Day 26 The Lord again blesses us with faithful vigil participants from Catholic Homeschoolers and Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic in Carnegie!

“I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.” Psalm 7:17

There is, indeed, much to thank the Lord for, including faithful vigil participants dedicated to the cause of life. Read about such people who made such a great witness at our vigil today in the witnesses from Lindsay, Julie and Rose below:

Today was the best day I’ve ever had down at 40 Days for Life, and the 4-hours flew by!  I arrived (a bit late!) to find Vigil Manager Pat Malley from St. Regis– on his “day off” from the vigil, no less – awaiting my arrival so that I would not have to stand alone.  I was so grateful for his presence!  Later, regular participants Rick Thimons from Assumption arrived, as did Pat Shelley. Prior to Shelly’s arrival I snapped this photo of Pat Malley and Rick Thimons. Look at that sun glare!


The precious Barnhart family from St. Anne in Castle Shannon arrived, and brought more sunshine along with them. They are a truly precious family with children ranging from pre-teen to young adult, and “Holy Joy” is what popped into my mind immediately upon thinking of how to describe this beautiful, sweet, deeply devout Catholic family. Their eldest son, Andrew, is in his Junior year at Franciscan University, and shared that he was following what he felt was a call to enter into the priesthood!  What joyous news, especially on the heels of the news that Rick Thimons had shared earlier – that his own son was considering entering into the priesthood, too!  So, please keep these courageous, holy young men in prayer. 


Pictured are Keith, Marjorie, Andrew, Stephen, Kenneth,  Annette Barnhart from St. Anne in Castle Shannon.

Before the Barnhart’s left to head to Mass, another amazingly precious family arrived, Pat & Sue Rocco and their 5 small children armed with Rosary beads and pro-life signs. For the Rocco’s, with all their small, devout, prayerful children, the phrase “Holy Innocence” popped into my mind. The sidewal k was full of Holy Joy and Holy Innocence, and it must have been a profound sight to behold  – and a very strong pro-life message to passersby!


Pictured are the Rocco family from St. Bernard in Mt. Lebanon.


Julie, who managed the 11-1pm shift wrote:

Hello! Today was a peaceful time from 11am to 1pm. Young Silvana led us in song today as part of our prayer. She also led us in prayer by reading all of the 40 days prayer intentions! We responded God of mercy hear us! When Maria and John came we prayed the Jesus litany. The time went by fast in the warm weather!


Rose, who managed the 1-3pm shift wrote:

What a gorgeous day we had today with wonderful prayer warriors to match!

Wonderful witnesses for Life!

The Sabados family came from the Catholic Homeschoolers group at 1 pm and said the Scriptural rosary led by John Mihm.  We also did the chaplet of Divine Mercy. At  2 pm the Maloney family came and we said many prayers against abortion including the powerful names of Jesus and “Shut this place down!”

Life is truly beautiful!

Some of the family members needed to use the restroom at Emil’s and he let them (how nice) even though he was short-handed and couldn’t wait on them. We had four people encourage us as they walked by, including Kelly who had her rolling suitcase.  She stopped on her way to the bus station to tell us she appreciated our dedication to life and said she would be with us but she had to travel. Again, it is always a joy to have enthusiastic, prayerful, dedicated pro-lifers come to pray on Sunday.  I am so blessed!

I  attended a silent retreat this weekend at the Martina Spirituality Center in West View and the theme was the Beatitudes.  I see a good example of those who are poor in spirit, willing to mourn, are meek, merciful, pure of heart, peacemakers and willing to suffer persecution for holines’ sake in those who participate in the 40 Days for Life Campaign. I thank God that I am part of this wonderful group which challenges us by providing many opportunities to both show God’s love and live out the Gospel!



God Bless,


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