Day 28: Thank you to volunteers from St. Robert Bellarmine, St. Margaret Mary, and Emmanuel Christian Church!

Today was an abortion day at 933 Liberty Avenue.  Did anyone know that today?  Was anyone paying attention?  Thanks be to God, many of YOU were.  Some of you even came in person to join with us in prayer.  St. Robert Bellarmine parish joined our vigil this morning.  They were there with us to defend the truth of the value of human life.  Shift Managers Al and Sally were there to welcome them and pray with them.  We are so thankful for their presence and witness.

Sally shares about her morning:

PP was rather busy on this dark, but above freezing morning.  Today seemed to be a total abortion day with at least a dozen couples going in before 11 a.m. and only one mother & daughter coming out, casually holding a folded white paper.  Helen Cindrich, two other women, and their priest, came from St. Robert Bellarmine. We also had 5 regulars praying.
Helen and I met a very nice Chinese National man, named Luke, who has been going to CMU, studying Engineering, and now Public Policy. He is Catholic and completely pro-life. I gave him some flyers, which hopefully, he will share with others.
 People seemed to be extra friendly today, God blessing us often. Five people from St. Margaret Mary, Moon Township arrived early for their 11 to 3 time.


Here are some of Sally’s photos from this morning:

Luke from CMU and Helen from St. Robert Bellarmine


Shift Manager Pat came for two hours, sharing this from his time at the vigil:

Today I had the 11-1 shift.  St. Margaret Mary’s in Moon Twp. brought a nice-sized group for their 11 to 3 commitment.  Tony, who works downtown, spent his lunch break once again buying coffee for those of us standing outside and spent some time with us.  The coffee went well with the fantastic looking oatmeal raisin cookies one of the women from St. Margaret Mary’s passed around.  For a considerable time we a group praying on one side of the building and another group praying on the other.  William also visited for about an hour to add his daily prayers. 

Since Tuesday is an abortion day, I watched as several women went into PP.  While it was hard to tell which of them, if any, were there for abortions, I witnessed one woman, who was accompanied by her boyfriend, come out with that look on her face and eyes that were watery.  While I tried to approach her (gently) as she walked past me, I should have just let her go.  Pray for her.


A group from St. Margaret Mary parish joined Pat for the afternoon shift.  They made a firm stand for life, and spent a lot of time in prayer!  Their photo is below:

Ladies, L-R: Jackie, Dorothy, Maureen
Gentlemen, L-R: Robert, Rick (from Assumption in Bellevue), and Lou


I (Lisa) was the next Shift Manager, filling in for just an hour.  Here is a little of my experience:

I was also blessed to be at the vigil with the group from St. Margaret Mary.  What a beautiful, joyful, and prayerful group they were.  I felt so blessed to have them as my company.  Dorothy, in particular, was a lovely woman of prayer.  So Dorothy, I thank you!  What a good role model for me.

Since I am not usually at the vigil on abortion days, this was a bit unfamiliar…. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I’ve been there on an abortion day.  It is definitely different.  It is much more sad, especially as I saw a few women coming out afterwards.  Like Pat, I wanted to approach them and offer them help, but it was REALLY hard to know how best to do that.  It is such an awful moment in the young couple’s life.  We need to trust the Holy Spirit MUCH MORE, and He will guide us.

Sheila was the next Shift Manager of the day.  She shared these great photos of the group from Emmanuel Christian Church:

Look at this woman’s GREAT pro-life t-shirt!
Bob and Lois from Emmanuel Christian
Tom, Bill, Darryl and Jeff

Thank you all so much for your continued participation, and for uniting with us in prayer.

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