad name each time she sees us.

Then our restaurant “friend” Emil, who went on and on about how “you people are turning Liberty Avenue into a wasteland with no people.  No customers for the restaurants. It’s all your fault! Those people going into PP probably have AIDS anyway, and their babies would be born infected…etc”. He continued on and on.  One lady from St. Teresa tried to talk with him, but it was a total lost cause.  He never wants a 2 way conversation. However, at the end of my shift, when I was going up Liberty to catch my bus, he was putting his folding sign out, and I smiled and said, “Hello again”.  He just stared at me, looking confused, as though he had never seen me before. Please pray for Emil.

He is a sad case. Thanks.  Sally

The second shift was managed by our dear shift manager Barbara (who along with her husband Richard has been at the vigil for at least 10 hours this week!)  Dear Barbara took the following photos and wrote this beautiful reflection:


Wonderful witnesses from Holy Sepulcher!

“Are not five sparrows sold for two small coins?  Yet not one of them has escaped the notice of God.  Even the hairs of your head have all been counted.  Do not be afraid.  You are worth more than many sparrows.” Luke 12: 6-7.

Pittsburgh generously gave us 50 degrees today.  We enjoyed it.  Joining us in prayer for Day 31 were parishioners from Holy Sepulcher Church; Barbara, Jackie, Deb, George, Gretchen, Bob and Colleen.  Our numbers were rounded out by some hardy regulars; Bill, Rick, Tony and Richard.

We have become part of ordinary time at the corner of Smithfield and Liberty. People passed by, many blessing us for our efforts.  Staff went in and out of Planned Parenthood. Young people, in spite our efforts, went in for birth control, pregnancy tests, and reasons they didn’t care to share with us.  We were ready to help.

Are we wasting our time?  Does it matter that we bundle up, stand downtown and join each other in prayer to end abortion?  Does it matter that so many of our brothers and sisters believe that abortion is an authentic solution?  Does it matter that since the USA legalized abortion in January, 1973, 56,020,286 abortions have been done in the United States?

It matters to the 12 people who stood vigil today because it matters to our Beloved Father. Mother Teresa said, “God doesn’t require us to succeed, he only requires that we try.”

God loves each of His children.  He counts the hairs on our head like a parent brushing the hair of a child.  We are His.  He tells to love each other.  We are trying to share God’s love with all the people at the corner of Liberty and Smithfield; and their brothers and sisters and their brothers and sisters – everyone – to the total sum of God’s people.  There are no extra people.

Barbara Lewis, Shift Manager

The third shift was managed by Pat from 3-5pm.  He took the following photos and wrote about his time tonight:

Earl from Peter’s Creek Baptist Church and Rev. Bryan from Christ Church Ministries

Just this past Tuesday I attended one of the 40 Days for Life planning meetings.  One of the things we discussed was how important it was for shift managers to calmly manage those situations which occur from time to time when those who pass us by and are looking for a little conflict with us.  Today, I felt good about my not reacting in the slightest to the man who, after giving me a scornful look, intentionally spit about a foot away from where my feet were planted.   But I don’t feel so good about how I handled another situation.

There’s a black gentleman (he’s about 35 years of age) who has baited me three or four times before into an argument about why we only have black babies on our signs.  Once again I fell into the trap of trying to reason with a person I knew to be unreasonable.  As he and I were engaged in our “discussion” a woman passing by overheard our argument (which didn’t get to the point of being “heated,” but was clearly an argument) and joined in.  Although she was trying to help me out, she became more and more upset with the man and her adult son had to pull her away.  Hopefully the next time I see him God will give me a little reminder to just smile at him and walk away.


I (Nikki) managed the 5-7pm shift and had the blessing to stand and pray with the wonderful Cahill family and watch as Rev. Bryan witnessed to so many passers-by with his gentle and loving manner.  Here are some photos:

Nikki’s husband Joe, with the Cahill family and Jim who stopped on his way home from work
Rev. Bryan engages a woman on the sidewalk while Earl and Bill stand nearby

It was definitely a blessing to not freeze today!  Thanks to all of you who are continueing to pray and fast and witness for life!  Let’s keep it up for this last week!

Your sister in Christ,




2 thoughts on “Day 31…St. Catherine’s in Beechview, Holy Sepulcher in Glade Mills & SS Peter and Paul in Beaver, along with many individuals, bring hope to the sidewalk!

  • March 16, 2013 at 7:46 am

    I love Barbara’s quote from Blessed Mother Teresa, “God doesn’t require that we succeed, He only requires that we try.” How beautiful! I think that puts my small efforts in to perspective. May all of our efforts during these 40 days be done in love.

  • March 20, 2013 at 5:54 am

    Thank you for mentioning the name of the person providing abortions – Dr. Robert Thompson – so we can pray and fast for him. I will have a Mass said for his conversion.


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